Ch 105: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 105: The hitman’s little koi 19 (part 2 of 2)

The positioning device in his hand finally achieved it’s purpose at this time, the location is the airport apron.

Private planes can be docked in all the major airports in the country by just paying the parking, take-off and landing fee, along with the presentation of the owner’s certificate, even without the owner’s presence. Pei Lie, who instantly realized that the other party might bring the little koi from San Francisco to the organization’s headquarters straight away, immediately rushed into the departure gate like a fierce cheetah. Rushing to the direction indicated by the positioning device.

The gate had stopped the boarding process at the scheduled time before take-off. The staff in charge of the ticket inspection had also left. Pei Lie, nonetheless directly crossed over the layers of isolation railings, dashing through the entire way. The footstep sounds echoed in the empty path, each sounded just like an impeding doom.

His pace continued to pick up speed. He, for the first time felt that the speed he was immensely proud had never been as slow as this moment.

Faster! More faster!

Stepping over the wet lawn, passing through the long airstrip and the planes quietly parked amid the rainy night. The second he closed in on the specified location, he finally caught sight of the little koi, who was struggling to stand with his back leaning against the airplane’s ramp in the distance. In the dark, it was impossible to ascertain whether the youth had sustained injuries. But swiftly saw the gun pointed at the youth.

He swiftly and noiselessly swept in like a falcon without a second thought, and instantly closed the distance to no less than a person away from the gunman. The ultra-thin blade in his hand frighteningly flashed, directly striking towards that man’s neck.

That man’s reaction wasn’t slow either. He quickly turned around due to the sudden and unusual movement of the wind, then swiftly fired towards Pei Lie.

The bullet only made a soft whistling sound under the function of the silencer. A bit of blood spattered out from Pei Lie’s shoulder. But almost at the same second, the blade in Pei Lie’s hand, also plunged into the opponent’s throat accurately!

With a deft flick of his wrist, he slit the opponent’s throat, causing the blood to splatter, and splash onto one side of Pei Lie’s cold face. Pei Lie immediately threw the body off, and hurried to the side of the little koi.

The little koi, whose eyes lit up the instant he saw Pei Lie, also ran towards his direction. The gunshot wound on the man’s shoulder made him feel distressed for unknown reasons. He unexpectedly had a mysterious feeling that his kiss could make the other side get better. So he lowered his head, and earnestly pressed his lips against the wound for a kiss.

Pei Lie inevitably felt nervous, for fear of exposing the healing ability of the little koi, that he immediately wanted to put a stop to his actions. But the fierce assault coming from the other killers came one after another. So, Pei Lie could only protect the youth by dropping down in haste, to avoid the series of incoming bullets.

No less than four dark shadows closed in on them one after another. Scaling down step by step in a triangular pattern, like an beast rounding up it’s prey. A cold night wind suddenly burst, blowing stronger and bigger, making it somewhat troublesome for people to open their eyes. The scene, subsequently fell into a storm-like battle ground as well. Pei Lie turned around and placed the little koi behind the relatively safe ramp. Then, rushed toward the shooter closest to him, and faced the oncoming bullets instead of retreating.

He had quite a lot of experience in being shot by a gun, so he was not the least bit afraid of the bullets. He inevitably got shot in the waist, but had successfully clutched on that man’s neck as well, and had twisted the opponent’s neck with an unimaginably frightful strength, which was strong enough to break it.

In the next instant, he took hold of the other person’s arm, and quickly took over the gun in his hand. Then used the body of this corpse as a shield, as he aimed to the three remaining people.

One shot, two shots, three shots. Swift and ruthless. — Consistent to the style of an outstanding hitman who stood at the top of the organization’s strength evaluation list for seven years.

The chaotic gunfire was mixed with short-lived screams and the sound of the knife cutting through flesh, in conjunction with the howling wind and rain, was just like a symphony of death. Pei Lie was shot again in the left arm, but had been able to bring down all the people with the quickest speed. But just as when the battle was clearly over, a gloomy and cold voice was carried by the wind:

“.…..long time no see.”

A man wearing a dark colored windbreaker, who had unknowingly appeared at the plane’s hatch, condescendingly looked down on Pei Lie, as he slowly walked down the ramp. Pei Lie, who didn’t expect that there would still be another person on this plane, immediately looked up, and realized that the other party was actually Arthur.

Pei Lie naturally remembered this hypocritical British man, who ‘took away’ his little koi twice very clearly, had also wondered why the other side was always so timely at one point, and whether he had any other purpose. But even if every movement of the Arthur before had a kind of hypocritical gentleman attitude that Pei Lie disliked, but the other aspects can still be regarded as normal. But at this moment, he was like a poisonous snake flicking it’s tongue out, making people feel cold to the core.

As a hitman, Pei Lie has an outstanding memory, and his awareness to other people has always been very accurate. He can even clearly remember the clothes of the stranger he had brushed past with a couple of days ago, the habitual gestures of the servers in the restaurants they ordered from, and the subtle actions of the hotel’s front desk who helped them check-in……

So that’s the reason why, Pei Lie could tell that there was something off with the other side with great certainty at this moment.

Even though there was no changes in Arthur’s face. But it was as if he had become a different person, that even his temperament was completely different. That strong sense of contradiction made his entire being produce a strange feeling. Arthur smiled towards the little koi once more, and spoke in a gentle tone of voice: “Tong Tong, have you forgotten me again?”

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