Ch 104: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 104: The hitman’s little koi 18 (part 1 of 3)

Because the kitchen tap was on, the gurgling flow of water interfered with Pei Lie’s hearing. So, he reacted a single step late. When he had rushed over the scene, the unilateral fight had already reached the end.

So, by the time the great hitman entered the living room, the little koi, who had just finished beating the other, could be seen gracefully patting away the nonexistent dust from his cuff. Looked down condescendingly on F, with a very irresistible haughty look: “You’re this weak, yet you still want to point finger and judge me? –Wait until you can fight back, then we can talk again.”

As it just happens, the system had completely given up on the task of letting Chen Tong maintain aloofness, and was already formulating a proper penalty content for a task failure. But at this moment, the little koi had unexpectedly implemented an actual aloof temperament. Not only did this take F aback, but this also gave a different feeling of dazzling touch when falling in Pei Lie’s eyes. So much so that it even caused him to have an uncontrollable reaction below. His undulating chest was full of both rapid and repressed breath.

At the end of the day, he was the one who moved his fist first, and the other side’s face was also swollen from the beatings. Seeing Pei Lie silently stand there, made the little koi vaguely feel a bit of guilty conscience. F, on the other hand, got up while rubbing his cheekbones that were turning green from the beatings and said: “Pei, where on earth did this kid of yours actually come from? He’s too terrible, alright. He’ll resort to violence with just a brief word of disagreement. He’s simply too violent in addition to being a militant. But this force value of his really makes me……”

The word ‘admire’ had not been said as it was cut off by the somewhat anxious little koi, “That’s not true at all!” he couldn’t help but run to Pei Lie and say, “He was the first……”

However, he stopped and didn’t finish saying his words.

Because Pei Lie actually took a step back the moment the little koi approached him, and avoided his touch.

This undisputedly indicates rejection and disgust when falling into the eyes of the little koi, who immediately looked on blankly. Feeling that the other side had actually believed that disagreeable F and also felt disinclined to listen to his explanation. An unspeakable feeling welled in his heart. Mixed together with disappointment, sadness and other strange feelings. Which actually caused the spiritual energy inside his body to be somewhat chaotic.

In reality, Pei Lie didn’t even have any idea of what F had said.

All his attention was focused on calming down the continuous surge of lust on the lower part of his body. He had inexplicably been aroused just because of the little haughty expression of the youth. This really made the great hitman, who flaunts of having excellent self-restraint feel a bit embarrassed. But since he was worried of scaring or disgusting the little koi away, so, he immediately tried to suppress it.

But this kind of emotional feeling can’t be controlled by will at all. Pei Lie had just managed to strenuously push it back a bit. But it had immediately surged up again because of the little koi’s approach. This was the reason why he subconsciously moved back. But the little koi, who had already been upset turned around and ran out the main door.

Pei Lie didn’t manage to react until he had ran out the entrance. His heart immediately fell with a thud. Thinking that the youth had truly been scared away by him, as he hurriedly chased after him with a nervous look on his face.

Even if the running stance of the little koi was similar to a child, and seemed to be slightly stumbling along, but the speed was definitely not slow. In a blink of an eye, he had already left the hotel and reached the street. A real child, who was was on the other side of the street, was looking up at the air-borne balloon being constantly blown forward by the wind. Waving the pair of tiny hands as he tried to catch it.

The child appears to be only about two years old. The running movements was even more unstable than the little koi. But the pair of short legs soon followed the balloon into the path of motor vehicles. But the mother of the child, who was still chatting with another person, didn’t notice her child’s situation at all.

This time is the peak of the morning rush hour. A lot of people were driving to the city center for work. In the next moment, a car hurtled pass just half a meter away from the child’s body. The situation was already somewhat hair-rising, but the child still ran after the balloon with his short legs, without a bit of awareness. The little koi didn’t waste any time, as he dragged his faintly painful feet and rushed over with the quickest speed, then pulled the child into his arms afterwards.

The timing of the little koi in rushing over can be considered to be truly impeccable.

As soon as he grab a hold of the child, a Ford quickly rushed pass at the same time. The child as a result remained unharmed, but the Ford had ultimately grazed the leg of the little koi. Who later stumble down on the ground. The child, who had been standing unsteadily fell down on his buttocks as well, and cried in a loud voice.

The mother of the child immediately panicked after she heard the child’s cry, and hurriedly turn to look. Then hastily ran over towards her child at once.

But another person was faster than her.

Just as Pei Lie had chased after the little koi out of the hotel, he immediately spotted him rushing in the traffic lane. His breath immediately stagnated, he was so scared that his heart missed out a few beats. Limited by the distance, even if he already utilized his quickest speed, he had still been a step late. The moment he saw the little koi being brought down by that car, instantly made his mind blank out. Feeling as if the whole world had come to a stand still. He regained his senses after two seconds, after which he quickly strode over and went in front the little koi.

As a matter of fact, nothing really alarming happened to the little koi. However, his pair of legs which were transformed from a fishtail were several times more tender than that of an ordinary person. That even a slight graze can leave a heavy mark. Pei Lie gently rolled up his pants despite his resistance, and saw a long red mark on his left leg that had been grazed, which looked very dreadful. A huge bruise on the right knee also appeared after his fall.

The child’s mother is a young Caucasian woman. Feeling very fortunate in addition to a lingering fear as she embraced her child while repeatedly expressing her gratitude to the little koi, as well as anxiously inquiring if he wanted to go to the hospital. In spite of that, Pei Lie calmly carried the little koi without uttering a single word, then turned around and left.

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