Ch 100: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 100: The hitman’s little koi 14 (part 2 of 2)

Waking up in the morning, he instinctively felt around him without bothering to open his eyes, seeking for his warmth, but had unfortunately touched an empty space. The little koi couldn’t help sitting up, after looking around the room and not seeing Pei Lie’s figure, his chest felt an inexplicable panic. Recalling the ambush and explosion that were previously experienced once more, made him hastily jump off the bed to try and look for him.

Luckily, he ran into Pei Lie who just came back from buying breakfast the moment he opened the door. The bare feet of the youth made Pei Lie frown. He immediately picked him up with a single hand, then carried him back all the way to the bed, “You’re not allowed to run all over the place without wearing shoes.”

As a fish, the little koi dislikes walking, not to mention wearing shoes. So he slightly pouted his lip, “I couldn’t find you anywhere……”

“Why are you so adorable. Thinking about looking for me the moment you woke up.” Pei Lie blew on the youth’s dainty nose, and deliberately teased him with a smile, “But rest assured. No other big bad wolf would come carry* you, this little koi away.”

*this carry is like when a wolf carry their pups around.

The little koi allowed the man to half-kneel on the ground to help him put on his shoes and socks, then blinked, “Other?”

“En,” A hidden darkness flashed at the bottom of the man’s eyes, “There will only be me alone.”

The big bad wolf checked out from the room, and carried his little koi out to continue travelling. Pei Lie was obviously on a run, but he treated this similar to an ordinary outing. He even stopped over and took the little koi out to have fun when passing through a scenic spot. The little koi was naturally very interested in having fun, and felt very excited upon hearing that a very huge, breathtaking and spectacular waterfall could be seen at the canyon ahead. But had overlooked the part where his feet did not have the strength to hike up a mountain.

Nevertheless, Pei Lie did not have the intention to let him walk on foot in the first place. So, he directly bent down and made him climb on his back.

His weight in his fish form can be considered negligible. But since the little koi was currently in his human form, he couldn’t help but have a bit of hesitation, “This type of path is not easy to pass, can you manage it?”

The great hitman raised his brow, “Are you questioning your man’s physical strength?” Then, he lowered his voice and meaningfully asked: “Then would you like to personally try it out tonight to find the answer?”

The little koi who had been teased leaned on the broad and sturdy back of Pei Lie with slightly flushed ears, and was steadily carried up by the other party.

The light autumn breeze comfortably blew on their faces, the temperature was just appropriate, and the intensity of sun’s rays were also just right. The little koi only needed to leisurely lean on the man’s back, and enjoy the beautiful scenery around him without expanding the slightest trace of effort, while thinking that he was simply feeling too comfortable. When the little koi could already clearly hear the loud rumbling sounds of the huge waterfall in his ears, he moved his head beside Pei Lie’s neck then gently rubbed against it, “Are you feeling tired?”

In fact, it’s not just limited to his fish form, the human form of the little koi was also not heavy. Moreover, Pei Lie’s physical strength was truly excellent. He had a very relaxed gait, the breath always maintained it’s smoothness, there wasn’t even a single drop of sweat. In the weight bearing exercises the great hitman had done in the past, the things he bore on his back had twice the weight of the youth. So, he didn’t take him seriously at all. But deliberately coaxed him by saying: “Tired, ah. ……but a kiss can dispel the weariness.”

The little koi immediately leaned over the side of Pei Lie’s face and kissed his lips two times with a chu*. The breath he exhaled had also intertwined together with Pei Lie’s breath. The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous as if there were pink bubbles floating in the air.

*kiss sfx: I didn’t like the sfx of [pa ji]

The bubbles also appeared in the heart of the great hitman, and the originally steady breath turned chaotic for a few beats. Walking ahead in a corner, in a distance, was a Caucasian man who was directly facing his own son of about 4 or 5 years of age he piggybacked. The posture was almost the same with Pei Lie who was piggybacking the little koi.

The little koi had actually seen more than this single pair of father and son, that he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as he lowered his head, “I will surely be laughed at, even the old people are climbing the mountain on their own. Only the little ones are being piggybacked.”

But Pei Lie remained very calm and collected, “You are my little one.”

The waterfall was truly very beautiful.

The rushing waters fell from the crevice of the Grand Canyon, just like a legendary dragon heading to the sea, and was a mighty and magnificent sight to behold. This consequently caused the air to be very humid as well, with rising mists at the bottom of the falls. The little koi excitedly took off his shoes, and sat at the edge of the shallow end of the plunge pool located beside the waterfall, which had accumulated the waters splashed around the clock by the rushing waterfall, to soak his feet and splash around, wishing he could change to his original form and swim around.

Seeing him looking very comfortable, Pei Lie rubbed his head and said: “Wait for me here. I’ll return quickly after buying a drink.”

The little koi replied in a very well-behaved manner: “Okay.”

This scenic area has a store in the distance. Pei Lie who thought about the blueberry juice that the little koi likes to drink hastened his steps. But had never expected that the other side’s memory would actually be completely wiped off at this moment once again.

All the things that had happened before were instantly forgotten by him. The moment he looked up again, his memory had become blank once more. He got up and looked around, but only saw the spectacular waterfalls roaring in the canyon in addition to the foreign tourists nearby. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, it looks as if he was the only person who was out of place.

But he could vaguely remembers that there should have been someone accompanying him.

The little koi couldn’t help but start moving around, to try looking for that person, even if he didn’t know who he was actually looking for. Until he finally bumped against a young man as he was walking with an unsteady steps.

The instant of seeing the appearance of the youth when turning around, the young man who initially wanted to get angry instantly had a stunned look in his eyes, then greedily licked his lip with malicious intentions. He assumed a kind appearance and asked: “Are you looking for someone?”

“En.” The little koi subconsciously nodded.

The other companion of the young man who was beside him, had a stronger sense of shock and greed in his eyes while gazing at him. He immediately said with a smile: “I know where to find the person you are looking for, I can take you there.”

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