Ch 112: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/4)

Chapter 112: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 6 (part 2 of 4)

Even though there was a little flower acting as a ‘small umbrella’, a greater portion of Shen Tong’s body had still been drenched by the rain, that even his long hair was dripping with water. Gu Qiange used his only free hand to take out a soft tissue, which was folded to a square shape. He then placed it on the table, while lowering his right hand that has been holding the little person on top the table.

Shen Tong promptly jumped out of Gu Qiange’s hand and on to the tissue paper, to wipe the water off his body.

The little person was first seen laying on his stomach atop the tissue paper, then rolled on his back, as he started rubbing against it. In the end, he even moved to roll over two times just like a Japanese dumpling, right until almost all the water on his body on his body had been absorbed by the tissue, only then was he satisfied enough to stop.

The great top student, who had been blown away by the cuteness couldn’t help but put a quirk on his mouth.

It was still raining outside, but Gu Qiange’s heart has become as bright and clear as a sunny day, the expression on his face was like being basked in sunshine. His delight hasn’t reduced yet. There were still a lot of questions waiting to be answered as well, but now wasn’t the time to ask such questions. Especially since the appearance of the other in reality before his very own eyes was much more important than anything.

Because of being barefooted, the little guy’s delicate tiny feet were coated with a whole lot of gray dust. Gu Qiange couldn’t resist but reach a hand out and provided a slight assistance in wiping his feet clean in the end.

His gentle actions was just like handling a very delicately carved snow doll jade. There was even the feeling of not daring to breath, as if a bit of carelessness will cause it to melt into nothingness. Gu Qiange currently had the attitude that was really like wanting to put him in his mouth but was worried of melting it, and wanting to hold it in his palm but fear of breaking it*. However, that pair of tiny feet were really as fair as snow. The skin on his instep felt warm and tender to touch, the soles of his feet were exceptionally supple and smooth as well.

*metaphor usually used to describe a parent’s love towards their children.

Just like the expression of the sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there. Although the little guy’s feet were tiny, but the toes as well as nails were equally present. The exquisite and delicate toes were just like of a meek little bunny, which would slightly curl up in surprise when touched, that especially evokes affection. The very tiny toenails were equally adorable. The shiny luster were like tiny pearls, with barely discernible pale white half-moons, that were also like 10 small pink petals.

Watching the lateral view of the other’s face, who’s diligently helping him wipe his foot clean with a lowered head, made Shen Tong’s favorable impression on him slightly increase a bit. He then softly voiced out to Gu Qiange: “I’m hungry.”

But they were still currently inside the classroom. Gu Qiange couldn’t help but frown as he concernedly asked: “Are you very hungry? There’s still the next class of biology before dismissal. Can you still hold out just a moment longer?”

In accordance to Shen Tong’s cultivation base, not being able to eat wasn’t a big deal at all. So even if he gets hungry, he would still be able to bear with it. So he touched his little belly, and obediently nodded, “Okay.”

However, Gu Qiange felt profusely conscience-stricken. For fear that the little guy will feel wronged, he fished out a small tin box from within his drawer, and asked: “Does Tong Tong want to eat this?”

Shen Tong raised his eyes to look over, only then did he see that it was a small box of candy. Printed with a pair of little cartoon milk cows and a few English letters on top. A single glance could determine that this is an imported high-end candy.

The class bell had already rung, so there was no problem for Gu Qiange to take out the small box of candy. The surrounding students could feel the thick and terrifying low pressure exuding from Gu Qiange’s body since afternoon. So even after the class ended, no one still dared to approach him. Even Wei Chuchu wouldn’t dare approach him when he was in a bad mood, for fear of provoking a disaster.

Because the high school students of all year levels had once seen the appearance of Gu Qiange angrily beating someone. This happened during the school’s basketball competition, which occurred after the two team members of their class had consecutively suffered injuries by the opponent’s malicious actions and had to leave the court. Gu Qiange directly threw down the ball, and beat up that person with his fist.

That person immediately saw blood, which immediately triggered a one-vs-four team battle. Although Gu Qiange had also sustained injuries, but the injuries of the other four people were more severe. One of them was the bureau chief’s son. As a result, one of father Gu’s assistant made a special trip to handle this matter. Father Gu, was the most outstanding scientist in the field of nuclear fusion energy, in addition to having received two consecutive national awards. It was already clear on who was heavy or light* between the director of forest bureau and a national level scientist.

*important and not.

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