Ch 112: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/4)

Chapter 112: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 6 (part 3 of 4)

Gu Qiange always had a habit of carrying candies with him, which he would eat whenever he encounters difficulties in solving problems or gets bored from listening in class. Sweetness could be said to be one of his shameful interest, the other one would be his fondness of cute things.

But Gu Qiange has always been strong and fierce, in addition to having the male chauvinism of a tough guy. This interest could be said to be very contradictory in regards to his character. Even he had formerly been annoyed by this, so much so that he had even anonymously sought for advice on the internet.

Of course, the great top student had a very picky taste, the sweets he consumes could only be of this brand as well, not to mention on those cute things that could catch his attention. The adorable things he liked since a young age were even sparser, the figures could only go from Tony Tony Chopper, Tetsuya #2, and a few certain sprightly anime characters. In addition to the small personally hand-stitched tiger stuff toy he safeguarded since childhood which was given to him by his maternal grandmother, due to his inability to raise a kitty due to his allergy with cat furs, as well as a whole row of limited Q edition figures displayed in the bookcase.

Fortunately, most of the online replies were positive. Some stated that sweets and cute things were not only for women to enjoy, some expressed that men who likes cute things shows that he treats feelings more seriously and has a childlike innocence. It was also commented that men who likes eating sweets would not only feel a stronger attachment to life at home and know how to take care of their partner, but would also have a very strong possessiveness towards their partner. Such minor things can easily catch fire, but would fortunately quickly fade away as well, and would never linger in the heart.

Thinking of the word partner, Gu Qiange couldn’t help but look at the little person, who was standing on the eraser while trying hard to grab the edge of the small box to have a look. The various color of candies were reflected on the bright eyes of the little person, dying his black and white eyes with bright colors.

Gu Qiange has now gained a clearer understanding towards his feelings for the little guy. The human heart will never be contented, the greater the fondness, the greater the desire. He had already began to imagine the future in when the other can look back at him with the same tender gaze, can call his name with overflowing affection, and tell him the words of I also like you in a soft voice.

He even greedily imagined that the little guy would one day obtain the height of a normal person. Although knowing perfectly well that the ability of the other to come to reality from the virtual world was already an unimaginable miracle. He still couldn’t help but raise a bit of expectations. Turning into a normal person, the little guy must certainly be as cute and lovely as now. He would also be able to walk side by side and hand in hand with him inside the campus, it would also be possible to have a deep and sweet kiss with him, as well as be able to hug him when sleeping together…..

“I want that one.”

A soft voice voice interrupted Gu Qiange’s wandering thoughts. Only to see that the little person, who had tilted his head as he seriously thought of a decision for quite some time, finally pointed his tiny finger towards the small red watermelon flavored candy drop.

Gu Qiange noticed that even though he pointed towards this piece, his eyes would cast a reluctant look to that yellow tangerine flavored piece from time to time. Making him unable to hold back a slight laughter in spite of himself as he took both pieces out and placed it in front of him.

The little person immediately narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. However, the diameter of a single candy drop which was about 2 to 3 centimeters was unfortunately a bit too big for his size. So, there was no way he could hold both pieces at the same time. He finally decided to hold that red watermelon flavored piece first, which proportionally looks just like a normal person holding onto a large watermelon. After tearing off that thin layer of protective paper covering the candy, he then stuck out his tongue and began to lick it carefully.

The sweet and rich fruity taste filled his lips and teeth, making him subconsciously reveal a smile sweeter than candy.

Shen Tong only did the most common behaviour in a casual manner, but was unaware on how fascinated the great top student who saw him smile for the first time became. His brain had even heated up due to being overstimulated by this smile, so much so that he even boldly reached out and touched the hair on the other’s forehead.

He only felt that the hair was so soft with this light touch. The more he touched, the greater his desire to touch grew.

So, taking advantage of the time when the little guy was fully concentrated in eating, his fingers stealthily touched the shoulder, and the hair ends. Touching here and touching there.

As expected, his entire body was soft! Really soft!

Gu Qiange simply couldn’t stop himself, even his ears showed a hint of redness. He hadn’t even noticed when that the biology teacher brought the quiz papers in class.

This subject period has a quiz. Upon hearing the word quiz, the student of entire class immediately wailed in sorrow, aside from the great top student who was feeling very satisfied. Because having quizzes meant that once he’s able to hand in the paper in advance, he can then get out a bit earlier and take the little guy out to have an evening meal.

The quiz papers were passed one by one from the front row to the back. Shen Tong, who was sitting in a wedge between a pencil case and a stack of books, was covered so tightly, and went completely unnoticed by anyone.

After receiving the quiz papers, the great top student quickly scanned it from start to end. There were a total of 40 multiple-choice questions and four major questions. Aside from the second to the last major question, the rest of the topics were common and basic questions, and wasn’t even a bit difficult at all. So, the 40 multiple-choice questions were completed in as short as 10 minutes. The next 10 minutes were also spent in completing the 3 major questions, so he finally only had to look into the second to the last question.

On the topic, a diagram drawing of the human body’s reflex pattern was marked with various sequence numbers, which requires the analysis of the distribution and principle of the charge on the inside and outside the cell membrane when the nerve fibers receive stimulation, and to figure out the resting value of the electric potential according to the known conditions.

Shen Tong took a glimpse at the quiz paper as well. As an all-round Desktop Pet that has a built-in encyclopedia and the capability to answer scientific questions, after he read the topic’s question, the calculating method indescribably appeared in his mind without warning, as if a search engine had been placed in his brain, the search results whooshed out at once.

He himself was also feeling a bit surprised, that he subconsciously read out the result: “The resting potential is mainly determined by the K+ equilibrium potential. The equation can be used to directly calculate the potential value of the ion at any concentration gradient. The formula is E=61log(Co/Ci).…..”

“Ding–,” As soon as he had finished reading, the system’s notification immediately sounded once again: “Congratulations to the host for finally having discovered the Basic skill 2: [Telepathy], this basic skill enables the Desktop Pet to communicate with the owner using brain waves, and be able to sense the owner’s mood fluctuations, geographic location, health index, and life safety during critical situations.”

Shen Tong only found out that the calculation method he had just read a while ago was not through his mouth, but in his mind. But Gu Qiange, who heard the entire thing, didn’t hesitate a bit and praised him in the same manner through his mind: “Well, Tong Tong is really great.”

At that moment when an inexplicable voice sounded in his mind, Gu Qiange had inevitably panicked for a short while. But immediately calmed down after he realized that it was Shen Tong’s voice, and felt somewhat proud with the little guy’s ability instead.

In fact, the great top student had also thought of this formula, but this computation was beyond the scope of the syllabus. Moreover, the real intention of the topic was to make use of the formula available in the book to come up with the answer. The calculation process was very cumbersome, and was far less accurate and fast than what Shen Tong read out.

But he happened to see the sight of the little guy holding onto an enormous piece of candy in his arms while reading the formula with a serious expression the moment he lifted his gaze. The tender little white face was stained by the red watermelon flavored syrup, the two tiny hands were also completely sticky, which was simply a cute contrast.

Gu Qiange swiftly helped the other eat that piece of candy drop which he wouldn’t be able to finish eating in a day, by taking it and throwing it into his mouth without a hint of disgust or trouble. The calculation for that question was swiftly completed as well. The great top student took a total of half an hour to hand in the quiz paper, refreshing the cognition of the students in the entire class once again. Then directly took a taxi home as soon as he packed his things out the classroom.

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