Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 20.2

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Chapter 20.2 – [High School Arc] Even If I Die, You Also Cannot Die

However, at this moment, Ling Rong could not afford to think further. She picked up the kitten that was still biting her trouser leg and before she even managed to express her gratitude to Chen Xuerou, she had already hurriedly run towards the direction of the laboratory building’s rooftop.

【How is the male lead now?】As Ling Rong was worried about the male lead situation right now, she quickly asked the system in her heart.

【Not good.】There was a little anxiety that could be detected from the system normal flat electronic sound.

【Earlier, Qin Zhaomu captured Mei Hua and deceived male lead into going up the rooftop. He just pushed male lead off the rooftop. Right now male lead was hanging outside the rooftop and can hold on for another 5 minutes at most.】

Five minutes…… long as she could reach the rooftop within this time limit.

Ling Rong quickly increased the pace under her feet. The kitten in her bosom actually did not feel very comfortable with the speed but at this moment, he seemed to realize that Ling Rong had a very important matter to attend to. As a result, he behaved obediently in her bosom without making any noise or disturbance.

As she became aware of the cooperation from the kitten, Ling Rong clenched her teeth and prayed in her heart.

Qin Zhaoyang…… must hold on and don’t ever let go of your hands!

It only took her more than three minutes to run all the way up the rooftop in one breath. It could be said that Ling Rong used all of her strength to reach the fastest speed possible. As she put down the kitten, Ling Rong quickly called Qin Zhaoyang’s name loudly: “Qin Zhaoyang, are you here!”

Ling Rong?

As he heard the familiar voice, Qin Zhaoyang’s body which was almost given out suddenly gave birth to new strength. His fingers that were almost wanted to loosen, tightened around the guardrail. When he wanted to open his mouth and respond to Ling Rong, he discovered that he had lost his voice.

However, he still tried his hardest to say something with difficulties: “I’m…. here…..”

Ling Rong very quickly caught on to this faint voice. By following the voice, she ran to the edge of the rooftop and found the youth that was hanging in midair.

Without thinking much, Ling Rong straightaway stretched out her hand towards Qin Zhaoyang: “Faster give me your other hand. I will pull you up.”

Qin Zhaoyang subconsciously held onto the thin white hand. No one wanted to die and he was also not an exception. Furthermore, to die in such a stupid way.

Holding the outstretched hand firmly, Ling Rong used up all her strength to try and pull that person up. However, she had obviously overestimated her current self. Afterall, her body was still that of a girl and in terms of strength, she was still lacking a bit. What’s more, the person she wanted to pull was a young man who was way more heavier than her.

In addition, Qin Zhaoyang had already wasted a lot of physical strength earlier. Currently, he was no longer able to muster up any more strength to cooperate with Ling Rong. For a moment, their situation came to a stalemate.

Earlier, because of the urgency, Li Rong basically did not have the time to call 110 or 119 for help. Furthermore, even if she called for help, according to the system calculation, Qin Zhaoyang also would not be able to persevere until the help arrived. However, even if she wanted to call now, it was already out of Ling Rong capabilities.

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