Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 14.3

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Chapter 14.3 – I’ll Teach You

Actually, it had been very long since the last time Qin Zhaomu was punished. This time, it was purely a mistake that he was unable to get number one. Chen Yanyan also scared that her behaviour would be discovered by Qin Yi, so she would generally only hit his palm.

The burning pain on his palm caused Qin Zhaomu to clench his teeth. At the side where Chen Yanyan could not see, on the other palm, he had pinched his palm until it was covered by crescent marks.

He was almost completely drowned by the hatred that he felt in his heart.

He hated the girl who took first place this time. She was usually an unremarkable student in the class, how could she suddenly get the first place this time!

He hated the annoying Qin Zhaoyang. If it was not for his existence, he would not be forced into getting first in everything he did.

He hated his own biological mother. Wasn’t he, her own biological son? For what reason was she so stingy when it came to giving him some motherly love and only regard him as a tool for climbing into a rich and powerful family!

Why didn’t all these people just go and die!

Once the seed of hatred and tyranny were planted, it would quickly take root and germinate. Then they would continue to grow into a large tree that could not be pulled out.

“Sigh…” This was already Ling Rong’s third sigh since she came out of the office with her monthly exam paper. Her beautiful face was wrinkled because of worries.

When she sighed for the fourth time, QIn Zhaoyang, who was sitting beside her finally cast a glance at her exam paper. A red 68 points looked very eye-catching on the front page of the exam paper.

She got 68 points from the full 150 points for Mathematics. This indeed didn’t look very good but Qin Zhaoyang felt that it was not bad considering that she had never seriously taken a class before. 

How could Qin Zhaoyang understand her feelings? She clearly knew the answer to all the questions on the paper but she had to force herself to pretend otherwise. The feeling of having to force oneself wrote the wrong answer was like how you knew something was unpalatable but still forced yourself to eat it.

Especially those multiple-choice questions. Each and every one of the correct answers were like demons that tried to seduce her to put them down onto the answer sheet. 

She reluctantly completed two word questions and for the rest, she only wrote the word ‘solution’.

As a result, she also managed to get 68 points. Sigh, Ling Rong touched the back of her head and felt somewhat distressed. She blamed herself for being too excellent. It was so hard to pretend to be a mediocre student. She truly didn’t know how the male lead managed to achieve the stage of being a mediocre student.

How did Qin Zhaoyang be able to keep up with her brain circuit? When he saw the sorrowful face of the young boy with red lips and white teeth, he already subconsciously said out the words of comfort: “I’ll teach you maths in the future.”

Ling Rong, who was still in her small little world, was dumbfounded: “Ah?”

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