Ch 109: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 109: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 3 (part 2 of 3)

Shen Tong, who stood all by himself on a path similar to a very long hallway with a pair of weary and sore legs, looked all around him with a bit of confusion, and completely didn’t have a clue as to his location. He no longer dared to enter the doors he saw along the way without careful consideration. The long hallway he trod grew darker the more he moved along. Upon looking forward and only seeing the pitch-black darkness at the other end, he thought of turning back. Only to realize that the path behind him had also been submerged in darkness, causing him to feel an unfounded sense of fear.

Gu Qiange was still anxiously calling out Shen Tong’s name from outside the computer, and hadn’t stopped for even a moment. Shen Tong’s spirit of exploration and curiosity at the start had already wilted like a frosted eggplant. Coupled with the fear of darkness, he finally couldn’t help but voice out: “I’m lost……”

The soft little voice not only sounded a bit hoarse, but also carried a hint of helplessness and injustice. Gu Qiange felt a pain in his heart upon listening to this and immediately asked: “Be good, Tong Tong. Tell me, in the place where you are, what folders are near you?”

Shen Tong turned his head to look at the door beside him, but was unable to see any label: “I don’t know, there are no words on the door……”

Gu Qiange surmised that the little guy might have entered a hidden folder on the system by mistake, so he said: “Tong Tong, walk all the way to the end first, in order to exit from this folder, then tell me what’s the name of the first folder you see after exiting……”

“But it’s too dark ahead,” Shen Tong sniffled, then subconsciously lowered his voice: “……I dare not go.”

Gu Qiange, who heard a faint sobbing sound, suddenly felt even more distressed, and wished to go inside the computer to comfort him. While clicking open the folders in the system with the mouse one by one, he tried making his voice sound gentler as he spoke: “Tong Tong, don’t be afraid, okay? Be good, just stay there and don’t move, wait for me to come find you.”

A lot of Shen Tong’s fear and anxiety had been strangely dissipated by these words, as he seriously did what he was told and waited still in the same place. Fortunately, Gu Qiange had a very fast hand speed. He checked them one by one, until he finally opened the folder Shen Tong was in on the desktop.

In the next instant, Shen Tong, who realized that the darkness before him had completely faded away, dazedly raised his tiny head to look up.

Gu Qiange immediately saw the little guy, who was curled up and hugged his knees in a corner like an abandoned little kitty the moment he opened the folder, looking so adorable and heart-rending. Maybe because of the fear while waiting in the darkness, the instant, when the little guy looked up and saw him, the large pair of eyes had obviously lit up. The sudden beautiful radiance and vigor it brought instantly shook him.

It’s a pity that it quickly vanished from sight.

The little person humphed and swiftly turned his head away, then stepped out from the window with his short legs and returned to the desktop. Then leaned on the screen frame and silently sat in a seiza position with his back to Gu Qiange, and just gave him a view of the back of his head.

Gu Qiange continued to explain while facing the back of that tiny head: “Those videos really aren’t mine. Tong Tong, you have to believe me okay? I’ll delete all of them now……”

The back of his little head moved, but he still remained silent.

Combined with that exquisitely adorable tiny hair whorl on top his head that moved along his movement, it gave Gu Qiange a strong impulse to touch. The great top student sighed. He looked at the tiny hair whorl, while using his self-proclaimed intellectual mind to rack his brains for coaxing words.

But before he could come up with proper words to say, the little person on the screen had unexpectedly tilted forward little by little. This time, even the tiny hair whorl wasn’t shown to him. Only the little butt was directed to him.

Gu Qiange had initially been taken aback for a moment, then inevitably felt a a strong sense of unease in an instant. Fearing that something might have happened to the other, he hurriedly moved the mouse pointer over, and supported the little person’s shoulder with an exceptionally gentle motions, as he slightly turned him around.

Only the did he realize that the other had just fallen asleep.

The childhood phase of a Desktop Pet was really similar to a human child, who would really fall asleep when they say they’re sleepy. Just like that, he had fallen asleep in a face down and butt stuck up posture. The chubby little face was slightly scrunched up by the load, the little rosy lips were slightly opened. A faintly discernible low-pitched snore due to fatigue could also be heard.

Gu Qiange had been deeply struck by the cuteness once more. Only after a short while had passed did he remember to select a small soft quilt in the sleep button from the information panel, which he used to carefully cover the little person. The other side didn’t wake up at all, but subconsciously grabbed the corner of the quilt with his tiny hand, and continued to sleep soundly.

As the night grew deeper, Gu Qiange resolutely shifted his gaze away from the sleeping little person, and studied the code for a while before turning the program off, while simultaneously opening the little sprite program that had been installed on his mobile phone.

He inexplicably felt very nervous during the process of logging in, for fear that the little guy would no longer appear. Fortunately, the second after the successful log in, the other side’s figure slowly appeared in the middle of the mobile phone’s screen, and was still sleeping sweetly while clutching the edge of the quilt.

The resolution of the mobile phone is higher than that of the computer. So, the little person appeared clearer and lovelier on the mobile phone. Making Gu Qiange irresistibly extend his finger tips, and gently touched the tiny hair whorl he had wanted to touch before.

But the little person suddenly moved, and faintly frowned in his sleep. Gu Qiange didn’t dare to touch anymore. He even adjusted all the programs in the mobile phone to silent mode, in order to avoid disturbing his sleep.

Gently placing the mobile phone next to his pillow, Gu Qiange felt like long grasses* had sprouted in his heart, exuberantly swaying with the gentle wind, constantly poking his spleen and making him feel very jubilant.

*flourishing of a possessive desire

The great top student slept very sweetly like Shen Tong this evening. But he had a dream close too daybreak, in the dream, he saw the beautiful little person 5 to 6 centimeters tall furiously standing on his nose, yelling at him for being a big and shameless pervert with an adorably bulging face similar to a steamed bun.

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