Ch 110: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 110: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 4 (part 2 of 3)

That pale to almost transparent complexion of his small face even gave Gu Qiange an illusion that he was about to disappear in the next moment. Making Gu Qiange full of fear, but vexatiously powerless.

Shen Tong too, couldn’t help feeling uneasy because of the restraint on his demon strength.

He had clearly reached the Demon Emperor period, and should have never been easily suppressed by anything. So, he subconsciously thought back to the heavenly law that the white floccule had once mentioned.

It said that even the system fears the existence of the heavenly law. No matter what laws or standards were established in the secular world, but so long as any of these actions doesn’t conform with the heavenly law, they will all be punished or even destroyed. That he couldn’t help but quietly reveal quietly say in unease: “……I’m a little scared……”

The purpose of the heavenly law was to generally ensure the equality of all living things, through the removal of the excess and the filling up of the deficiencies. It can allow specific people to combine talent and opportunity to achieve what others cannot. But would never permit the overstepping of boundaries, let alone the use of improper means to seize the opportunity of others. All the three realms of Heaven, Earth, and Human must comply with the basic rules of the heavenly law. No one is exempted. Irregardless of whether you are a common person or even a demon and devil* cultivator, or a human cultivator and Daoist priest, none are able to escape.

*demon cultivator: demonic spirits vs devil cultivator: creatures of remarkable power and cruelty.

In fact, Shen Tong was just completely overthinking.

An old saying once said that the heavenly law has no relatives, but will always be together with good beings. A good character is the only one which can be exempted from the punishment of the heavenly law. Those people who are truly pure of heart would always be pardoned. Shen Tong had never seized anyone’s practice, let alone having harmed anyone’s interest. On the contrary, he had inadvertently saved quite a lot of people in every world, and the cultivation base he obtained had not exceeded the limit yet. His feeling of weakness had nothing to do with the heavenly law at all, but was only because the mobile phone has entered the battery saving mode.

Gu Qiange turned on the low-power mode the moment the mobile phone was bought, which would automatically put the mobile phone into the power-saving mode once the battery level drops to 20%. After entering this mode, the mobile phone can be kept on stand-by for a longer time, but the mail notification and other background app refresh will be stopped. The display’s brightness and dynamic effects will also be reduced or even switched off, some unnecessary software would also be exited by the system.

Although the Destop Pet’s application was not exited because of Shen Tong, but Shen Tong vision and mobility had been greatly reduced. The little person’s soft voice in stating his fear had completely made Gu Qiange panicked, as he said some incoherent words of comfort: “Don’t be scared Tong Tong. If you really feel uncomfortable, how about I give you some medicine to take?”

To try anything in a crisis, Gu Qiange clenched his teeth and clicked open the treatment button again, after some choices, the medicine immediately appeared in front of Shen Tong. However, it wasn’t a pill or capsule that can be swallowed directly, but a hot bowl of ginger.

“Tong Tong, be good, you’ll feel better after taking medicine.”

The reason Gu Qiange chose this one was naturally due to the safety insurance of the inconsequential side effects. But Shen Tong instantly scrunched his nose. Ginger has always been one of the things he dislikes the most. Even when eating seafood congee, the pieces of shredded ginger needs to be picked out before he would be willing to eat. What more to such a very pungent medicine?

“I don’t want to drink this,” The little person bit his lip and looked over, with that black and misty pupils that looks just like that of a small animal, “Take it away, it smells very unpleasant……”

Gu Qiange tried hard to persuade him, “Tong Tong, drinking this medicine will make you feel better.”

“I’m not sick. Take it away……” The smell of ginger coming into his nose became more intense, making the already weak and powerless Shen Tong feel more uncomfortable, causing those long lashes quiver. Seeing this also caused Gu Qiange to feel a pain in his heart along with each quiver.

A sick person would never say they’re sick, just like how a drunk person would argue about not being drunk. For the sake of the little person’s health, Gu Qiange hardened his heart and firmly said: “Be good. Drink it, otherwise I’ll give you another bowl.”

Shen Tong couldn’t help but widen his eyes, as the grievances in his heart instantly filled his chest, “You-, you bully……”

In combination to the fear of the heavenly law, he couldn’t help but start tearing up after speaking. Not knowing, that the Desktop Pet has a special program setting for excitement, anger, depression, crying and a few other particular expressions. For example, during excitement, glittering stars will appear on those pair of large eyes. When angry, the appearance of the puffed cheeks like an enormous steam bun will make people want to poke. When depressed, a small but magnificent dark cloud will appear above the head. When crying, tears will continue to fall down in large drops, until most of the screen is filled.

That being the case, Gu Qiange only saw the little person bite the bottom of his lip in the screen, as the tears uncontrollably gathered in his eyes, then fall down to the ground with a plop. Then unstoppably continued one after another. In just a short while, a small puddle of water had already accumulated in the screen.

The immeasurably repentant Gu Qiange quickly corrected his words without any principle: “Don’t cry Tong Tong. You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to drink it, alright?”

But his coaxing words couldn’t stop the expansion of that small puddle of water. Due to the program settings and interference, Shen Tong really couldn’t stop his tears from falling. In the screen, the small puddle of water under his feet gradually became a pool of water, the depth of the water rose higher and higher in conjunction with constant fall of tears.

Seeing the water level begin to rise, rising all the way up. In a blink of an eye, it had unexpectedly reached up to Shen Tong’s waist. Maybe after another while, the dainty Q version of the little person will drown. Gu Qiange became incessantly anxious, and gently reached a hand out with a bit of awkwardness, trying to wipe away the little person’s tears.

“Be good, don’t cry.” Gu Qiange gently coaxed as he uneasily asked: “Tong Tong, you won’t be able to drown yourself, right?”

The little person blinked, then let out a little hiccup with teary eyes: “……I don’t know.”

The great top student couldn’t help but be a bit speechless. Little fool, since you don’t know, then you shouldn’t cry anymore, okay! If he were to drown by his own tears, then wouldn’t that truly be too outrageous as well?!!

The class bell had rang. So, Gu Qiange could only return to the classroom. Shen Tong had finally gotten rid of the program’s control and was no longer crying as well. But his body became even weaker, that even the strength to speak was completely lost. Gu Qiange saw that there were still teardrops hanging on his long lashes. After crying, the eyes still seemed to be full of mist, as if the tears will be shed again with a bit of inattentiveness, that he couldn’t help but reach out again to gently wipe the slightly reddened corner of his eyes.

This period is the math subject that Gu Qiange best excels at, and was also the last period in the morning. Although, Gu Qiange had opened his book and had a pen in hand just like the other students in class, but his attention was always on the mobile phone that was hidden by a page of the book. By the second half of the period, the teacher had basically finished teaching the lesson for the day, and had began to talk about a few difficult statistics questions that came up yesterday.

Then said after explaining for a while: “I will be taking a break, and let Gu Qiange discuss about the four remaining questions, okay.”

The reason why the math teacher called Gu Qiange up was due to the importance he attached to him. On the other hand, he also hoped that the whole class will follow him as an example and improve.

Math questions would generally have several methods in solving, and Gu Qiange could usually work out the most concise method in solving, in addition to having a very clear reasoning. Because of having a very thorough understanding of the contents in the book, he can apply this knowledge to come up with a very basic formula in order to obtain the answer. So, that’s why it’s particularly easy to comprehend, and why everyone would be willing to listen to his explanations.

It’s just a pity, that the great top student didn’t have the enthusiasm to help other people. So aside from class hours, only a few people would dare to ask him for guidance in private.

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