Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 13.3

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Chapter 13.3 – Chen Yanyan

The man pretended to ask in a dissatisfied manner but his face showed that he was clearly very proud. In recent years, the Qin Family not only did not decline in his hands, it even became increasingly prosperous.

In contrast, the Huo Family who had the same standing as the Qin Family and originally belonged to the elite group within the upper-class society was deteriorating day by day. With the resentment that he felt when he was being oppressed by the Old Master Huo, Qin Yi now felt even more pleased with himself when he looked at his current family now.

So what if the Huo Family was originally very powerful, didn’t it also being left behind by him!

However, this man had forgotten that what he achieved today was due to his marriage with Huo Qiao. If there was no Huo Family who continuously helped and cooperated with him in the beginning, how could the Qin Family who was in the decline to rapidly develop and expand?

It was not that he did not remember but he chose to overlook it selectively. After all, what Huo Qiao brought to him were just bad memories. Since the beginning, he had always thought that a strong woman like his ex-wife was like a rope that tightly bound around his neck. Only after she died that he could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Chen Yanyan understood that she must stroke a man’s vanity. From within her eyes, she expressed her admiration towards her husband. After she coupled it with some appropriate praises, Chen Yanyan had already deceived Qin Yi into happiness.

However, this harmonious scene between his parents did not make Qin Zhaomu feel any happiness. His academic failure overwhelmed him to the point it was hard to breathe. There was a fury in his heart that he needed to vent it out.

However, he refrained from doing anything as now was not a good time for it.

“Dad, Mom, I’ve finished eating. I’ll go back to my room to study now.”

“What’s wrong with Xiao Mu today? Is he still feeling down for the poor result he got from his test? This silly child.” Looking at his son’s bowl that still had some rice left and his retreating back that looked like he was fleeing in defeat, Qin Yi couldn’t help but felt a little bit of strange.

“Don’t worry. Young kids are like that. Let me go upstairs and talk to him.” Chen Yanyan once again dispelled the man’s doubts with just a few words. With a twist of her slender waist, she walked towards the upper floor.

He sighed in contentment when he saw his wife still had a very good figure. The man’s eyes continued to follow Chen Yanyan as she walked up the stairs and his eyes couldn’t help but darkened a bit. However, what he saw was unexpectedly part of Chen Yanyan’s calculation and what he saw was what she wanted him to see. 

Appetite and lust are only natural, none could run from this.

It was just that the man whose head was filled with yellow waste did not notice that at the time when the woman turned her body, his favourite gentle eyes instantly became cold. Her face also did not contain any concern towards her child.

It only had the look of disappointment when something lost their exploitation value.

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