c4: Pretty girl with a wild personality

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Chapter 4: Pretty girl with a wild personality 

After playing a few rounds, Gu Siyi bade them farewell and returned to her dorm. 

She had arrived early in the morning, so when she had been making the bed and organizing her things, her dormmates still hadn’t arrived. By the time she returned to the dorm room,


two other girls were already there. 

Gu Siyi took the initiative and introduced herself to them: “My name is Gu Siyi, Freshman Year, Class 6.” 2

“My name is Xu Lin, I advanced from junior high. I used to be in Class 8.” the girl with shoulder-length hair smiled brightly. “All of us in this dorm room are from Class 6. ”

Another short haired girl was organizing her books as she said: “My name is Lan Xiaoqiu, I used to be in Class 1.” her voice was as bland as her appearance. 

Everyone had introduced themselves.  “I came from City B, I’m still not as familiar with the school. I will need to rely on you more experienced ladies to take care of me. ” Gu Siyi smiled. 

Seeing that Xu Lin was preparing to make the bed, she stepped forward to help her. 

The two chatted as they worked together, and finished in a matter of time. 

Gu Siyi also went to help Lan Xiaoqiu who did not reject, responding simply with a “Thanks”. She sounded polite yet acted distant. 

When it was time for dinner, the last classmate from their dormitory still hadn’t arrived. 

Xu Lin spoke up : “Let’s go eat first, maybe she will be arriving tomorrow. ”

Thus, the three of them headed towards the cafeteria together. 

Xu Lin enthusiastically briefed Gu Siyu on the school’s famous people and events as they went on their way.

She put on a mysterious expression as she asked suspensefully: “Do you know what the treasure that represents our school is? ”

Gu Siyi pondered and asked  “be yourself? [in English]

This was Long Xing Middle School’s motto. It was inscripted on the stone plaque which was next to the school’s front gates. 

Her resistance to the school was greatly reduced because of this school motto, giving her a great impression of the school. 

 “….” Black lines coming down on Xu Lin’s face.


Xu Lin decided to just get straight to the point: “The school’s representative is Xia Zhijun! Did you see the honor list? He’s placed first. He’s an unbelievable academic prodigy, who places first place every year, and it’s not just in the whole school, it’s the whole city! Not only is he smart but he is also tall and handsome. He always has the highest votes during the school’s “Campus Hunk” competition. ”

“Oh….” Gu Siyi nodded slowly. 

“Let me tell you some good news! ” Xu Lin said cheerfully, “Xia Zhijun is in the same class as us, Class 6 of Freshman year! You don’t know how envious my former classmates are of me. Now, I can just turn my head around to see Xia Zhijun’s beautiful face everyday. ”

Gu Siyi laughed from the bottom of her heart. This was different from the atmosphere she had imagined where everyone was unaware of what was happening in their surroundings and focused only on studying. Turns out that the students at Zhong Dian Middle School also gossip and fangirl over people. How nice. 

Lan Xiaoqiu walked by their side, not joining the conversation as the two girls chatted.

She went to the restroom once they entered the cafeteria. Xu Lin lowered her voice and said to Gu Siyi: “In Junior High, students were distributed according to their grades. She used to be in class 1, Xia Zhijun’s classmate and she’s one of the top 10 students in the grade. She’s quite arrogant and does not care about others. ”

Gu Siyi smiled and responded :“She’s probably  a bit of an introvert and doesn’t like to talk much. ”  

They waited for Lan Xiaoqiu to come out from the bathroom before the trio went to get the food trays. 

The school’s cafeteria wasn’t that big. It was separated by three floors, with each floor had a different speciality. Gu Siyi went around the first floor. Although there was a lot of variety and whatnot, why is it that there isn’t even one dish that is spicy? The more she looked at the tasteless soup, the more disinterested she felt. 

She wanted to go check out the second floor, but Lan Xiaoqiu and Xu Lin had already ordered their side-dishes and were on their way to get the rice and soup. Gu Siyi randomly ordered a few dishes and followed suit. 

As she was getting her food, a girl suddenly bumped into her, causing the food in her tray to spill out. 


Although she retreated quickly, the red tomato and egg soup in the small bowl still splashed onto her, staining her white, hooded short-sleeved shirt..

This was the result of a quarrel between two girls which wound up with one of them being pushed and colliding with her.

The girl swept Gu Siyi with a sullen glance, her expression apathetic as she retrieved her gaze, intending to leave without saying anything. 

