Ch 105: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 105: The hitman’s little koi 19 (part 1 of 2)

In Pei Lie’s ears, all the sounds around him seemed to instantly fade away. Only the sound from the earpiece strikes his heart like a heavy hammer, causing him much pain that left him breathless, as he subconsciously shouted: “Tong Tong!”

No response came from the opposite line. But Pei Lie felt his entire body grow colder and colder. They had clearly entered the pre-departure area, and their flight was bound to depart in less than half an hour. The boarding announcement was even being broadcasted in the departure gate. They were originally just a step away from being able to leave smoothly. But in an unfortunate turn of events, he lost a thousand miles in an instant.

Pei Lie’s chest felt like it was being crushed by a huge invisible hand. The chill continuously flowing down from his back even made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave. While trying to find the location of the little koi with the positioning device he carried, he shouted to the enemy in the opposite line: “Don’t touch him! I’m the one you want to deal with, come to me if you want something, don’t move him!!”

There was still no response from the opposite line. Only a muffled sound like a person falling to the ground could be faintly heard on the earpiece, stimulating Pei Lie’s nerves. Immediately after, not knowing what those people had done to the little koi, Pei Lie suddenly heard the slightly indistinct and helpless voice of the little koi say after a short while.

“Pei Lie, Pei Lie……”

He is calling his name.

Pei Lie loves listening to the little koi say his name the most in usual times, with such a saccharine and coquettish like sound at the end of the syllable, which stirs his infinite love. Yet at this very moment, when this call reached his ears, it instantly gave him a torrent of pain, with bleeding wounds just like being shot by a gun.

As one of the most senior members of the organization, no one knows the organization’s way of handling things better than Pei Lie. Ruthlessly merciless, doing the most unexpected, and leaves zero margin of error. The infallibly indomitable Pei Lie felt such a breadth of fear for the first time, then said: “Tong Tong, Tong Tong, don’t be afraid……”

He tried to comfort his little koi, but didn’t realize that he was more frightened than the little koi. Those envisage scenarios of the injured and bleeding youth caused a slight tremor in his voice. The cracks in his heart incessantly expanded, spreading throughout his body.

“I want to meet the general,” Pei Lie’s tone of voice was both impatient and hoarse, “Don’t hurt him. So long as his fine, I’ll agree to anything you say, I–”

But the call disconnected at this time.

Pei Lie took a deep breath as he tried to calm down. But due to a signal interference, the positioning device had been unable to determine the exact position of the little koi the entire time.

Not far ahead, the passengers on the flight they were scheduled to take had almost finished boarding. Only he was left alone, tightly clenching the mobile phone and the positioning device. Being swallowed by worry and fear from inside out. He continued to locate him, while striving hard to straighten his thoughts. He determined that the other party couldn’t have taken the little koi too far away in such a short period of time, and had surely haven’t left the airport yet.

Those killers really hadn’t left the airport yet.

Because of time constraints, so not a lot of their people had managed to come over. They also didn’t plan to confront Pei Lie in such a crowded place like the airport. Their goal from the start to end had been very clear, which was to kidnap the little koi who looks delicate and easy to deal with. Then place pressure on Pei Lie through the little koi.

Even if there weren’t much people on their side, but each one of them had ruthless characters, who had grasped the weakness of Pei Lie, whose proficient in attack and pursuit but not in protection and anti-tracking. They keenly grasped all the possible gaps for the chance to get inside, and stealthily injected a sedative drug at the nape of the youth who went into the bathroom alone.

The sedative’s effect was especially quick acting. The little koi lost consciousness the second he was injected, and weakly fell down. Then under the perfect cover and cooperation of another person, was taken away as swift as a sudden clap of thunder.

What they never expected to occur was, the drug’s effect that could make a person unconscious for no less than 5 hours only lasted for a minute on the little koi.

Just as the call to threaten Pei Lie was connected, the little koi, who had managed to open his eyes in daze, couldn’t help but suddenly start to struggle. The killer, who was carrying him up the plane’s ramp was instantly startled, but quickly regained his calm, and was about to restrain the youth once more. But had been unexpectedly shoved away by the youth. The other, who was making the call next to him was also knocked into the air, with the extraordinary force.

This was in fact, less than one-fifth of the actual strength of the little koi. His spiritual energy was a bit dysfunctional due to the sedative left in his body, so only a small portion could be utilized. His head felt somewhat muddled as well, together with a hazy vision. But he instinctively knew that he must leave this place, so he turned and walked away.

But had failed to notice that he was still on the plane’s ramp. He thereupon stepped on an empty space, and fell to the ground from several sections of high steps.

With such an unpredictable fall, psychological tears started to gather at the rim of his eyes, in addition to the feeling of being very wronged. He then subconsciously searched for Pei Lie’s figure as he faintly cried out: “Pei Lie, Pei Lie……”

This was exactly the situation that happened during the call that had caused Pei Lie’s heart to incessantly ache. This intermittently reached Pei Lie’s ears through the mobile phone that fell on the floor, and had almost crushed his nerve.

The little koi finally failed to control the tears in his eyes, causing it to unexpectedly fall. Rain fell over the entire airport afterwards, pelting the glass walls. Pei Lie gritted his teeth till it almost bled. He looked at the huge airport through the rain-stained glass wall. It looks more vast and boundless under the deep night, and was so dark as if there was an existence of a man-eating monster.

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