Ch 113: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 113: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 7 (part 1 of 3)

In order to have an even clearer view, Gu Qiange couldn’t help but move closer and closer like a fool. After moving closer, those long fluttering lashes of the little person could be clearly seen, fluttering like a little fan when he blinks. Making waves and waves of ripples in his heart; the little white face was tinged with a little bit of redness, which quickly spread to the tip of his ears.

For Shen Tong, this was completely because of embarrassment and anger. But in Gu Qiange’s perspective, this was a completely flirtatious expression which bewilders people.

The bottom of Gu Qiange’s eyes grew darker and darker, his Adam’s apple had even rolled a bit. So much so that he even wanted to place a gentle kiss on the delicate, flushed and plump earlobes of the other, and give it a lick.

Unfortunately, the little guy was just too small, so he could only look but not eat. But looking at his bare little body, the great top student with a splendidly high IQ could easily outline the enlarged appearance of the other side as an ordinary human. Just a bit of fantasizing had even made him hard, nearly causing his nose to bleed. His gaze also grew more blatant, which had almost no difference from an eye rape.

The little guy who was being offended got angry.

Although his height had shrunk, but his temper didn’t follow this reduction. The consequence of his anger was fairly serious. Not only did he refuse to say anything to Gu Qiange, he even didn’t want to eat anymore. The person turned his butt to Gu Qiange, with tightly pursed lips, and his tiny chin held up high, with a ‘refusing to acknowledge others’ look.

Of course, Gu Qiange had very willingly coaxed him with a gentle voice: “Tong Tong, don’t be angry alright? I was completely at fault, I apologize……”

But the little head only twisted a bit farther, obviously expressing a ‘snort’.

“I was wrong,” Gu Qiange went around half a circle, then leaned closer to the face of Shen Tong and continued to coax: “I didn’t mean it. Can you forgive me just this once? I will never take a peek next time……”

Shen Tong couldn’t help but retort: “You also said this words the last time!” He was naturally referring to that time inside the computer, “Humph! I won’t believe you anymore!”

The great top student, who had been found out, touched his nose, and decided to switch his strategy. He picked up* a piece of red braised pork and placed it in his mouth, then deliberately praised it while eating: “This is indeed aunt Liu’s best dish. I wonder if she’ll cook it again next time, –Do you really not want to have a taste?”

*using chopsticks

Shen Tong strove to suppress his desire to eat, and didn’t bow down to the forces of evil.

So, Gu Qiange ate two more pieces, and pretended to speak to himself: “This meat is really special, alternately fat and lean, melts in the mouth. Fragrant yet not greasy……”

The little guy who had long wanted to eat the red braised pork even before bathing still refused to say a word. But having listened to that tempting descriptions of Gu Qiange, had nevertheless made him stealthily sniff the aroma in the air, and had unknowingly shifted a bit to the direction of the red braised pork.

Gu Qiange couldn’t resist from quirking his lips from this cuteness. He then continued his efforts and picked up the fourth piece, “Since you aren’t going to eat, then I guess I should just go ahead and eat all of it then?”

The little person with a very unyielding character clenched his tiny hands and continued to painstakingly restrain himself, as Gu Qainge continued to eat. Not only was the meat on this plate very fragrant, but it was also plated very exquisitely. The pieces were neatly arranged in a square shape formation and was completely soaked in thick sauce with cucumber strips on top. But in just a blink of eye, more than half of the ‘square shape formation’ had already been broken apart by Gu Qiange.

The little person really couldn’t bear it anymore, his limpid eyes widened just like having seen something very astonishing. He grabbed the edge of the dish while looking at the ‘square shape formation’ that was swiftly being eaten clean, then also looked at Gu Qiange who was devouring it with a gaze full of condemnation.

That cruel scoundrel was really going to quickly eat up all the meat!!

In spite of this, Gu Qiange didn’t change his face and picked up another piece, causing the little guy to widen his eyes even more, and puff up his cheeks as well. Seeing Gu Qiange stretch out his chopsticks once more, completely made him unable to restrain himself, as he blurted out: “Don’t eat anymore!”

The clear and loud voice sounded even more pleasant in such a quiet night, but the mean intentioned great top student feigned ignorance as he asked: “What’s wrong? Since Tong Tong doesn’t want to eat, then I have no choice but to go and eat it, –Otherwise, wasting this kind of fine dish would be such a pity.”

“Who says I don’t want to eat?” The little person’s inhaled the aroma with his little nose once more, and fiercely glared at Gu Qiange. Unfortunately those pair of eyes were somewhat misty due to just having finished his bath, and looked just like a child throwing a tantrum on the surface instead. He then haughtily lifted his chin, trying to express his contempt to the other by looking from above, and said: “I still want each type of dish!”

But unfortunately, Gu Qiange’s current form was really too tall from his point of view, that he had no choice but to give up his act of raising his chin. Gu Qiange, on the other hand, quickly placed a new plate he found before him. Giving him a large helping of rice and each type of dish, placing it on his plate one after another.

The little guy immediately reached his hands towards the food on the plate, but soon encountered another problem.

The plate was quite huge, but his tiny hands were short. He reached out a few times, but was still unable to reach. He immediately felt anxious, and subconsciously called out: “Gu Qiange……”

The soft sounding voice had unexpectedly disrupted Gu Qiange heart, making it skip several beats.

The great top student only managed to regain his senses after several seconds. But there was basically no miniature plate that the little guy could use at this moment, even if there was, it would have also been impossible for it to hold any type of food. So he simply used his fingers to ‘carry’ the little guy up in order to place him at the center of the plate.

In spite of his movements being very gentle, but the strength of a normal person would still be unbearable for a little person that was only as big as an index finger. On top of being suddenly picked up, which made him subconsciously resist and struggle. The little guy rub his arm and cried out in protest: “–you hurt me!”

Hearing a bit of hoarseness in the soft sounding voice, pained Gu Qiange’s heart, that he couldn’t help but worriedly ask: “Where does it hurt? Quick, let me see……”

“…≧︿≦…You’re a bad person. You were deliberately going to eat up all the meat!”

“Let me see your arm alright?”


“Let me see.”

“Don’t want to! Don’t want to!”

“Be good Tong Tong, let me have a look.”

“Stay away from me, go where the temperature is cool and stay there*!”

*sarcastic way of saying: Go away and get lost

“It’s cooler by your side ah,” Gu Qiange gently smiled, “Be good, let me see if there’s anything wrong.”

Shen Tong eventually rolled up his sleeves to let Gu Qiange have a look on the pinch marks left on his arm. Gu Qiange heartachingly applied a bit of home remedy ointment, then diverted his attention with food, “Hurry up and eat, it won’t hurt after eating.”

The little person pouted and let out another snort.

Unfortunately, against such a tender sounding voice like his, the snort that came out from his mouth only sounded unspeakably adorable, and was even just like a child acting coquettish.

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