Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 23.2

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Chapter 23.2 – [High School Arc] Scheming Against Qin Zhaoyang

“Mom, I’m sorry…”

But after acknowledging his mistake on the surface, his inner hatred grew stronger. Chen Yanyan would have never expected that her son, who she had always used as a tool to climb higher, had unknowingly gotten out of control little by little.

Until a day when the beast was completely released, she, as the beast tamer, would suffer seriously when the beast turned around and bit her.

Chen Yanyan was not in the mood to listen to her son’s apology. Her dazzling glamorous face had ‘impatient’ written all over it.

“What is the matter with you? Since you came back, your mind seemed to be elsewhere. Just now you didn’t even respond when your father called you.”

That’s right. If it were not for maintaining her image as a perfect wife and a warm and caring mother in front of Qin Yi, it was impossible for her to waste her applying facial mask time to console her son when she could take good care of her face. 


Qin Zhaomu hesitated for a moment. He did not know if he should tell her the story.

The trouble that he had created this time was not small. Although he did not know why Qin Zhaoyang had yet to find him for trouble when he was obviously still alive, he still needed to always be prepared for everything.

The only person that he could discuss this matter with was Chen Yanyan, this mother of his.

“Just say it if there’s anything! What are you hesitating for?”

After biting his lower lip, Qin Zhaomu loosened his tightly held fist. He gritted his teeth as he explained.

“I pushed Qin Zhaomu off the roof yesterday, but he was not dead, not even injured at all.”

As soon as he said this, even Chen Yanyan was shocked. She immediately laid her eyes on her son.

“Was what you said true? You really did it??”

She didn’t expect that her son would be so daring. Last time, even when she hated Huo Qiao to the bone, she still dared not do anything directly. Instead, she used mental torture on Huo Qiao until she died from depression.

But when she remembered her son said that Qin Zhaoyang was alright and did not suffer any injury, Chen Yanyan’s frowned again. She lashed out at Qin Zhaomu for being useless.

“What’s the use of me raising you? If you wanted to do it, you should have been through with it. Now, not only that Qin Zhaoyang didn’t die, but you even come bringing the fishy smell with you.”

“That old man from the Huo Family is not someone that is easy to deal with. By now, Qin Zhaoyang must have complained about you to him. If he personally comes and takes action against you or the Qin Family, and pin the crime against you, your dad will definitely beat you to death!”

Although the Huo Family was declining, and their power was not as strong as the Qin Family, but even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse.

By that time, Qin Yi would be badly battered. And when he knew that this unwarranted disaster was caused by Qin Zhaomu, it would be strange if he did not cast all his anger onto this mother and son pair.

At that time, even she would be implicated by Qin Zhaomu!

“You’re unable to accomplish anything but only know how to spoil everything! What’s the use of me raising you all these years?!”

The more Chen Yanyan thought about it, the more her mood went down south. The words that she spoke at this moment had long left the gentle and soft image that she had created in front of the big screen, it was basically in complete shambles.


Qin Chaomu’s voice was trembling, and the fist that he clenched was so strong that he drew blood.

Sometimes, Qin Zhaomu would doubt if he really was Chen Yanyan’s biological son that she gave birth to and not someone she picked up just to deceive Qin Yi.

Why as a mother, no matter if she was compared with Qin  Zhaoyang’s mother or the mothers of his classmates,  they were all unconditionally loved by their mother.

However, when it came to him, the word ‘mother’ held a different meaning.

“What are you calling me for? Can’t you see I’m thinking of a solution for you now? You still need me to clean up this terrible mess that you stirred out!”

Chen Yanyan responded impatiently, seemingly angry with this person who had interrupted her train of thoughts.

The words that she said might sound as if it was all for Qin Zhaomu, but she was essentially still thinking for herself. Chen Yanyan was tied together with Qin Zhaomu. When her son caused any troubles, she would not have it easy as well when Qin Yi blamed it on her.

Now, everything that she had was closely tied to Qin Yi. She absolutely must not lose everything that she currently possessed!

Between the rapid flight of thoughts, a plan suddenly came to her mind.

Remembering something that Qin Zhaomu told her before, Chen Yanyan immediately asked, “Didn’t you told me that, that kid Qin Zhaoyang recently was very close with a delinquent named Ling Rong? Furthermore, that delinquent is very beautiful as well?”

Although Qin Zhaomu did not understand why she suddenly mentioned this, he still earnestly nodded.

“On top of that, the 2 of them seemed to have gotten even closer after yesterday’s incident. I suspected that Qin Zhaoyang might have been dazzled by that Ling Rong kid.”

“Very good.”

Chen Yanyan slowly raised her red lips, and her eyes shone brightly.

“Isn’t your father’s birthday party will be held in a week? He skipped my birthday, but can he skip his own father’s birthday? When the time comes, send an invitation to that boy named Ling Rong.”

“Why do we still need to invite that kind of person over?”

Qin Zhaomu despised Ling Rong’s family background with all his heart.

“What do you know?”

Chen Yanyan glanced at her stupid son. She was obviously a beauty that was one in a thousand, but the light emitted from her eyes were those of femme fatale.

“Who will not be interested in the secrets of the rich and powerful of the upper-class society? Presumably, the prospective heir to the Qin and Huo family suddenly airs out his chaotic private lives and comes out of the closet openly, it will definitely surprise everyone. ”

When that time comes, that old man from the Huo Family will be overwhelmed with the media and public opinion that flew all over the place. When he was busy dealing with all those, he would not have the time to even care about targeting this mother and son pair or even targeting the Qin Family.

Moreover, with Qin Zhaoyang’s private life turned into a scandal, she did not believe those inflexible board members from the Qin Clan would still insist on having the legitimate child to inherit the Qin Family.

Sooner or later, this huge Qin Family would belong to her son!

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