Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 19.3

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Chapter 19.3 – [High School Arc] Rooftop

Taking the advantage when the guy who was holding him was not paying any attention to him, the little guy bit Qin Zhaomu’s hand with all his might. This bite immediately draws out the bright red blood. At the time when Qin Zhaomu felt pain, the force on his hand was relaxed. The little guy quickly jumped and landed safely on the flat ground.

“Damn it!” Qin Zhaomu flew into a rage and wanted to catch him again. However, having four legs to run was still faster than two legs. In addition to his smaller body, the usually languid kitten even used his strength for eating milk on all his four legs and desperately ran towards the staircase.

The black and white dumpling very quickly ran out of sight. Qin Zhaomu who returned empty-handed had ferociously cursed and returned to the guardrail. He saw Qin Zhaoyang had one of his hands holding firmly to the guardrail while the rest of his body was hanging in mid-air. 

Looking at him, Qin Zhaomu sarcastically said: “Sure enough, cats were ungrateful creatures. In order to save it, you ended up in the current situation. It had already run off to God know where without being grateful to you.”

Qin Zhaoyang was practically unable to say even a word out. The force from just a moment ago had completely pushed him off the rooftop. If not for his swift eyesight and quick hands that grabbed onto the guardrail, he would have fallen directly from the sixth floor and died.

Currently, he had used all his strength to maintain his hold on the guardrail. Therefore, he did not want to waste any of his strength to talk nonsense with Qin Zhaomu the murderer.

Qin Zhaoyang always knew that Qin Zhaomu extremely hated him. However, he had never thought that his(QZM) hate would reach the level where he would want him to die.

When Qin Zhaomu didn’t get any response from Qin Zhaoyang, he didn’t stay to waste any more time. He left the scene quickly while they had not been discovered by anyone yet. As for Qin Zhaoyang, he(QZM) knew that he(QZY) would not be able to hold on much longer. Might as well just leave him so that he could slowly savour his feeling of despair when death was approaching him! 

“Goodbye, Gege.”

On the other side, Ling Rong who had just reached the stairs of the second floor was blocked by someone. When she raised her head, she unexpectedly saw the person who gave her trouble not so long ago, Chen Xuerou. 

When she saw Ling Rong, Chen Xuerou’s face which was originally filled with anxiety suddenly turned happy. However, her natural temperament was that of a tyrant. Therefore, the words that she said also sounded more like a command.

“Ling Rong, you are not allowed to go up!”

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