Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1 – Chen Yanyan

Qin Family.

Xiao Mu, how was your monthly exam this time?” During dinner time, Chen Yanyan picked some dishes for her husband before she casually asked.

Qin Yi was very satisfied with his wife’s thoughtfulness. When one reached middle age, one would want this kind of virtuous wife and warm family. Moreover, he had always observed his young son’s excellence. Before his son answered, Qin Yi already smiled very proudly: “Of course, my son is the most excellent one.”

But when he talked about his son, he couldn’t help but think of his other son who was now living in his former in-laws home, Qin Zhaoyang. Compared to his cheerful and excellent young son, Qin Zhaoyang as the eldest son was much more inferior and couldn’t even pass the exam to join the elite classes. In addition, his surname was obviously the same as his, Qin, but he still insisted on staying with the Huo Family. This made Qin Yi feel even more dissatisfied with him.

Wasn’t this obviously a slap on his face, to tell outsiders that he, Qin Yi, mistreated his legitimate son. When he thought about Qin Zhaoyang’s gloomy and unpleasant face, he already felt a bit of anger.

He knew a lot of outsiders also mock him for promoting his mistress to become the main wife. However, in his eyes, those were just words of jealousy. Throughout the entire upper-class society, there were a few business marriages that were not based on love. Furthermore, Chen Yanyan was very beautiful and famous, she even gave birth to an outstanding son for him. Based on these points, he didn’t know how many men actually envied him in secret.

What’s more, it was not known how many mistresses that those men were actually hiding behind their back. The children that they had from those unions were just bastards that cannot see the light. What kind of qualification did they have to criticize him!

Thinking of the things in such a way made Qin Yi feel better. The eyes that he used to look at Qin Zhaomu also became more gentle.

Xiao Mu, faster tell your dad.” Chen Yanyan who was sitting beside her son, quietly nudged Qin Zhaomu with her arms, urging him to quickly say something to make his father happy.

Since marrying Qin Yi, Chen Yanyan had gradually shifted her focus onto the family. However, she understood that as a woman, she also needed to have her own career. Therefore, she had not fully renounced her work from the entertainment circle.

As the youngest Film Empress, Chen Yanyan would choose two to three best resources every year to star as the main actress to safeguard her popularity in the eyes of the public. However, in the majority of her time, she still stayed in the Qin Residence and performed her duty as the wife of Qin Yi. 

After she experiences the sweetness of ‘a mother honour rises as her son’s position rises’, Chen Yanyan placed even more importance on her son’s education. Qin Zhaomu must always be ahead in everything compared with Huo Qiao’s son. Although Huo Qiao had already passed away and her son was not as good as Xiao Mu, Chen Yanyan still regards Qin Zhaoyang as a thorn in her eyes. She would not permit Qin Zhaoyang to be any way better than her son. 

Because as long as Qin Zhaoyang was alive, he was a threat to her son. In this large Qin Family, the only person that was eligible to be the heir of this family was only her son.

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