Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 18.3

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Chapter 18.3 – [High School Arc] Insulting Ling Rong

He could not leave it to be so. All along, everything that Qin Zhaomu ever did was to destroy all of Qin Zhaoyang’s hope. He wanted this useless older brother of his to be forever suppressed beneath him. Forever to be living in the dark corner and watched how the huge Qin Family fell onto his hand.

When he thought of that scene in the future, Qin Zhaomu somewhat felt very pleased with himself and he even laughed a little. The purpose of what he did today was to let Liu Chengyi there to teach Ling Rong, who couldn’t tell good from bad, some lessons. In addition to that, it was also to break Qin Zhaoyang’s hope again.

Didn’t Qin Zhaoyang regard Ling Rong as a very important friend? Then he wanted someone to severely beat her up. When she finally tasted the sufferings of being close with Qin Zhaoyang, Ling Rong naturally would take the initiative to stay far away from Qin Zhaoyang. By then, a rift would have appeared between them and it would be impossible for them to be together again.

And this boring dead cat, everything that Qin Zhaoyang valued, one by one, he would destroy them in front of him!

If the cat wanted to blame someone, he could only blame himself for having a lousy fate. Who asked him to be the same as that dead dog. Endlessly rejected him but stuck to his useless brother!

“Shut up!”

A thunderous rebuke interrupted Qin Zhaomu’s laughter. At this moment, Qin Zhaoyang’s handsome face looked unbelievable and full of wrath after the person important to him had been insulted. 

“How could you say such a ridiculous thing! Ling Rong and I are not in that kind of filthy relationship like you think! Is this how Qin Yi and Chen Yanyan taught you? Your surname is also Qin, where did your upbringing go?!”

Although this half brother of his was an illegitimate child, Qin Zhaoyang simply could not have imagined that as a child that grew up in an aristocratic family such as Qin Family, Qin Zhaomu unexpectedly would say such unbearably vulgar words.

Qin Zhaoyang’s face flushed red due to the extreme anger that he felt where the majority of it was due to self-guilt. If not because of what he had been taught since young, he was afraid that at the moment Qin Zhaomu said those words, he would have excessively cursed back.

How could Qin Zhaomu….how could he distort his friendship with Ling Rong! Moreover, this had already clearly insulted Ling Rong’s character! Qin Zhaoyang couldn’t bear with it anymore.

After being startled by that sudden roar, Qin Zhaomu’s laugh turned even more unbridled.

“Gege, I’m just making an assumption. What’s wrong for you to have such a big reaction? Is it possible that….there really was an unspeakable relation between both of you? That’s why you refute me to hide your guilty conscience?”

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