“Don’t you apologize when you bump into someone? ” Gu Siyi asked. 

The two girls who were about to walk away stopped in their tracks, turning back to scrutinize her carefully. One of them had shoulder-length hair, and was wearing a white dress and heels. Her appearance was that of a gentle goddess, but once she opened her mouth, her attitude was extremely arrogant and overbearing: “Who told you to not have eyes and stand here to block our way? And now you’re even pushing your nose up against my face 4 and demanding an apology? Who gave you the right?” 

Xu Lin tugged at the corners of Gu Siyi’s sleeves, motioning for her to forget it and even apologized for her : “Upperclassman, we’re sorry. We didn’t pay attention.” 

“???” Gu Siyi looked at Xu Lin in disbelief. 

“Let’s go.” Xu Lin pulled her away, using her eyes to communicate that the less trouble there was, the better. 

She waited until they were seated, far away from those girls before quietly telling Gu Siyi: “That was Xu Na from Sophomore year Class 2. She is the famous ‘Na-jie5 . She has a conceited and overbearing character. Her family background is quite deep. She has connections with most of the well-known authorities in the school so you can’t offend her.”

“What? Can she eat me?” 6Gu Siyi poked at the rice in her bowl with her chopsticks. She felt angry and had lost her appetite.

Xu Lin said placatingly, “Forget it, don’t think about it too much. We just got into high school, let’s behave ourselves, follow the rules and keep our heads down.7

“If you were to care about every little thing, then where will you have the energy to study?” Lan Xiaoqiu, who hadn’t spoken much, suddenly chimed in.  

Gu Siyi tried to accept the advice given by her two roommate’s to avoid trouble. 8 Afterall, it was a new school and a different place. It wouldn’t be good to get into trouble with the upperclassmen as soon as she joined the school. Forget it, what happens will happen. 9 

The trio finished their food and went out to buy some milk tea. On the way back to the dormitory, Xu Linproposed with the idea of diverting Gu Siyi’s thoughts: “I heard that we can see a gorgeous sunset from the rooftop of our dormitory, and also have a view of our campus. How about going up there and having a look?”

“Sure.” Gu Siyi replied.

Standing up high, gazing into the distance, her mood would be much better.

Lan Xiaoqiu said: “I’m busy, I need to study.”

Thus, after going back to the dorm room to change, only Gu Siyi and Xu Lin went up to the rooftop.  

The rooftop of the girls’ dormitory was currently very lively.

Xu Na was holding a delicate sheet of letter paper as she read aloud in a strange tone: “Hello, Xia Zhijun. You probably don’t know me. I am Jiang Xiao from Class 5, Grade 3 of Junior High. Ever since we passed by each other on the field, I have been unable to forget about you…..”

A small girl tried to take back the letter. Her face was flushed and she was on the verge of tears, “This is mine. Give it back to me!” She was Jiang Xiao from Class 5, Grade 3 of Junior High. The person who wrote the letter.

Xu Na’s friend held her back as Xu Na continued reading, “You are the school’s hunk and I don’t dare to confess my feelings to you. I could only like you secretly, in my heart. Every time you pass by our class, my heart beats so fast that it feels like it’s going to explode….”

“Fxk! I can’t continue to read this!” Xu Na threw the letter away and stepped forward before kicking the girl’s stomach. “Ugly people sure do a lot of weird things10, how dare you write a love letter to Xia Zhijun?! Why not just look at your reflection in your pee? 11” 

The girl fell onto the ground. She responded with tears streaming down her face : “I didn’t…. I didn’t give it to him…I only wrote it for myself to look at…”

She had tucked the letter away in a book and one day, it had suddenly gone missing. She didn’t know who had taken it away…. And then, she was dragged up to the rooftop by a few female upperclassmen…

“Oh~ so you are so reasonable, huh? Stand up!” Xu Na scolded.

The girl trembled as she rose to her feet. Xu Na slapped her, “Hey, don’t you think you’re disgusting? Is Xia Zhijun someone that a bitch like you is allowed to like?”

“There’re so many people who like him…. Why is it wrong for me to like him….” she trembled with fear, but still argued petulantly. 

“You still talk back!”

Gu Siyi and Xu Lin had yet to reach the top when they heard the sounds coming from the rooftop as they climbed up the last flight of stairs. 

Xu Lin ran up the remaining stairs and crouched down, cautiously peeking outside through the slit beneath the door. 

