Ch 101: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 101: The hitman’s little koi 15 (part 1 of 3)

The little koi hesitated for a brief moment but still went with the two young men. But subconsciously looked back once again the moment he was about to leave.

The scenery was still that same scenery, the tourists were still those tourist. But a deep sense of loss and anxiety rushed forth from the bottom of his heart.

What is he waiting for? The little koi knitted his brows, but couldn’t think of the reason. But he eventually moved his gaze away under the urging of the young man beside him.

Pei Lie who brought back a fruit juice immediately had a changed of complexion when he had yet to reach the vicinity of the plunge basin.

Pei Lie heart tightened the instant he couldn’t locate the figure of the youth in the area where he had left him a moment ago. He immediately scanned the entire area, but still gained nothing.

The great hitman was already aware about the condition of the little koi who is often subjected to a loss of memory, and couldn’t help but think of the possibility that the youth might have lost his memory once more. He immediately grew more anxious, and regretted why he hadn’t stayed by the youth’s side at all times.

His little koi was very well-behaved, and would never have left by his own volition. He had most likely been taken away by some other person. People without memories will not only feel uneasy and frightened, but will also be very easy to coerce or deceive in their ignorant and confused state. Pei Lie couldn’t help but clench his fist, as he strove to suppress the dull aching pain coming from his heart.

——If something happened to the youth, he would probably never be able to forgive himself.

Not knowing, that the two young men who took the little koi away was also feeling disgruntled at this very moment.

The little koi at the beginning had still been cooperative, but had no longer been willing to take another step after reaching the intersection. He blinked his pair of big eyes, and stated that his feet was painful with an innocent expression.

“.…..I don’t want to move. My feet hurts too much::>_<::…..”

However, when he blurted out that his feet became painful along the way, anyone would think that this was a lie or excuse. The slightly chubby blond-haired of the two young men frowned, then persuaded him with just a string of patience: “Put up with it a bit more. It’s just in the next intersection.”

The feet of the little koi truly felt somewhat painful. Taking a glance at the location of the next intersection, he still felt that it was quite far away. Not only was the path below unmanned, but it was relatively steep as well. Hence, he stood still in place and refused to move no matter what, and continued to repeat his words like a broken record: “……feet hurts, feet hurts……”

The slightly chubby young man could only follow his words, and continue to persuade: “Hold on a little longer, we’ll be there soon.”

Nevertheless, the little koi still refused to walk, then began to indicate his thirstiness: “I want to drink fruit juice……”

He gritted his teeth and persuaded once more: “You can have a drink after reaching there.”

But the little koi unhappily pursed his lips: “I’m thirsty, I want to drink now……”

He strenuously pressed down his anger once more and persuaded him one more time: “When we get there, you can drink whatever juice you want, okay?”

However, the little koi stubbornly refused to give in, similar to a child asking for sweets, “No way, no way. I want to drink now……”

The slightly chubby young man could no longer hold back his anger, that smoke could almost be seen coming from the top of his head. At this time, the scene of being carried by someone in a smooth and steady manner inexplicably flashed through the mind of the little koi, that he subconsciously made another gesture of wanting to be carried.

The lanky young man who finally realized that something was off, whispered to the slightly chubby one: “Do you think he is a fool?”

The slightly chubby young man suddenly suspected this possibility as well.

Because the eyes of the little koi were too clear and innocent, like a child who is unfamiliar with the world. In addition to the very childish temper, he really seems to be very different from the normal people. He has such a beautiful appearance, but has a mental illness. The slightly chubby young man couldn’t help but shake his head in pity. However, a fool was easier to handle, even the effort to swindle can be set aside. His patience had completely run dry, so he directly threatened: “Hurry up and stop dillydallying! Are you going to walk or not!?”

The little koi was taken aback by this intimidating shout, that his little body flinched a bit. He then fiercely puffed his cheek in anger: “You are too fierce, I don’t want to follow you to find someone!”

As expected, the little koi wasn’t someone that you can abduct as you please, and can be cheated if you want to cheat. In this entire world, only the great hitman could handle him. The two young men strenuously worked for such a long time, and was really nothing more but a stand-in nanny in behalf of Pei Lie for a while.

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