Ch 109: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 109: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 3 (part 3 of 3)

Shen Tong was still sleeping even when Gu Qiange went to class.

So Gu Qiange couldn’t help but frequently take a good look at his mobile phone, while being hesitant on whether he should wake the little guy for breakfast. Luckily, a top student has such privileges, so long as his academic performances remained excellent. Not to mention catching fish*, the teacher would still turn a blind eye, even if he touched a dolphin.

*slack in a job

As the first subject was about to end, Gu Qiange finally saw the little guy in the screen wake up. He first saw him stretch his little body, then lower the quilt as he very slowly sat up, and groggily rub his eyes with his little hand.

Gu Qiange clicked the feeding panel open, and chose to give him a warm cup of cow’s milk. But only typed because it was not suitable to speak: “Tong Tong, the temperature is just right, so, drink some milk first, okay.”

The little guy didn’t see the chat box, but instinctively wriggled his nose because of the sweet scent of milk and received the milk without opening his eyes. Maybe because of having slept for too long, he became thirsty. So, the milk was quickly chugged empty, leaving just a white milk beard around his mouth.

“Do you want another one?”

The little person finally opened his eyes while still feeling somewhat groggy, and subconsciously nodded. So, Gu Qiange immediately sent him another cup.

After having finished drinking this entire cup of milk, the little person felt a little bloated, so, he wrapped his arms around his little belly and belched a little milky breath, as his mind completely cleared up.

He couldn’t help but immediately frown, as he continued his temper yesterday which was interrupted because he had suddenly fallen asleep. It’s just that this serious expression doesn’t match that steamed bun-like face at all, and had made that little round face seemed much cuter instead. Which couldn’t help but cause Gu Qiange to move forward, and almost stick to the screen of the mobile phone, wishing to give that overly cute little person a kiss.

The very preoccupied and silly Gu Qiange completely failed to notice how intimidating he looks from Shen Tong’s perspective.

From Shen Tong’s perspective, he only felt that the sudden approach of that humongous face which was as tall as a building, looked very terrifying. Giving him an illusion that he would be swallowed up, but there he had nowhere to run to even if he wanted to retreat.

Gu Qiange only saw the character information interface pop up again, and immediately felt a bad premonition. As expected, he saw the latest favorable impression notification display: ‘The Desktop Pet’s favorable impression toward the owner is -2, had now become -37’.

The great top student instantly felt very distressed. But a more distressing matter came later, he discovered that a name had actually appeared in the information column of the ‘Disliked person or thing’ which was originally unknown. Which seemed just like his name, and was also followed after by a small brackets. Written in the brackets: Shameless.

Gu Qiange felt like his glass heart was about to shatter to pieces.

Shen Tong, on the other hand, had just realized that he had been transferred from the computer to the mobile phone. The end on either side could be easily seen. He got up and walked towards the left side which was nearest to him, all the way to the boundary line.

He continued to move forward, in an attempt to break the barrier, only to find that he could actually ignore gravity and stand horizontally on the barrier. Although his sight was spinning, but he didn’t feel his blood accumulate in his head or any weightlessness and such. After reaching the highest point, his entire body hung upside down, which was very interesting.

So, he walk all around with novelty, and even walked to all the small areas. But Gu Qiange very nervously kept an eye on him for fear that he would fall, keeping a close watch on him without daring to move his eyes away.

Shen Tong finally stopped when he got tired of walking. The bubble-shaped chat box tapped by Gu Qiange immediately floated before him, “Tong Tong, are you hungry? Do you want to eat?”

Shen Tong, who hadn’t finished digesting the milk yet, shook his head and waved the chat box away. But a new chat box appeared in the next instant: “Then, if your bored, do you want to play a game?”

Thinking of the immersive game screen in the computer, Shen Tong couldn’t help but agree. Although Gu Qiange didn’t have any large-scale mobile game installed in his mobile phone, but there were still several very entertaining educational type of mini games. The Language teacher happened to temporarily be occupied with something, so this Language class was converted to an individual study period, so he immediately opened the hottest game, then accompanied him in playing.

Facts has proven that this little guy was really the most powerful plug-in* in the game. Not knowing how he did it, Gu Qiange didn’t get to do anything as he watched him spontaneously rush to pave the entire way. Even the most difficult hurdle had been passed by. In just a few moments of endeavour, the score had already come close to the the highest record holder player in the entire world.

*cheating software

It’s a pity that the power of a smartphone depletes quickly. The battery life quickly dropped to 25% in just a single period. At the same time as this, Shen Tong suddenly felt himself visibly become weaker and weaker. The strength in his entire body seemed to continually decline along with the continual depletion of the battery.

Just as the world record was about to be broken, Gu Qiange unexpectedly saw the game program shut down without warning. The little person on the screen bit his lip with a pale complexion, his tiny body swayed about, and seemed to be incapable of even standing firmly, with a likelihood of falling over at any given moment.

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