Ch 114: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world

Chapter 114: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 8

No matter how high the IQ, and no matter how cool-headed and self-reliant he was, Gu Qiange was still just a seventeen year old. He had long been accustomed to always being sought-after since a very young age, and had never encountered any setbacks. So, his character will inevitably be a bit immature, and was even more naive in the aspect of feelings than any average person. So he asked after failing to hold himself back:

“Who is Han Ying?!”

This feeling of jealously was like a poison without remedy, especially when it concerns the person he cares about. Gu Qiange’s brows furrowed even more, as he subconsciously clenched his hands.

The little guy was his, and should only belong to him. He doesn’t care whether he was an electronic program or even a mythological demon spirit, or whether his body could grow bigger, so long as he exclusively belongs to him. He can only look at him and think about him. He wasn’t allowed to have thoughts about other people.

The lethargic Shen Tong was naturally unable to give him an answer. Gu Qiange stretched out his finger and gently shook the little guy’s shoulder, as his tone of voice became more extreme, and used an unprecedentedly stern expression to look at the very tiny figure in the screen: “Tong Tong, tell me who Han Ying is? Why are you calling out this name?!”

Fortunately, lunch time had already arrived. Gu Qiange’s low questioning voice was drowned out by the sharp ring of the class bell which signals the end of class. But the jealousy in his heart wasn’t hidden the least, but grew larger and wider instead. The strength he exerted on his finger had unintentionally been increased a bit as well, that the little person in the screen was roused from his groggy state.

From Shen Tong’s perspective, the feeling of waking up was far more uncomfortable than blacking out. The alternating hotness and coldness in his body was very uncomfortable. That he couldn’t help but slightly tremble as he curled and hug his knees. He didn’t even want to say a word, and only wanted to draw back to the deepest part of his shell like a little turtle.

There were actually two reasons why he was feeling this uncomfortable. The first was because he really fell ill, –The juvenile phase of a Desktop Pet was very prone to falling ill. The other reason was due to the update in the program. The Desktop Pet’s program was being upgraded to automatically download and update it’s data, which had caused the high fever due to the rejection in his body.

It stands to reason that a demon spirit in the Demon Emperor period should no longer feel any physical discomfort. So, the root cause can be traced back to the heavenly law. The heavenly law pays attention to fairness. But this kind of fairness wasn’t the absolute equality of all living things, but of a subtle balance. Therefore, irregardless of how powerful Shen Tong’s demon spirit cultivation had reached, it would still be completely restricted to the demon body he transmigrates in. This is the so-called ‘subtle balance’.

Gu Qiange was still stoking Shen Tong’s little face lightly while closely questioning him. Shen Tong dazedly furrowed his brows, the high fever had made his thoughts into mush that he dazedly answered: “.…..hmn? Han Ying, is the person I like……”

The great top student instantly felt terrible.

The inexperienced young man who was new to this feeling was completely unaware of the degree of seriousness. The strength he exerted on his hand immediately grew stronger, the tone of his voice also became very fearsome: “When did this happen? How did you know him?!”

“.…..hurts……” The little guy’s cheek which was already feeling very sore, made him solely focus in avoiding Gu Qiange’s hand, and was simply to occupied to reply. Unfortunately, the screen was small, and Gu Qiange’s hands were big. So he couldn’t get away no matter how much he tried to move, that he couldn’t help but use every bit of his strength to say: “Go away, don’t touch me, I hate you……”

However, this short impromptu sentence had caused Gu Qiange’s emotion to become more unstable instead, “You can’t hate me, you’re also not allowed to like others!”

Green bruises had already started to appear on the little guy’s face. The sick person who was already muddle-headed and unreasonable right from the start, only felt thoroughly aggrieved, that the tears gathered around his eyes started to uncontrollably fall.

He didn’t make the slightest bit of sound, but only gripped the corner of the lower hem of his clothes with his tiny hands. He firmly bit the bottom of his lip and cried in silence.

The tiny clenched fists uncontrollably moved a bit, the background scene of the mobile phone’s screen had also become rainy. It was already too late even if Gu Qiange was regretting it. He saw the teardrops accumulate into a puddle at the bottom of the other’s feet once again. The very tiny body was a little bit uncontrollable. The more he cried the more uncontrollable the little guy’s body became, that he even started to gasp for breath as he cried, as if he was struggling for air. Making Gu Qiange so regretful up to the point of wanting to dig his heart out.

He instantly felt an infinite amount of regret, hating why he was so impulsive and childish, and so impatient. That he couldn’t help but want to chop off his hand that caused harm to the other.

But being young was like this, to be unable to think when blood rushes into their head, they would always take action first and only feel regret at the end. Such emotions can hurt others, but can also make a person mature quicker.

A very quiet ding dong sounded from the mobile phone at this moment, indicating that the Desktop Pet system had completed it’s update.

Shen Tong instantly felt a lot better. But a thing that made Gu Qiange incomparably shocked happened.

The little guy in the screen, just like the gift box he’d seen when he installed the Desktop Pet program, was unexpectedly turning into specks of gold lights inch by inch!!

The little person was undoubtedly clueless on what was happening to him as well, with wide eyes that expressed some shock and helplessness. Those beautiful pair of eyes which still contained glistening teardrops made Gu Qiange’s heart ache. But in the next second, before he could say anything, it slowly floated away without a trace.

The feeling of looking on helplessly as the other party faded away was much more indelible than the previous disappearance. Gu Qiange tried to madly and relentlessly grab a hold of those disappearing specks of light, but to no avail at all.

Shen Tong froze in shock the second he opened his eyes.

The things he saw in front of him was something he was very familiar with. The soft large bed, the superman designs printed on the bed sheet, the light colored wallpaper……

–Is this, his bedroom in his original world?

He lowered his head to take a look at himself. His clothes was still similar to the one he wore before transmigrating. There weren’t any changes from his age to appearance at all. After suddenly recalling the files and wallpapers he had seen in Gu Qiange’s computer, did he just belatedly realize that Gu Qiange’s world and the background of his life in the original world were astonishingly identical.

Just like his home in B city, quite a lot of the streets name overlapped, the anime characters in the wallpapers were something he knew of before, even the name and setting of that online game he had accidentally fallen into was exceptionally familiar to him as well……

Is this really a coincidence in a parallel world, or was this a deliberate set-up of the system, or had he already transmigrated back home?

“Little master,” The familiar and kindly voice of the elderly steward sounded at this time from outside the door, “You should get up, yesterday, the madame had said that there would be a guest coming over today……”

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