Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 18.2

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Chapter 18.2 – [High School Arc] Insulting Ling Rong

That’s right, it was jealousy. Perhaps, this was something that Qin Zhaoyang would never think of even when he dreamt. He would never have guessed that his half-brother that had enjoyed the best benefits and was doted on since he was a child, would be jealous of him more than anyone else. Obviously, the person who had suffered the most had always been him alone.

As soon as Qin Zhaomu mentioned the little guy, Qin Zhaoyang’s heart suddenly became tense and he said vigilantly: “The kitten was innocent. Let us talk after you let him go.”

The bloody scene from his childhood was vividly engraved in his mind. Therefore, even when Qin Zhaomu pretended to be all happy and cute, Qin Zhaoyang would never believe him.

When Qin Zhaomu heard those words, he was stunned for a moment and then his expression immediately turned gloomy: “As expected, Gege had changed after having a friend. I don’t know if Gege had also been fascinated by Ling Rong’s face and can’t wait to give him your heart.”

“However, Gege has to keep your eyes open and don’t be swindled by the other person. Although that body might taste pretty good but at the end of the day, he was still a boy. You can’t bring him out to the public. At that time, if you cause the Qin Family to lose any face, Father might blame Gege again.”

Although the way he said it seemed to be kindly reminding Qin Zhaoyang not to be used by others as a springboard. However, the way he speculated the relationship between the two people was filled with malice.

With a mother from the entertainment circle, he was also very clear about those chaotic relationships. He had often heard Chen Yanyan say how she despised those male teen idols that in order to be promoted to a higher level, they sold out their body to financial backers that had an unusual obsession.

What’s more, with Ling Rong’s appearance even if she was put into the middle of the entertainment circle, she also would not lose to any celebrities. Not only that, since Ling Rong revealed her true face to the world, Qin Zhaomu clearly felt that his position was being threatened.

The most obvious thing was that even the female bookworms from his elite class that only knew how to be immersed in practising exam questions would occasionally discuss Ling Rong’s attractiveness that was out of this world in low voices. Even those girls who were normally smitten by him also climbed onto Ling Rong’s wall one after another. Their enthusiasm towards him had clearly decreased.

Qin Zhaomu could not accept such a difference.

He was clearly the No.1 Prince of Empire First High School and would be the heir of the Qin Family in the future. That bastard of a nouveau riche born Ling Rong was not even comparable to him!

Whether it was because she had stolen his limelight or that time when she had verbally attacked him in order to protect Qin Zhaoyang, all of it also made Qin Zhaomu loathe the name, Ling Rong.

And the changes that Qin Zhaomu could feel the most was from Qin Zhaoyang. His useless brother who only knew how to resign to his fate in the past unexpectedly changed his usual gloomy image and started to have vitality and energy. In other words, it can be said that he had hope for everything.

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