Ch 120: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 120: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 14 (part 1 of 2)

This should be considered as an erotic underwear. Who knows why it would appear in the nighties category? Truth be told, the shape and appearance was very normal, which looks just like a small white triangle underwear. The only difference was the presence of the cute round fluffy tail located at the buttocks area, in addition to a matching pair of long ears that can be worn on the head.

Proportionally speaking, the round fluff was about the size of a clenched fist. Similar to the short tail of a little rabbit, with a soft, fluffy, and round appearance. It’s extraordinary cuteness made Gu Qiange suddenly have the desire to let his little guy wear this outfit, that he even imagined how the other side would look when wearing this.

That brain with a super-high IQ had already completely conjured up the image, making his nose itchy. Unfortunately, he knows very well how thin-skinned and easily embarrassed his little guy was. That the chances he could see the other voluntarily wear it wouldn’t be possible at all.

However, it would be much better if he could assist the other wear it. First, he would take of those obtrusive clothes bit by bit, until there would be nothing left on the other’s body like a naked and clean baby……

Being able to let a lover wear the clothes he personally bought for him during the day, and personally stripping the clothes at night, was probably something every man with a strong appetite for control would desire to do. Gu Qiange thought of taking the youth to buy clothes tomorrow, as his mind was filled with the scenarios of stripping the clothes off in 360 ways, making his nose itchy again. Then spoke to the little person who had almost completely drifted to dreamland: “Tong Tong, are you just going to sleep like this? Don’t you want to take a bath first?”

The little beauty on the bed was so sleepy and also refused to move. He didn’t even open his eyes, but only said vaguely: “……don’t want to bathe, just sleep.”

Gu Qiange continued to persuade: “Then how about just changing your clothes? Otherwise you’re going to smell like hot pot and your skin will feel sticky.”

Every time Shen Tong goes back inside the mobile phone, the clothes he wore would also be brought in together, so the sweater he wore was still the same as when he had eaten hot pot a moment ago. He sniffed with his tiny nose and also felt uncomfortable, so he went along Gu Qiange and softly said: “En, want to change, the uncomfortable clothes.”

“Good boy,” Gu Qiange suddenly quirked his lips and smiled, “You can go ahead and sleep, I will help you change, alright?”

This smile certainly had the smell of a big tailed wolf. Unfortunately, the little beauty, who had closed his eyes, was unable to see this, and eventually replied with a muffled okay, the devastating cuteness of this nasal mumble made Gu Qiange freeze up for a few seconds.

However, Gu Qiange, who had obtained the permission he wished for, didn’t change the the other party’s clothes right away, but carefully dragged the quilt up with his fingertip instead, and properly covered him. He slightly raised the temperature of the bedroom’s air conditioner afterwards, then gently placed the mobile phone beside his sleeping pillow, and went to the bathroom to wash by himself.

This was naturally because he wanted to wait for the little guy to fall in a deeper state of sleep. The other was already so tired up to the point where he was incapable of going out from the mobile phone today. The feeling of distress occupied Gu Qiange’s mind much more, that even if he wanted to secretly see him wear that set of erotic rabbit outfit, he also didn’t want it to be at the expense of disturbing the other person’s sleep.

Gu Qiange moved very quickly, and was able to return to the bedroom within 10 minutes. The little beauty on the screen had also fallen asleep completely, in a side lying position, with half of his bun-like face against the pillow. His pouting rosy lips were slightly opened, as he alternately breath with his tiny nose. There was also a bit of glistening saliva at the corner of his mouth, as if he was dreaming of eating something delicious.

The room temperature was already high, and the mobile phone had also been warmed by Gu Qiange’s large palm. The sleeping little person also felt a comfortable warmth spread across his whole body, that not only did he not feel cold, but he also felt that it was hot enough to lift open the blanket in his sleep.

As a result, only half of the quilt was left draping across his waist in a blink of an eye, the other half was pressed under his body, exposing the corduroy pants he was wearing and the white socks on his feet. The little underwear’s page has been minimized at the corner of the screen. Gu Qiange reopened it to see whether there were any precautions or rules in changing outfits for safety purposes.

However, there was no other explanation under it, aside from the very small tick mark icon and this note which says ‘intermediate’, which actually made Gu Qiange think of the word ‘basic’ that were noted on each item before the update.

In that case, another update should still be coming in the near future, and a new batch of items with the note of ‘advance’. Thinking about the several long years of disappearance of the little guy after the last update, inevitably made Gu Qiange’s chest tighten, that the large palm holding the mobile phone also tightened as well.

It would naturally be unlikely for the little person to feel any discomfort because of this. But Gu Qiange’s thumb accidentally swiped the tick icon below the underwear icon in the screen.

Which really made him stunned on-the-spot.

He unexpectedly managed to click the ‘one-click dress-up’ by accident, which instantly swapped the other party’s outfit to the erotic bunny outfit!

The clothes that the little guy had originally been wearing mysteriously disappeared, only that little underwear with the short tail and the long ears on his head remained on his whole body. The quilt had just been pushed away a while ago due to the hotness, so, his whole lower body was outside, which exposed his smooth legs and his upturned little round butt wearing that little underwear in plain view.

The fluffy bunny tail hanging on his butt swayed conspicuously. One of the long bunny ears on his head stood upright while the other drooped. The actual scene was still a hundred times cuter than the scene Gu Qiange had previously fantasized. So cute that it even made his mind go blank for a moment, and also caused his breath to stagnate.

Maybe because he felt cold due to his exposed skin, the sleeping little beauty moved and curled from coldness for a moment, then subconsciously shrank back into the quilt. That clump of bunny tail immediately shook along with the movement of his butt, which incessantly elicited the people’s desire to poke it.

Gu Qiange eventually failed to restrain himself and reached out to poke it, in addition to taking the opportunity to daringly poke that soft little butt. There obviously wasn’t any tactile contact due to the presence of the screen’s partition, but a certain idiot was satisfied and felt that his entire life was perfect.

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