Ch 109: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Slight NSFW due to mentions of S&M scenes

Chapter 109: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 3 (part 1 of 3)

He’s really too lamentable, ah!!

The great top student silently bemoaned, then hurriedly told Shen Tong: “Tong Tong, you mustn’t enter this folder, come out quickly……”

It’s a pity that his statement came a step late.

The curious Shen Tong, who had already gone into the door on the left side, had instantly been frozen in shock in the next instant.

Facts have proven, that not only was Gu Qiange lamentable, he was also a very unfortunate person. The sub-folder Shen Tong entered was the most glaring S&M special collection in this entire folder. Upon entering, he immediately saw a delicate and pretty youth kneeling in an iron cage with a person’s height before him. Surrounded by three or four big men, who were aggressively gang raping him with force.

The youth wore metal breast clips and a male chastity belt, both hands were tied by a rope on both end of the cage, a dog collar was also fastened on his neck. Not only could he not struggle, he couldn’t even say a word because of the genital plunged in his mouth. Only some indistinct sounds of pain and groans could be heard. What’s more terrifying, was that his lower hole was even bearing the two giant objects from two different men at the same time, both of which were heavily thrusting into him without a shred of pity. Causing him to tremble uncontrollably.

Shen Tong had been completely scared stiff.

Before transmigration, due to the reasons of being too young and the very strict discipline in his family, he was like a piece of blank paper in terms of sex. Even though he met Han Ying after transmigration, he was still very passive in bed matters. Not to mention items, he was even ignorant towards fancy maneuvers. And whether it was the real Han Ying or his later reincarnations, all of them were reluctant to use any items and fancy maneuvers on their precious darling. The most he would do when he was still unsatisfied was to repeatedly press him under his body the entire night, then tease him a bit with his words.

There’s also an old saying that says, a dearly beloved child will never learn to grow up. Although Shen Tong had already gone through several worlds, but he had always been placed in the palm of the hand by Han Ying. That’s the reason why he was still able to maintain that period of helpless innocence and honesty up to this day. The scene before him had certainly given him an unprecedentedly huge impact, as all his thoughts fell into chaos. He was so frightened by this sex that broke the lower limits. The second he returned to his senses after suffering from such a fright, he then anxiously turned and left, and practically ran with a 100-meter sprint speed.

But the more anxious a person becomes, the more likely mistakes will be made. Shen Tong hadn’t looked for the main door of the master room, but had fled into another small door in panic. The image here which was of a middle-aged man and a beautiful girl was a wee bit normal. But there were still the usage of a lot of items which he had never seen before, that made the girl scream again and again.

Shen Tong was practically like a small bunny with it’s long trembling ears hung down, and wished to find a small but safe burrow to hide in. He finally made no mistake this time around, and smoothly ran out of the master room. But his course of action after getting out had not stopped, behaving as if there was some kind of great scourge chasing after him.

On the other hand, because of not hearing a response from the little guy, Gu Qiange became very anxious, as he repeatedly called out: “Tong Tong, Tong Tong?”

Shen Tong’s impression on Gu Qiange had already dropped to the rock bottom.

–The other actually had this kind of interest, and had no qualms with either gender. He’s definitely a pervert not just in name, but also in reality. His private life must certainly be very chaotic!

Thus, in the absence of a response, Gu Qiange eventually saw that the character information interface automatically pop up again at this time, abruptly displaying the words of “Desktop Pet’s favorable impression towards the owner -30, has now become -35”. In addition to a side note: Friendly reminder, once the Desktop Pet’s favorable impression towards the owner falls lower than negative 50, the Desktop Pet will automatically uninstall and select another owner.

It’s over, the little guy had already seen it. Gu Qiange could hear his heart drop with a thud to the very bottom. This time, the one who wanted to shed tears now, was not the little guy who was frightened to tears by the videos, but Gu Qiange.

The thick-skinned great top student didn’t feel ashamed, but only contemplated as to how to reverse Shen Tong’s impression on him, “Tong Tong, listen to me. Those aren’t my videos, those were sent by my childhood friend a few days ago. I hadn’t even had the time to watch them……”

Gu Qiange had truly told the truth. Unfortunately, even he, himself couldn’t believe his words at this moment in time. His tone couldn’t help but grow more and more anxious: “The truth isn’t really what you’re thinking of. You’re still young, so you may not really be aware, but in a human society, every man’s computer will have many videos like this. It really isn’t just me. On the contrary, a man without such video’s will be considered as abnormal……”

Feng Wenlong sent these to Gu Qiange because of this reason as well. As a good buddy since childhood, his family’s lil’ bro didn’t even own a pornographic video, which was really too unscientific. That’s the reason why, the self-professedly generous Feng Wenlong extended a friendly hand to the great top student, and picked all the best classics of the various kinds of inclination and taste to share.

But Shen Tong despised Gu Qiange even more because of his explanation. Who are you lying to!? The folder had been renamed as private. You must be the only person, whose such a spicy pervert!

But Gu Qiange had really been wronged, that folder had been renamed by Feng Wenlong. He had directly accepted it at that time without applying any changes. Shen Tong was still desperately running forward without any intention of stopping. Only when he felt that he had placed a very huge distance from that disgusting and terrifying folder, did he stop to gasp for breath.

So it was only logical for him to have gotten lost.

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