Ch 121: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 121: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 15 (part 1 of 3)

But Gu Qiange couldn’t do anything at all.

What’s more, this wasn’t the first time he felt this sense of powerlessness. The last time was when the little guy fell sick with fever. The other had uncomfortably curled up at the corner of the screen, that even the mobile phone had heated up, but he could only helplessly worry outside. Under extreme anxiousness and distress, Gu Qiange’s thoughts of wanting to place the other in his embrace grew extremely strong. If this thought could be transformed into substance, then it would probably be enough to split him apart.

Perhaps his thoughts really played a role, as Shen Tong suddenly felt that his body’s strength had recovered by a lot. This time, he successfully got out the mobile phone with just a thought.

He once again, fell onto Gu Qiange’s chest and sprawled like a little puppy, which resulted to the arching of his butt, and his butt had even bounced due to the effects of gravity. Needless to say, that round clump of furry tail bounced even more cheerily, and was only missing that boing~ boing~ boing~ sound effect.

Gu Qiange had yet to react when he saw this beautiful scene filled with incredible cuteness, which made him unable to hold back his nosebleed. The thunder and lightning outside the window was even more of a god-level assist. The loud thunderclap caused Shen Tong’s little body to tremble. He automatically arched in Gu Qiange’s embrace, and was really like a little puppy seeking it’s owner’s protection.

Gu Qiange, just like the most patient owner placating his little puppy, reached out and firmly held the youth into his arms, then softly stroked his back. He then carefully covered him with a quilt, and repeatedly said in a gentle tone that did not match his temperament: “Don’t be afraid baby, I’m right here.”

The feeling of being held dearly in a person’s palm, will make anyone feel warm and at ease. Thus, that large hand was able to successfully smooth the puppy’s bristling fur in an instant.

Shen Tong was tightly embraced by Gu Qiange. In front of him was the man’s broad and reliable shoulders, behind him was a soft and thick quilt, in addition to that large hand that was continuously stroking his back. The faint yellow light coming from the bedside lamp could still be seen through the corner of the quilt. Although he still felt scared deep down, but he had amenably loosened up overall.

But Gu Qiange was in a tight spot.

The tide of passion was like the fierce undulating ocean waves. His breathing uncontrollably grew heavy. The youth in his embrace was only wearing a small brief with a rabbit’s tail, so, the skin brimming with suppleness which was exceptionally good to touch was all within his reach. The other person’s body had a scent of young grass particular to a young person. He also curled up in his arms like a well-behave cub. With this kind of sweetheart in their arms, how many person would still be able to sit back and relax in this world? Gu Qiange, as a result, couldn’t refrain from having a heart like a frisky monkey, and mind like a cantering horse while patting the other party’s bare back, he even passingly touched that soft and supple waist again.

Shen Tong, whose mental state had been stretch taut since the beginning, didn’t notice Gu Qiange’s behaviour of stealthily eating tofu*. In Gu Qiange’s arms, Shen Tong, for the first time, felt a little at ease even if there was another thunderclap. While, Gu Qiange, on the other hand, inwardly thought that the little guy was too skinny as he secretly touched the tiny waist. There also seemed to be just a bit of flesh on his butt, it would be good to raise a bit of fat.

*take advantage

With this in mind, he hugged the other in an even tighter embrace with the feeling of distress and affection, then quietly asked: “Is baby still afraid? Is it little better?”

Shen Tong could clearly feel the vibration of the other person’s chest as he asked, which inexplicably moved his heart immediately afterwards, as he meekly replied: “En, better.”

Gu Qiange showed a big-tailed wolf-like smile once again, “I still have a method here that can completely make you forget your fear, do you want to give it a try?”

The little white rabbit subconsciously looked up: “What method?”

Gu Qiange directly kissed his lips.

Before Shen Tong could react, the tongue had already slipped into his mouth stealthily. He had thought of pushing it back, but Gu Qiange’s movements were very gentle, even the strength of the hand that was gently stroking his back had just the right amount of force. Moreover, humans were beings that inherently had difficulties in resisting hugs and kisses. Especially if that person was still a child, who yearns for a father’s hug, a mother’s goodnight kiss, and even the kiss of the elderly on his little face when expressing their love to the younger generation. This kind of gentle and soft kiss at this moment actually caused Shen Tong to dazedly give up resistance.

So, Gu Qiange continued to gently suck the youth’s lips, he then licked from left to right along the small fleshy cavity of the mouth, and drew out a silvery wire from the tip of his tongue. His tongue entangled him like a snake, with fiery touch and slight coldness. The taste of the intersecting lips and tongue seemed like a sweet gummy candy, making people feel as if they would melt. Shen Tong’s eyes turned hazy because of this act, and he gradually became engrossed in it, right until the other’s hand reached between his butt, only then did he abruptly return to his senses.

“Wu, st-, stop……” the slight tremor in the youth’s voice undoubtedly sounded coquettish and immature. But it stoked the fire, causing Gu Qiange’s desire to burn even higher.

The strength of the large hand fondling Shen Tong’s waist grew stronger and stronger, and even squeezed the side of his waist, causing him to tremble all over. But because he couldn’t utter a sound due to his lips being blocked, so, he could only helplessly tilt his head up. In the next second, Gu Qiange actually turned him over and firmly pinned him down, and deepened their kiss a step further.

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