Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 23.1

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Chapter 23.1 – [High School Arc] Scheming Against Qin Zhaoyang

Ling Rong slept for the whole afternoon, and Qin Zhaoyang felt both guilty and uneasy. For the first time ever, he asked for leave from school and stayed at home. He guarded her for the whole afternoon.  

The two of them went back to school as per normal the next day.

After that incident, Qin Zhaoyang seemed to treat Ling Long like a fragile doll. He was afraid that her body has not recovered yet. No matter what she did, he would give her a hand.

For example, if Ling Rong wanted to take an empty cup to the office to get some water, the person next to her would already automatically stood up, took the cup from her hands and walked out.

“Huh? I can go by myself.”

Qin Zhaoyang pushed the person backed to her own seat. The tone that he used was one that did not allow refusal.

“You sit and rest.”

Before Ling Rong could snatch her cup back, Qin Zhaoyang had already walked out of the classroom.

Okay. With nothing for her to do, Ling Rong played with her mobile phone senselessly. She did not notice the little movements of the two female students in the front row.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s really delicious! Delicious! So delicious!” 

[TN: eating Ling Rong’s and Qin Zhaoyang’s dog food]

The girl sitting on the inside tightly covered her mouth to prevent her weird ‘aunty smile’ from being exposed. At the same time, she used all her might to desperately poked her jiemei(sisters)* sitting beside her to express her excitement.

[TN: as in best friend. The word used is to indicate sisterhood.]

The equally excited jiemei agreed and nodded.

“The aloof ‘gong’ and  frivolous ‘shou’, let’s carry the Qin Ling CP banner for me!”

“Huh? You’re going against my CP! It’s clearly a beautiful overbearing ‘gong’ and ice-cold ‘shou’, and Ling Qin is the way of the King!”


When school was over in the afternoon, Ling Rong puts the workbooks one by one into her schoolbag. Now, she was no longer a person who didn’t even bring her schoolbag or homework back when she went home like the original owner. Although in order to pretend to be a mediocre student, she still deliberately answered wrongly in her homework, but at least the questions were answered all the time. Her attitude was obviously different from the original owner.

The amount of homework as a second-year senior of high school was already considered as relatively quite heavy. Moreover, in the next semester, they would be in Senior Year 3 and the teacher also scared that they would be too idle at home, and thus the teachers continuously gave them various kinds of homework.

But as soon as Ling Rong stuffed her Chinese Literature homework into her schoolbag, the remaining mathematics, physics and chemistry exercise books and English newspaper disappeared from her desk and was taken by Qin Zhaoyang.

“Huh?” Ling Rong looked at him in puzzlement.

Her current expression that seemed to be filled with confusion, resembled her look from yesterday when she woke up after sleeping for the whole afternoon on his bed. Her innocent eyes looked at him as his cheek turned slightly hot.

“You should go back and get more rest. I will help you to complete the homework and bring it back to you tomorrow morning.”

What Qin Zhaoyang took away happened to be homework with standard answers that were different compared with Chinese Literature, so the teacher would not find anything amiss.

On top of that, he knew Ling Rong’s handwriting well. After all, her handwriting was not as ugly as if it had been crawled over by a dog’s paw. Therefore, it was not very difficult to imitate it.

“But…… this is not so good, right? Letting you write two copies of homework by yourself, it will delay your time.”

Ling Rong knew that Qin Zhaoyang was not a mediocre student, and he must have privately learned something else in his spare time. By delaying his time, it meant that she would be delaying the time of a future elite!

“It won’t. I have time.”

Ling Rong was unable to persuade the other party. So she gave him all the homework “reluctantly”. She asked the system in her heart

【System, don’t you think that the male lead is kind of weird today?】

Although her condition yesterday did give others a scare, but today she was still a hero that was still alive and kicking. She was not at the stage where both her hands and legs were disabled.

The system rubbed its invisible hands and implied expectedly.

【Have you finally notice it?】

Ling Rong nodded.

【He was suddenly so kind to me. He must have been moved by my friendships when I tried to save him desperately yesterday. In the end, he had now completely accepted me as his good brother.】

After talking about this, Ling Rong didn’t forget to sigh.

【Ah, what a great friendship. It is so great that I do not need to do my own homework. I want to play some games, play some game ah. I want to browse some videos, browse some videos ah. 】


I will kick your mother*! The system resisted the swear word that he wanted to blurt out and silently returned to Ling Rong’s mind to shut himself down.

[TN: cursing]

It should not have any expectation towards Ling Rong’s EQ!

Friendship! Friendship your mother! You treat the other as your brother, but he still does not know what he wants to do with you.

In addition to this, that Qin Zhaoyang was another blockhead! His EQ and IQ were not equally matched at all! This system could only cry in the future!

[TN: the system cried because it did not lead to the ending that the system hoped for XD.]

Qin Zhaomu absent-mindedly returned to the Qin Family.

He looked distracted as he sat in his room, he couldn’t help but felt nervous. Today, he saw Qin Zhaoyang in the hallway. That older brother of his was still alive!

Although he did not show any mercy at the time of the incident, but after his resentment slowly calmed down, Qin Zhaomu gradually developed fear.

If Qin Zhaoyang died on the spot, it would just be the end of it. As long as he sealed Liu Chengyi’s mouth tightly, or directly shifted the blame to Liu Chengyi, then he would not be implicated. But now that the person was still alive, if he told everything to the Patriarch of the Huo Family, then Qin Zhaomu would not be able to imagine the consequences that would come his way.

What he was even more afraid of was that Patriarch Huo would directly attack the Qin Family. If Qin Yi knew that he was the person who directly causes the attack on Qin Family, it would be hard to say if he could still keep his identity as the heir of Qin Family.

His room’s door was suddenly opened. Qin Zhaomu was so frightened that she suddenly shouted.


As soon as Chen Yanyan entered the door, she heard her son yell. She immediately frowned with dissatisfaction.

“Where was the calmness and steadiness that you had learned?! Is this what I taught you?!”

As soon as he saw that it was his mother, Qin Zhaomu relaxed a little and apologized.

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