Ch 102: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 102: The hitman’s little koi 16 (part 1 of 2)

The hotel had a very large swimming pool on the first floor. Pei Lie and the little koi who lives on the first floor, had a door that was almost directly facing the swimming pool. Fishes were naturally fond of water. So, the eyes of the little koi lit up as soon as he saw the swimming pool. He went over just as they had checked-in, and couldn’t resist in removing his shoes and directly plunging into the swimming pool.

A splash immediately sounded, as the water rose and splashed back to the water’s surface.

Pei Lie who was placing things in order hurriedly turned around, but couldn’t even see a shadow of the little koi. The little guy swiftly sank down to the bottom of the pool with enthusiasm. He breathed out a string of tiny bubbles underwater before slowly bringing his head to the surface once more.

Even when perfectly aware that the youth was a demon spirit of a koi, Pei Lie still felt anxious before he resurfaced his head, and truly felt a momentary sense of unease. Because it was already dark, Pei Lie could only see the surface of the water and not underneath. He didn’t know the depth of the pool. In case the pool was too shallow, the possibility of the little koi hitting his head when he suddenly dove in like that, couldn’t help but make him slightly frown while saying: “Why are you being so reckless? What if you accidentally fell down or slipped?”

The little koi felt more comfortable staying in the water that being on dry land, and truly convinced that he would never encounter any unexpected incident. So, he felt very puzzled over Pei Lie’s senseless fussing. But he then subconsciously thought of the baby, and mistakenly believed that Pei Lie’s nervousness must be due to worrying about the baby.

Although it is very incomprehensible for a man to conceive a baby. But that little life is his own flesh and blood after all, and reproduction is a human nature. The little koi felt both tangled and uneasy, as well as a slight expectation towards this baby. After thinking that the baby in his stomach might have an accident because of his reckless jump, the little koi also became inexplicably nervous, and hurriedly wrapped his arms around his little belly, cradling it very carefully.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” The little koi didn’t even stay to play in the water. But hurriedly got out, then looked up to ask Pei Lie with a hint of unease: “The little baby will be fine right?”

Pei Lie was immediately taken aback for a moment, feeling both pained and fondness that he didn’t know what to do.

The pair of black and white eyes of the youth which held a hint of unease, were far more beautiful than the shimmering water ripples and the multitude of stars. A part of his wet hair were draping over his shoulder while the other half were strewn on the pool’s surface. A drop of water that was teetering on his eyelashes, eventually plopped down from his long lashes after a gentle blink of his eyes.

Pei Lie heart also fell down. Falling into the snares of love called Chen Tong which he couldn’t break free from. His youth was truly so beautiful, so beautiful that it made Pei Lie filled with guilt. The youth’s worry towards the baby also reflects his feelings for Pei Lie. Pei Lie became more and more frightened to admit that he had deceived the little koi, and only gave the response of: “En, the baby is alright. Tong Tong doesn’t need to worry, ah.”

The little koi climbed up on land. He still held onto his small flat belly, while walking very carefully. His dainty appearance made Pei Lie very tenderhearted. Water were constantly dripping from his feet. For fear that he would slip, Pei Lie strode over and carried him, all the way to the bathroom. Then ran the water on his back and washed his hair, just like a servant serving his master.

The little koi mistakenly believed that Pei Lie was doing all of this things for the baby, so he was able to relish the service of the other quite calmly. Pei Lie who saw through his thoughts, couldn’t help but slightly smile. Inwardly questioning how on earth could a baby come from? The only baby he would have in his life was this one right in front of him.

The great hitman who had long been very used to enjoying his life all alone, had never thought of wanting to get married and have kids. But finally had the thought of getting married after encountering the little koi. But he was still very resistant to the idea of having kids. He can’t raise kids, his character was also not suitable for teaching children. Even if the little koi could really give birth, Pei Lie might still not want to have one.

The body of the little koi had already been washed, only his hair was left. The man’s slender fingers gently massaged his scalp, with gentle and careful movements, making the little koi feel so comfortable that his entire body loosened up. Especially when the other stroked his hair from the root to end. That feeling of being held like a treasure on the cup of the hand by this man even gave a slight tingling sensation in his heart.

As a matter of fact, the motion of stroking the hair is the standard action for smoothening of fur. But in view of the little koi being a fish, it might be more suitable to call it as smoothening of scales.

Pei Lie wrapped the freshly washed little koi in a bath towel and carried him out the bathroom, then blow-dried his wet hair a little bit. The little koi didn’t even want to move a single finger amid the blowing warm air. Pei Lie put down the hair dryer, then turned around and took out a clean cotton shirt. “Would the little master Tong allow me to serve him to wear clothes?”

The little koi hummed twice in agreement. He truly behaved just like a high-maintenance young master, as he motionlessly stayed in place and let the other side dress him up.

They didn’t have the time to eat dinner until now, and feeding the little koi to satisfaction is the number one priority of Pei Lie. So, the next step would naturally be to go out for a meal. Hence, the properly clothed lazy noble Tong quite consciously reached both hands out in order to be carried. Pei Lie immediately picked him up and securely placed him in his arms.

The lazy noble Tong whose feet did not touch the ground, indulgently raised his dainty face to give him a kiss, which serves as a reward.

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