Ch 120: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 120: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 14 (part 2 of 2)

But this matter can only be brought to a stop here. Worried that the little guy might catch a cold, Gu Qiange hurriedly covered him properly with a quilt in the next moment, then re-opened the information panel, ready to look for a normal little underwear for the other to change into, in order to cover up his ‘crime’.

At this time, a crash of thunder was suddenly heard from the distance.

Gu Qiange raised his head and looked out the window, only then did he realize that the snow had unexpectedly started to fall outside. It was the first snowfall in the winter. Another relatively loud thunderclap sounded, which abruptly woke up the little person in the screen.

Those pair of eyes which instantly opened were filled with obvious fear. He even sat up with a cry while hugging the quilt, “Wu wu wu, thunder!!”

Shen Tong didn’t have any fear of thunder at the beginning, but he naturally developed a phobia and a serious psychological shadow after experiencing being hit by lightning during his transmigration. Because of the combination of success and failures, he had already experienced no less than four lightning tribulations, with great dangers every time. In the little kitty’s world, he would still be chased by the overwhelming lightning strikes even when he became a little hairball. The same thing also happened during the little koi’s world, it had still been useless even when he hid at the bottom of the ocean. It was even more scarier now that he had turned into a Desktop Pet, which was a type of electronic program, because mobile phone’s were good lightning conductors to begin with, and everyone knows that they should not use any electronic products during a thunderstorm.

Seeing the little guy curl up into a ball in fear, made Gu Qiange hurriedly utter comforting words: “Tong Tong, don’t be afraid. The ‘thundersnow’ only appeared because of the snowfall outside. Although it’s rarely seen, but it’s just a normal and natural phenomenon……”

“This kind of thunder is mainly caused by the strong collision when cold air descends,” Gu Qiange continued to explain: “Most of them are empty and loud without any current, which isn’t a threat at all. It also doesn’t hinder the use of mobile phones. The people in ancient times, use to call the winter thunderstorm as Jingzhe in solar term. There’s an old saying that says ‘Thunderstorm in winter brings thundersnow’, which is an omen for heavy snow, and this timely snow foretells a prosperous year of harvest. This belief is considered as a happy thing……”

Even though he had spoken this much, Shen Tong was still incessantly terrified by the noise. It was just like when an ordinary person is standing next to a lion, even if others told him that this lion doesn’t bite, he would still be afraid. Shen Tong didn’t have the patience to listen to Gu Qiange’s popular science, so he spoke up just to shift his attention: “Weren’t you studying computer and sensor technology? So, how did you even know this?”

Gu Qiange regarded the youth’s tear filled eyes due to fear as admiration, so, he answered somewhat light-heartedly: “This is just the basic knowledge in meteorology. You will also learn it if you take the elective of meteorology.” There was also a somewhat strange pause at the end, “–but, this is true for most people. To be able to be proficient in a single field of study in one’s life isn’t bad as well. But very few people can easily master the knowledge of many fields of study.…..”

Having said this part, he then paused for a while once more, then raised his brow, which clearly says ‘Yes, that’s right. This top student belongs to that awesome minority.’

People with high IQ would essentially have two common problems. One, is their strong desire for control, the other, was the superiority complex engraved in their bones, and this annoying sense of superiority would neurotically flare up from time to time in general. Fortunately, Gu Qiange has such an exceptionally handsome face, if not, someone would have wanted to beat him up sooner or later.

Shen Tong held back the notion of beating him up, but it was at this time did he belatedly realize that something was off. Only a single piece of underwear was left on his entire body. He could even feel something pressing on his butt.

He reached out and touch his back. The fluffy sensation gave him such a fright, that his body completely bounced on the mattress, the semi-dangling ear on his head had completely drooped and smacked his temple.

Having touched the bunny ears and tail, Shen Tong immediately understood how this all came about. That he immediately glared at Gu Qiange and said: “What did such a pervert like you do!?”

He practically pounced to hit Gu Qiange. But of course, he couldn’t reach the other at all, and could only pounce on the mobile phone’s screen, with his seething and fuming bun-like face pressing against the screen, causing his delicate features to be pressed out of shape. In Gu Qiange’s eyes, the little beauty in the screen was like a beautiful little kitty with bristled fur, or a cute red-eyed bunny rabbit.

Gu Qiange was still very afraid of angering Shen Tong. It was one thing to ignore or hate him, but he will feel more distressed if he wrecks his body due to anger, so he hurriedly explained: “Tong Tong, listen to me. This is the clothes in the system. I didn’t mean to make you wear this clothes, I just accidentally swiped the one-click dress-up interface.…..”


The sound had yet to fade, when a streak of lightning flashed across the night sky, in unison with an even louder clap of thunder which shook the whole bedroom afterwards.

As expected, telling a lie will incur a lightning strike. Unfortunately, Gu Qiange, who had said a lie was fine, but Shen Tong’s face had paled in fear, that he forgot his anger.

He curled up back to the bed and shivered, then tightly hugged himself as he repeatedly said under his breath ‘This isn’t a lightning tribulation, I’m not afraid’ to himself. But his body still quaked very badly, that even the voice to cry out in alarm couldn’t be done. This scene made Gu Qiange incomparably distressed, and hate himself for not being able to tightly hug the other in his arms to coax.

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