Arc 1 Chapter 2 – Professionalism of a Substitute (2)

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Arc 1: Professionalism of a Substitute- Chapter 2

The Yunquan apartment building could also be considered as a luxury apartment building. People living there could be considered as high-class senior executive people. The price reached 200,000 yuan per square feet. Gu Mingyu’s apartment measured 140 square feet, it was needless to mention its price.

Long Xiao had not slept so well for an inordinate amount of time. Afterall, he wasn’t a natural born dragon, but had only become one after cultivating spiritual energy. He spent most of his time cultivating and never had the surplus time to waste on sleeping.

After getting out of bed, he walked out of the room in his pajamas and caught sight of the housekeeper, Aunt Wang 1, cleaning the house.

“Oh, Mr. Long, you’re awake. Do you want to eat? There is soup in the kitchen and some dim sum that I made. Would you like some?”

Aunt Wang glanced at Long Xiao before retrieving her gaze, not at all perturbed by the splendid red marks covering Long Xiao’s chest. She was a servant brought over from Gu Mingyu’s residence. She had watched Gu Mingyu as she grew up since she had been a child, so she didn’t have any special feelings about the fact that Gu Mingyu was providing for a man.

Her own Miss2 was wealthy and powerful, if she were to hang herself on one crooked tree3, that would be pitiful. Aunt Wang felt pure loathing towards Yu Ze from the bottom of her heart whenever she thought about how her own Miss had been betrothed to him for so many years, only resulting in him going abroad to study the piano and cancelling their engagement.

“Mm, sorry for the trouble, Aunt Wang.”

As he nodded his head, Long Xiao recalled that this Aunt Wang had sided with him when Gu Mingyu’s white moonlight4 had returned.

“There’s no need for Mr. Long to be so polite. You are the person that Miss likes and I serve the Miss. As long as Miss is happy, I will be happy. Miss has already given me instructions in the morning to prepare clothes for you. I have kept them in the guest room. You[formal] can go and wear them.

She spoke softly as she looked at Long Xiao with kindness in her eyes. She did not look down on him at all, even though she knew that he was a little white face5 that Gu Ming Yu was providing for.

“Mm.” Long Xiao didn’t like to wear other people’s old clothes either. He turned around and went into the guest room. Sure enough, he saw the new clothes hanging there, a whole set from underwear to outerwear.

The style of these clothes was considered to be the sporty type. A red statement T-shirt, a pair of black, semi-sporty pants as well as a pair of fashionable AJ sports shoes. The alternating red and white colors brought out a bit of youthful unrest.

After changing into this set of clothes, Long Xiao stood in front of the mirror and felt that this suit was quite good, but his bare neck exposed a few red marks from scratches that were left behind by her nails. He couldn’t restrain a smile as he thought of Gu Mingyu’s bashful, yet overbearing appearance.

Within the time he dressed himself and walked out of the room, the food was already laid out on the dining room table. After Long Xiao went over and sat down, he saw that there were four side dishes, two soups and some pastries. They looked extremely appetizing.

Although humans were weak, their food was pretty good. He picked up the chopsticks and tasted the dishes on the table. Within minutes, he finished the whole table of food, even the soup was drunk cleanly.

This brightened up the mood of Aunt Wang, who was standing on the side. People who cooked were most satisfied by an enthusiastic diner.

“Are you full? If you are still hungry, I can cook some more for you.”

Long Xiao wanted to eat more, but there were a lot more other things he could do as a human, he couldn’t waste all his time on eating.

“No need, Aunt Wang. I just ate too much, and I’m going to go out later.”

He had some matters he needed to deal with concerning the original owner of this body.

Aunt Wang didn’t say more after hearing his refusal and went to clean up the dishes on the table.

Long Xiao, who had just finished eating the human world’s culinary delicacies, stepped outside at a leisurely pace. The sunlight shone in through the window with the unique enthusiasm of summer, illuminating Long Xiao’s incomparably handsome face and making people feel that even the sunlight was caressing this man.

Long Xiao took out his phone from his pocket, and opened a taxi app before standing in front of the Yunquan apartment building as he waited. He was still a third-year university student and hadn’t bought a car yet. There was a taxi nearby who accepted his order right away, and arrived within less than five minutes

Humans were weak but they were capable of inventing unusual things, such as this phone and this car, which were all quite interesting.

His destination was the apartment that the original Long Xiao had rented. Although he was only a third-year university student this year, he was already able to rent a house outside, and he even had many luxury goods that he had bought before. Long Xiao wouldn’t use them anyway so he had to get rid of them.

Speaking of which, Long Xiao recollected why ‘he’ had to act as a little white face for Gu Ming Yu in the first place. This body came from a rural background. His hometown which was called Longjia Village was situated within an unknown mountain, and almost everyone from this village was related to each other. It was somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. It was only when the government came to the village to do propaganda that the children of Longjia village began to go to school. Among these children, Long Xiao was the most outstanding one.

There were more than 30 children who were in the same batch as Long Xiao in Longjia Village, however, only Long Xiao had been admitted to university.

The people in the village were very simple. Knowing that Long Xiao had to leave to go to university, they had given him as much money and things as they could. Finally, they  were able to send Long Xiao to Shangjing University, a university which was thousands of miles away from the village.

After moving from the small mountain village to the big city, Long Xiao found himself immediately fascinated by the flourishing city. He began frantically comparing himself with his peers at school. He would ask for money from home every month, gradually going from a thousand every month to almost tens of thousands later on. The people in the village thought that the cost of living in the big city was very high. Long Xiao was the only one who was able to enter university from their village, so there were naturally no objections. Long Xiao’s parents did not have the ability to take out such an amount of money, so the whole village raised funds to send him money. It practically took the power of an entire village to support this one university student; Long Xiao.


  1. ~嫂: It’s “Aunt” /”Auntie“. Not blood-related but usually refers to an older person who helps to clean the house. A housekeeper/maid/servant.
  2. 大小姐-eldest daughter of an affluent family, basically the heiress of the family
  3. Hanging on a tree is a metaphor for doing something persistently in a way that hinders or hurts you
  4. white moonlight(白月光) is like the person never forgotten, always staying in one’s mind and heart like a beautiful memory they wanted to return to.
  5. little white face(小白脸) – an attractive young man. Usually used as a derogatory word for pretty boys.

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