Ch 110: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 110: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 4 (part 1 of 3)

“Tong Tong,” Gu Qiange’s heart was so tensed, that he even forgot to type and had directly called out: “What’s wrong? Is there anywhere that feels uncomfortable?”

Although his voice wasn’t really that loud, but this was in the middle of a lesson after all, so it would inevitably disturb the other students. Fortunately, this class was made into an individual study session, and there were a lot of chatter in groups. So, only the students in the last few rows were able to clearly hear Gu Qiange’s voice, and couldn’t help but turn around for a quick glimpse.

They initially thought that Gu Qiange was just following someone in WeChat, and that there was nothing to fuss about when playing in WeChat. But the anxious and worried expression on Gu Qiange couldn’t help but really make them feel agitated.

Because Gu Qiange’s personality could definitely be regarded as the cold type, and would hardly have a few expression everyday. In desperate situations, he would still maintain that austere and calm look, let alone express such distinct anxiety.

Everyone instantly became incessantly curious. But a certain person not only felt curious, but also felt a strong sense of jealousy and crisis.

This person was precisely Wei Chuchu, the prettiest girl in their school.

Wei Chuchu has liked Gu Qiange since the beginning of 1st year high school, and almost half of the students in their year knows about this. In order to continue to be in the same class as Gu Qiange in 2nd year high school, she even gave up the liberal arts class she excelled in and chose science instead. It’s just a pity that Gu Qiange was very tough, just like a hard stone that can’t be broken.

Gu Qiange couldn’t be bothered about the thoughts of the other people at this time at all, as his attention were completely concentrated on the tottering little person in the mobile phone. Seeing the little guy weakly lean on the icon at the most bottom part of the screen then gradually slide down till he was seated, then continued to ask in concern: “Tong Tong be good. Tell me, where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

The great top student immediately clicked open the character information panel. Only to see that the health column had dropped down to two stars, but there were no reasons shown. Contrary to expectations, there were various kinds of medicines under the treatment button, but he didn’t dare to indiscriminately administer it to the little guy.


*dismissal bell sfx

The bell signifying the end of class resounded at this time.

After enduring for half of the class period, Wei Chuchu finally couldn’t stop herself, pulling her seatmate along as she went over to Gu Qiange’s side. Then intentionally or otherwise asked with a smile: “Gu Qiange, who were you talking to in WeChat? To actually play and chat in your mobile phone during individual study period, be careful of me noting down your name!”

Wei Chuchu’s grades can be considered as pretty good, in addition to being beautiful and having good relations with other people, hence, she became one of the cadres in class. In spite of this, Gu Qiange didn’t even lift his eyelids, but just tilted mobile phone’s screen to the side, to prevent her from seeing the little guy in the screen.

The very petty great top student expressed that such a cute and beautiful little guy exclusively belongs to him alone. No other people would be allowed to even catch a glimpse.

Shen Tong clearly perceive the perfume on Wei Chuchu’s body the second she approached. Perhaps due to the reason that the 5 senses became even more sensitive after setting foot into the rank of the Demon Emperor period. The scent which was actually very faint was nevertheless too strong to Shen Tong’s senses, that he even reached out to rub his tiny nose due to a slight oversensitivity.

Unfortunately, he was still unable to hold back in the end, and uncontrollably let out a sneeze.

Gu Qiange only saw the little person in the screen suddenly let out a very tiny sneeze, followed by the trembling of his little body. The tip of the nose became a bit reddish. He the held his knees and sat there, looking very adorable yet pitiful.

The mobile phone had also automatically vibrated in unison with this little person’s sneeze. Although the amplitude was very low, but Gu Qiange could feel it being transmitted from his palm to the bottom of his heart.

The battery of the mobile phone declined even further after this vibration. But Gu Qiange, including Shen Tong never expected this to be because of a power issue. After all, Shen Tong in the real world had also played QQ Pet. If the little penguin inside fell ill, it would only be related to the lack of proper care from the owner, and would never have any relation to the battery’s life.

Gu Qiange naturally thought so too, and was so anxious that he basically didn’t have the mind to care about how much was left on the mobile phone’s battery. He only thought that this might have been because the little guy had been shaken up due to getting lost yesterday evening. That caused him to sweat and catch a cold. In addition to having slept on the ground without changing his clothes, and was then affected by the cold floor.

This strong self-blame made his handsome straight brows knit. Seeing Wei Chuchu stand in front of the table and also refuse to leave, so, he simply stood up and went out the classroom with his mobile phone.

The screen at this time showed a warning that the battery life only had 20% left. But was unfortunately left unnoticed by Gu Qiange, as he was solely preoccupied on looking for an empty place to continue his conversation with the little guy. The other person’s soft sounding voice sounded much lower in his reply on the headset: “……um, I’m fine. I just feel a bit tired……”

In reality, Shen Tong was already so weak that he actually couldn’t even move his fingers. As if there was some kind of invisible pressure slightly pressing down on him in unison with the decline of the battery life. Which had not only suppressed his mobility, but his cultivation as well.

Gu Qiange only saw the little guy curl up in the most bottom corner of the screen. The slight shaking of the small body as well as the wrinkled brows, clearly didn’t look like there was nothing wrong. His long black hair made him look even paler. This frail look made Gu Qiange feel incessantly distressed.

The great top student, who experienced this sort of intense heartache for the first time, reached out his hand and lightly touched the little guy’s forehead, wanting to smooth down his wrinkled brows. However, what separated them was not just the mobile phone’s screen, but an entire dimensional wall.

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