Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 19.2

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Chapter 19.2 – [High School Arc] Rooftop

This cat will soon be accompanying that dog.

Originally, Qin Zhaomu wanted to deal with the dead cat secretly and threw its carcass in front of Qin Zhaoyang to get the same effect. However, he later really wanted to witness Qin Zhaoyang’s expression when he fell into despair and desperation. As a result, he changed his plan in the last minute.

He wanted Qin Zhaoyang to witness the death of this cat!

Qin Zhaoyang paled when he saw Qin Zhaomu’s movement. He subconsciously stepped forward to stop him: “Qin Zhaomu, you are crazy! Do you still wanted to repeat what you did to Zhuangzhuang in that year!”

Zhuangzhuang was the name of that dog back then and Qin Zhaomu also knew about it.

“So you actually saw it at that time? Gege, you must have suffered from trying so hard to hide this from me.” Qin Zhaomu was surprised for a moment. Following which, his vigilantism against Qin Zhaoyang also went up another level.

He(QZY) clearly knew what he(QZM) had done but he could still hold back from reporting him. He(QZM) really should not look down on this older half-brother of his.

“You faster let him go! Don’t force me to tell everything to Qin Yi!” Qin Zhaoyang had long addressed his father directly by his name. It could clearly be seen that he had never recognized this father from the bottom of his heart.

However, Qin Zhaomu deliberately misinterpreted his meaning. The hand that was holding on the little guy was showing signs of letting go: “Okay, I’ll listen to what Gege said and let go of my hand.”

“Miao!” Feeling the danger that he was in, the little guy’s four limbs flailed in the air. His mournful screams from his throat were like needles that pierced into Qin Zhaoyang’s heart.

He rushed over, wanted to first stop Qin Zhaomu’s movement.

When he saw how Qin Zhaoyang threw himself towards him and the low guardrail that did not provide any protection, a notion secretly formed in Qin Zhoamu’s thoughts.

From the beginning, the things that he hated should not even exist in this world. If from now on, Qin Zhaoyang were to disappear from this world, then all the problems would cease to exist.

The Qin Family would belong only to him and his mother would never force him to surpass Qin Zhaoyang in everything. As long as Qin Zhoyang died…..

As if being possessed by a ghost, Qin Zhaomu unexpectedly turned his body towards the side and used his greatest strength to ruthlessly give Qin Zhaoyang a push.

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