She clutched onto Gu Siyi who continued to move forward and whispered softly:“Let’s hurry up and leave, Xu Na is teaching someone a lesson again. ”

“What?” Gu Siyi probingly stuck out her head, taking a peek. 

A few girls were bullying a girl who was kneeling on the floor. They pulled her hair  and slapped her repeatedly. 

Gu Siyi’s blood pressure surged up as she pushed Xu Lin away and said, “Go down first.”

Gu Siyi clutched onto her milk tea and walked up to the balcony before throwing the milk tea directly at Xu Na’s face. 

Xu Na was unable to dodge. There was a muffled sound, and everyone in the vicinity was splashed with milk tea.

“Who-?…. Motherf*cker it’s you again! Do you want to die? ”Xu Na used her hand and wiped her face, scowling at her. 

A girl approached Gu Siyi and tried to grab her, but Gu Siyi obstructed her movements and apprehended her hands behind her back before proceeding to kick her knee, causing her to stumble onto the ground. Gu Siyi was quite agile.

Her opponents were five girls. Gu Siyi picked up a brick from the corner and weighed it. With an apathetic expression as she spoke coldly: “Try me, and let’s see who exactly has a death wish.”

She had just knocked down a girl effortlessly. Now she was holding a brick in her hand. For a moment, those people did not dare to act rashly. 

Gu Siyi went forward, and helped the girl who was being bullied to her feet. 

The girl looked at her, her expression a mix of gratitude and guilt as she shivered, unable to utter a word.

Gu Siyi’s eyes scanned the girls as she scolded without a trace of fear, “You all look like five or six people, wearing brand name items, attending a famous school, but in the end, you guys merely look glamorous on the outside while your insides are rotten! Your parents spent so much money to send you here to study. All the books you read are wasted on your pig brains. 

“FYMSC….…  12 …..” Xu Na’s expression was ghastly.She looked at her cronies and said, “What are you guys doing just standing there? Go attack her! Is a brick going to kill you all? Kill her!”

One of them tugged at Xu Na’s clothes, and whispered in her ears: “Xia Zhijun is looking at us from the other side… ”

Xu Na glanced up. Although the distance was a bit far, she could still see the boy’s appearance. 

The sun was setting, the sky burning with clouds. He was standing on the rooftop of the men’s dormitory next door, his expression/the expression on his face was indistinguishable/unclear.

Xu Na’s heart dropped. All of her previous arrogance disappeared, leaving only uneasiness.

She glared at Gu Siyi, “I’ll remember you. You just wait! ”

After saying that, she led her companions and quickly ran away. 

When the malicious-looking people left, Jiang Xiao’s tense muscles finally relaxed, sobbing as she spoke to Gu Siyi : “ Thank you…thank you….”

“No problem, I just happened to see it,” Gu Siyi said. 

“You have a wound on your face, I will take you to the school’s infirmary. By the way, why were they hitting you? ”

“…… ” the girl’s face flushed red. She didn’t know what to say. Then, seeming to have remembered something, she searched around and saw that piece of paper which had floated to a corner. She ran over and squatted down to pick it up before folding it carefully, her tears slowly falling onto the paper. Her hands shook as she put the  damp, folded piece of paper carefully into her pocket. 

She knew that she was not worthy of that person. This was just a little secret she had kept in her heart. 

She didn’t expect it to be exposed.. And it was even shown to Xu Na, resulting in her having to suffer such humiliation and abuse…. 


Not far away, on the rooftop of the boys’ dormitory. 

Xia Zhijun and a bunch of his friends had come up to get some fresh air. Unexpectedly they witnessed a violent event playing out on the other side. 

Lu Jiaye-who usually had a happy-go-lucky expression- said, “Isn’t it a bit much for so many people to bully one girl? ”

Su Han: “We can’t jump over, we can’t even go into the girl’s dormitory. What should we do? Give the school’s security office a call? ”

Zhou Xiao:  “Who knows the phone number?”

Lu Jiaye: “Holy f*k. That place is my enemy, how would I have their contact number! ”

Just as they were talking, Gu Siyi appeared. 

That girl who looked as sweet and gentle as a little girl next door, had become a badass girl, capable of fighting and arguing. 

Going against five people while holding a brick so courageously without even a hint of fear. Although they couldn’t really make out what they were talking about, the motion of her lips opening and closing were enough to exert the imposing aura.

Su Han gave a thumbs up :  “Damn, my Yi-jie is so badass. 13 So wild and beautiful. ”

Xia Zhijun chuckled. Not only can she fight in a game, looks like she’s not bad in a real fight either. 

