Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 19.1 – [High School Arc] Rooftop

What Qin Zhaomu cared the most was Chen Yanyan. As his biological mother, she only treated him as a tool for her to climb up the ladder of society. Once he did anything that displeased her or if what he did was not up to her satisfaction, all he got from her was only scolding as corporal punishment. Chen Yanyan had never been patient with him nor would she teach him anything in a soft voice. Things like tenderness between mother and child were something that was out of reach for him. 

Therefore, what Qin Zhaoyang said earlier ‘Is this how Qin Yi and Chen Yanyan taught you?’ and ‘Where did your upbringing go?’, those two sentences directly hit Qin Zhaomu where he hurt the most. Therefore, the following words that came out from his mouth also became more merciless.


The profanities that he had heard before was hanging right by his mouth but his upbringing prevented him from saying them out.

Although his mother passed away early, the biggest difference between Huo Qiao and Chen Yanyan was the way they educated their child and their love for their child. 

Huo Qiao truly loved her child earnestly. Since childhood, he had never been over spoil nor was he harm by Huo Qiao. Therefore, in a certain aspect, Qin Zhaoyang had never lost to Qin Zhaomu at all.

Looking at Qin Zhaoyang anxious appearance, Qin Zhaomu felt even more pleased: “Good, there is no need for Gege to quibble. If you got time, it was still better for you to properly give your farewell to this poor little thing. After all, this would be the last time both of you will ever meet.”

After saying this, Qin Zhaomu untied the rope that was tied to the guardrail while his other hand, held onto the kitten’s nape. Despite the little guy’s struggle, he stretched his hand out of the guardrail.

This stance of him was obviously in preparation to throw the kitten down from the rooftop!

Qin Zhaomu had long discovered that his state of mind was particularly prone to brutality. That was an impulse of wanting to destroy everything. The best medicine for him was the red colour that was personally made by him.

It was natural that he did not feel that he was sick. Since he felt that if such a thing was so annoying, then everything should just disappear. Why is there a need for it to appear in this world and hinder his eyes!

Just like how he killed that dead dog all those years ago. He had secretly placed a mousetrap in the middle of a piece of grass. Then he put the dog’s favourite meat bone behind the mousetrap.

That stupid thing was worthy of its stupid dog name. When it saw its food, it had stupidly run over and its front paw was caught by the mousetrap making it unable to budge. It could only pitifully mourn while waiting for death when all his blood had flowed out.

[TN: That sounds more like a conibear trap than a mousetrap! I have never heard of any mouse trap that can inflict such a wound on a dog.]

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