Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 15.3

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Chapter 15.3 – Despair

As soon as the school bell rang, the two of them walked towards the sports field with a tacit understanding. They only had one purpose—— to feed the cat.

Since the last interaction during previous physical education period, Qin Zhaoyang had completely fallen in love with the little guy. He, who never had a playmate since young even regarded the kitten as an indispensable friend. Every day after school, he would follow Ling Rong to feed the cat.

“Do you think Mei Hua will be here today or not?” Even when walking together side by side, Ling Rong did not let the atmosphere to cool down.

[TN: 梅花 – Mei Hua – generally it mean plum blossom but in this case, it meant the symbol Clubs from playing cards]

Mei Hua was a name that Ling Rong gave the kitten. The little guy was a black and white domestic cat. Because there was a black spot on its white back that resembled the symbol clubs in playing cards, therefore, Ling Rong gave it such a name. 

The little guy did not have any fixed activities every day. Therefore, they might not be able to see its shadow when they go find the kitten sometimes. 

When talking about the little guy, the corner of Qin Zhaoyang’s lips can’t help but slightly hook up: “He always stick to you. If you go, he definitely will come out.”

Sometimes, Qin Zhaoyang would go and feed the cat by himself. Then he would realize how biased the cat could be. 

They obviously bought the same cat food but when Ling Rong was there, the little guy loves to act spoiled. It would only know how to brushed against Ling Rong’s hand while incessantly meow. When there was only Qin Zhaoyang alone, the cat would revert back to its reserved self. Every look that the cat cast towards him also accompanied with the words ‘Stupid two-legged creature, faster feed Me.’

[TN: the Me here that the cat used was 朕-zhen. What Emperor used when they refer to themselves.]

The two of them talking and laughing joyously and they slowly walked away from the teaching block. Without them knowing, someone was staring at them for a very long time.

Standing on the rooftop of the science lab building was Qin Zhaomu. He clenched tightly onto the guardrail. If anyone was to pass by here right now, they would definitely be surprised by his gloomy look that was totally different from how he normally acted.

How could it be….how could such a thing where his useless half brother suddenly had a friend happened! If he had a friend, how could he continue to made Qin Zhaoyang to feel despair?

If it was not Qin Zhaoyang, he would never be forced to compare with anyone. He also did not need to achieve the best in everything in order to surpass Qin Zhaoyang!

Based on what could Qin Zhaoyang born with a golden spoon while he only had his mother’s beating, hidden away from the public eyes until he was five years old when he first called Qin Yi as his father.

The look that Qin Zhaomu cast towards his half brother was filled with venom. His malevolent expression looked as if he wished he could bite off a piece of meat from the body of the other person. At this moment, something that was chained in the depth of his heart rushed out from their imprisonment.

Then, there was that Ling Rong bastard…… They were all fooled by his disguise and now he even mingled together with Qin Zhaoyang!

After grinding his molar teeth, he gritted his teeth and made a phone call.

“They already went to the sports field. Act according to plan!”

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