Lu Jiaye clutched his chest and said : “I have been charmed by Siyi-mei mei


. She can be both sweet and hot. 15 Such a precious girl! 16

Zhou Xiao : “You’ll have to ask Ah-Jun first whether mei mei is single. ”

“My mom repeatedly instructed me to make sure not to let any bad boys in school get close to her. ”Xia Zhijun said calmly as he gave them a look, his tone not brooking any rebellion or objection, “Don’t even think of hitting on her. ”

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  1. So寝室 is like a dorm room/ place a person sleeps. Each dorm room has like two bunk beds for four students to room together. Here is a visual sample:
  2. 高一六班 Gāo yīliù bān: Literal translation is High one, class 6. Basically High School 1st year, Class 6.  In Asian countries, students in each grade/school year are separated into different “homerooms”/class. They are usually separated by the students’ school rankings. As this is the first year of highschool, in America we call it “Freshman” or well it’s 9th grade (in the States) or 10th grade (in Asia).
  3. Black lines on her face like :
  4. 蹬鼻子上脸Dēng bízi shàng liǎn: Literal translation is to push nose against a face. Basically it’s when one side gives the other side face and doesn’t care about the other side’s unusual behavior, but the other side is not only ungrateful, but is more arrogant and taking advantage of the situation. To climb over someone. Pushing a person’s limits and whatnot.
  5. So this person’s full name is Xu Na. When a person call another person “~姐” ([first name]-jie) that means to respect her like an older sister, but it can also be referring to a lady boss/gangster head of something. But it is also referring to girls who are like of a higher ranking or is like a gang boss-kind of leader girl. In this case, it is said with respect as Xu Na is not their biological older sister, and is just head of the school’s gang. I will be italicizing ‘jie’ for those “older sister” who aren’t really related to the person calling them “jie”.
  6. This is basically saying in a sarcastic way…that the other person will like ‘swallow her’/ ‘eat her’/ similar to blacklisting
  7. 安分守己 ānfènshǒujǐ: To behave oneself and abide by the law. To know one’s place.
  8. 息事宁人xīshìníngrén : People who avoid trouble and bring about peace. To keep the peace. To patch up a quarrel
  9. 佛系Fú xì: A philosophical mindset about life in general. Like to have a calm attitude when faced with challenges. To take it as it comes, whatever will be will be..That kind of Buddhist’s mindset of “Sailing with the stream”, or let nature take its course/in accordance with its natural tendency. I don’t think she is actually budhhist, as this is also like an internet slang for “Whatever happens will happen”, going with the flow and whatnot.
  10. 丑人多作怪chǒurénduōzuòguài: Ugly people will do weird things to get the attention from others.
  11. 撒泡尿照照自己的样子Sā pào niào zhào zhào zìjǐ de yàngzi : Literal translation is “Pee and then look at yourself through the pee.” It’s a rude way of telling someone that they should take a look at themselves in the mirror.
  12. Kame: So….In the original text, this part was put as WCNMB (an abbreviation of 卧槽你妈B)….It’s basically cursing…and so I am just going to do the equiventant meaning in English ( fck your mother’s sl*tty c*nt) and abbreviate it.
  13. 社会shèhuì: Literal translation is ‘society’ or aggregate of people living together. But in Chinese, it could also mean those who ‘混社会  ―  hùn shèhuì  ―  to be in a gang for a living (may also mean “to be in a society for a living”.  When referring it to a person, it’s like calling someone thuggish. In this case, it’s not a negative connotation, but just like respect. Like this person has a strong brotherhood/sisterhood. I will just put this as ‘badass’.
  14.   妹妹 is little sister. But she’s not really their little sister, so I’m just going to italicize Mei Mei
  15. 可甜可辣 : based on 可盐可甜 (in describing a person) means that you can be cool and handsome(盐),and you can also be cute and lovely(甜)。In this case, spicy is to be hot.
  16. 宝藏女孩: literal translation is treasure girl. Basically this girl is like a Chinese internet slang for a girl who’s just perfect or well everything about her is just perfect and is like a treasure. The more you get to know her, the more surprised you are..
  17. Technically the raw said “接住影总的吻”..影总 is like film chairman ish. But..like…it’s referring to the author themselves.
  18. 红包hóngbāo: Literal translation is Red envelopes/red packets are small red and gold packets containing money given to children, family members, friends and employees as a symbol of good luck during Lunar New Year. In Chinese culture, the color red is associated with energy, happiness and good luck.

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