Ch 112: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (4/4)

Chapter 112: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 6 (part 4 of 4)

The rain outside had almost stopped. Shen Tong was placed in Gu Qainge’s right side pocket, his tiny hands grasped the edge of the pocket, leaving only half of his tiny head exposed to be able to look out.

Maybe due to Gu Qiange’s pocket being very warm, or perhaps the music in the taxi was too melodious, or maybe it was also due to weariness of all the activities today, the little guy had actually managed to slowly doze off in this clutching the pocket type of posture.

Gu Qiange, who only saw the hairy little head bob like a chick pecking on rice, couldn’t help but intently stare at him while subconsciously slowing down his breathing, as his eyes became filled with more and more warmth.

Then unwittingly reached his destination at last.

As soon as the car door was opened, Shen Tong was shocked by the blast of cold wind on his face, and immediately moved. Rubbing his eyes with his tiny hand, while trying hard to clear his mind. The Gu’s house was still empty. Gu Qiange, who had long been used to the absence of his parents in his daily life for a very long time, directly took out the door’s key from his schoolbag, then headed to the dining area with large strides after going in.

Aside from the allocated housekeeper whose in charge of sweeping and cleaning the house, there was also an aunt whose specially responsible for making meals, who would prepare the food before Gu Qiange gets out from school, then place it in a heat insulation box everyday. Upon opening the box, the aroma of the food immediately spread. Gu Qiange then asked Shen Tong: “What does Tong Tong like to eat?”

The little person’s delicate and lovely little nose moved towards the aroma’s direction, as the pair of large round eyes opened and tried to catch a glimpse of the dishes, “What’s available?”

“There are red braised pork, fried clam with sauce, honeyed yam, in addition to tofu soup……” Gu Qiange carefully placed the little person on top the dining table, “Aunt Liu has a very superb craftsmanship, how about having a taste of everything?”

“Ok.” The little person immediately nodded, then walked back and forth around the dishes in a surveyor like manner, before finally coming to a stop at the edge of the red braised pork dish. He then grasped the edge of the dish in an attempt to grab the meat.

But was stopped by Gu Qiange: “Tong Tong be good, wait for a moment, ok? Wash your hands first.”

The little hands and face of the little guy were still stained with the syrup of the candy he had previously eaten. Gu Qiange took out a new soft wet towel, with the intention of helping him clean up. But things like this candy syrup was very sticky, and the little guy’s skin was delicate. Gu Qiange was very reluctant to exert force and was unable to wipe it off even after a long time.

So he suggested: “How about just taking a bath?”

Today was just the beginning of winter, so it won’t be cold even when the air conditioner in the house was turned on. The great top student found a relatively small bowl, which he filled with warm water. He also took a small flat pill box which was suitable for the other to use as a stepping board.

“Do you need help?”

“No need.” The little person rejected very bluntly, then stepped on the ‘stepping board’ to hold the edge of the bowl, as he reached out his hand to test the water’s temperature in the bowl. After feeling that the temperature was just right, he seriously command: “Turn around, you’re not allowed to peek.”

Gu Qiange, who’s even quite fond of the adorably serious expression of the other side, could only listen to his command, even though his heart was very itchy, that he couldn’t help wishing to grow an eye on his back.

After seeing the other side had honestly turned his back on him, only then did Shen Tong put his white traditional robe into the system’s storage through his thoughts. He then proceeded to cling onto the edge of the bowl to crawl up.

But the bowl’s wall was so slippery, that he was unable find an area to exert force on. He strived hard for a very long time without success. Gu Qiange who hadn’t heard the sound of water really couldn’t help but take a quick peek at the back, and immediately saw the sight of the little person hanging at the edge of the bowl along with his delicate white butt, the adorably tiny feet dangled in the air, as he huffed and puffed while trying to flip over into the bowl.

But the more important thing was, that perky little butt was bare.

In spite of this small butt being only a little bit bigger, but this actually managed to let Gu Qiange have a nosebleed that he even subconsciously rubbed his nose. He immediately tried to keep his composure, and carefully reached out to support the little person’s feet, to help send him up.

Shen Tong finally succeeded in jumping into the water with Gu Qiange’s help, and immediately hummed out in satisfaction because of the comfortable water temperature.

Only then did he remember to get angry, as he immediately set his little body upright with a splash and pointed to Gu Qiange as he fumed in anger: “Haven’t I said not to peek? Who allowed you to turn around?!”

But was unaware that when he looked up and raised his hand, the two little pink spots on his chest were completely brought to view. The only difference was, the mini Tong, which was hidden underneath the long hair and water ripples which couldn’t be seen.

Those two tiny spots soaked in hot water seemed more delectable, brighter and extremely attractive. Which made Gu Qiange not only fail to reply to the other’s questioning, but also continued to stare at him fixedly, with a practically heated gaze.

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