Arc 1 Chapter 4 – Professionalism of a Substitute (4)

Translated by Huntress. Edited by Kame and Shiny.

Arc 1 Chapter 4 – Professionalism of a Substitute (4)

When the words “Long Xiao” came out of the receptionist’s mouth, Secretary Fang was overcome with a feeling of foreboding. After completely listening to the receptionist’s words, she had a complicated expression on her face. In the end, she could only sigh.

“Keep this gentleman here, I’ll go and ask the President. With regards to this gentleman’s matter, you know what you should do.”

The receptionist expressed her understanding naturally, but her heart had erupted like fireworks long ago. Oh my godddd!! There is actually a time where our workaholic Chairman Gu would also submit to beauty? Furtively glancing at the red scratches on the young man’s neck in front of her, the receptionist felt that she seemed to have discovered an unspeakable secret.

Inside the Chairman’s office on the top floor, Gu Mingyu was reading the reports sent by the Finance Department. When she heard the movement coming from the door, she didn’t even bother raising her head.

The only person who could freely enter and exit Gu Mingyu’s office while she was working was Secretary Fang.

“Chairman Gu, Mr. Long is on the first floor of the company at the moment. Do you want him to come up?”

Secretary Fang strove to maintain a normal expression on her own face without revealing any agitation. 


Hearing the words “Mr. Long”, Gu Ming Yu raised her head instinctively and looked at Secretary Fang doubtfully. Long was a rare surname. Throughout all these years, the only person that Gu Mingyu had met with possessing the surname Long was just her male pet

“It’s…… Your[formal] male pet, Long Xiao. He’s currently at the front desk of the company, and…… and he told the receptionist that he is your[formal] male pet.”

? ? ?

Gu Mingyu could understand these words on their own, but she couldn’t comprehend them when they were put together.

What did one mean by saying that Long Xiao was at the front desk of the company?

Moreover…… Long Xiao had told the receptionist that he was her male pet?

Although there was no mention of confidentiality in the contract signed by them at that time, nor had she forbidden Long Xiao from coming  to the company to find her, but, was it appropriate for a grown man to inform others so straightforwardly that he was a male pet?

Gu Mingyu was immediately exasperated. That powerful and passionate appearance of Long Xiao from the previous night appeared in her mind once again. She couldn’t help but raise her hand to rub her temples before speaking.

“Let him come up…… No, you go down and let him come up directly through the chairman’s elevator.”

In order to prevent Long Xiao from saying any more frightening words to anyone, Gu Mingyu asked Secretary Fang to bring the person up directly.

Secretary Fang nodded her head, immediately understanding the Chairman’s wishes. Hence, she turned around and left the office.

In the lounge area on the first floor, the young man who was sitting as he waited attracted the attention of the staff members that were coming and going from the office. Long Xiao leaned back leisurely on the sofa with his chin propped up against his hand. His radiant, obsidian black pupils were slightly narrowed and revealed a hint of indolence under the refraction of the light. His slender legs were resting on top of each other at this moment. Obviously, it was merely the action of putting one leg over the other, but it exuded an air of nobility.

The lighting of the room was already quite bright. When it hit his face, it illuminated the dazzling appearance that appeared as if it had been meticulously sculpted by God. The outline of his facial features were deep and distinct. Looking at him from afar, he was more eye-catching than most male models.

When Secretary Fang came down, she spotted Long Xiao sitting in the lounge area with one glance. There was nothing to be done, this person’s appearance was simply too eye-catching. Although he did  look slightly similar to the chairman’s ex-fiancé Yu Ze, this Long Xiao looked somewhat better than Yu Ze according to Secretary Fang’s own aesthetics.

She quickly walked towards the lounge area and stopped in front of Long Xiao.

“Hello, Mr. Long. Chairman Gu instructed me to take you upstairs to see her.”

It was only then that Long Xiao-who had been in a daze-turned his head to look at Secretary Fang in front of him, understanding immediately.

“Oh~ You’re Secretary Fang, right? I still remember you. You were in charge of my contract with Mingyu.”

He finally got up lazily from the sofa before bending down to pick up the bag that was placed on top of the table.

“Let’s go.”

Secretary Fang also noticed the scratch marks on Long Xiao’s neck and automatically visualized some novels like “Domineering CEO’s Pampered Husband”, but she still managed to maintain a serious expression on her face as she led Long Xiao along with her, bringing the person into the President’s exclusive elevator.

The elevator soon reached the top floor. Secretary Fang wanted to bring the person to the lounge at first, however, she recalled that the chairman had told her to bring him directly to her. Therefore, she directly brought him up to the office.

“Mr. Long, Chairman Gu is inside. You[formal] can enter on your own.”

“Thank you for leading the way, Secretary Fang.”

Long Xiao pushed the door open and entered. Gu Mingyu who was reading the financial statements did not raise her head. She had assumed that it was Secretary Fang who had come inside.

“Secretary Fang, you can arrange for the person to stay in the lounge next door. I’ll go there right away.”

She didn’t look up even as she gave her instructions, her mind currently filled with the numbers in the financial statements. There were a series of calculations running through her mind, hence, she didn’t notice that the sound of footsteps that approached her were unlike those of the high heels that belonged to Secretary Fang, but like the footsteps of a man.

It was the first time that Long Xiao had seen Gu Mingyu at work. Gu Mingyu had changed her clothes after arriving in the company today. She was wearing a black blouse with two buttons undone near her collar, exposing her fair neck. It was barely able to cover up the bite marks that were on the left side of her neck.

As expected, a woman who was at work looked the most beautiful. Long Xiao’s invasive gaze fell on Gu Mingyu’s slender swan-like neck. He knew how delicious that place was. He had even left his own mark there.

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