Arc 1 Chapter 3 – Professionalism of a Substitute (3)

Translated by Kame. Edited by Shiny.

Arc 1 Chapter 3 – Professionalism of a Substitute (3)

Long Xiao didn’t particularly care about this hundred million yuan, but once he recalled that he had used the ‘going out to study’ excuse to ask the village to send him money every month in order to accumulate this much, even he felt that his face was burning.

Others might not have known, but he knew that Longjia village was located on a big mountain, without so much as a road. They relied entirely on the mountain for survival. Even the water they drank came from the clear springs flowing down the mountain. How could they have such money? The village didn’t even have any Internet connection yet. If Long Xiao hadn’t gone out to university, the villagers would probably still have no idea how to operate a telephone…..

As he thought about this, Long Xiao felt that he couldn’t just eat and take others’ stuff for free. At the very least, he needed to contribute to the village!

As he thought more on it, Long Xiao pulled out his phone and dialled his village’s phone number.

The cellphones in the village are unable to receive any signals. The landline phones were the only ones that could be reached. The village only has one such phone and it was installed in the village head’s house.

In a small village far away from Long Tan City, all the households had begun to cook and eat at this time. After all, it was dark and it was very expensive to use electric lights. As soon as the telephone rang, the village head’s wife’s eyes widened immediately.

“Old man! Old mann! 1The phone is ringing! It must be Xiao zai2!”

She ceased cleaning up immediately and rushed over to the east room,  tugging at her husband who was resting after a hard day of work.

“What are you still sleeping for! It’s Xiao zai’s phone call! It’s ringing!”

This was a rare item. The village head’s wife had never seen such a good item. Their Longjia village had been separated from the secular world for a long time, and they had never been to the city outside. The village head was awakened in bewilderment. When he heard ‘Xiao zai’, his eyes widened suddenly and he quickly jumped out of bed.

“Woman, why didn’t you answer the phone first? What if I didn’t get up and Xiao zai hung up the phone?”

This Village Chief Long had also watched Long Xiao as he grew up. He knew that since young this child was good-looking and very smart. That was why all the villagers called Long Xiao, ‘Xiao zai’. It was a cute nickname.

He didn’t even think about wearing his shoes as he ran barefoot to the living room. He rubbed his hand on his clothes before picking up the phone receiver.

“Hello! Is it Xiao zai?” 

His voice was very loud, as if he was afraid that Long Xiao would not be able to hear him.

This familiar voice made Long Xiao curl up his lips. His eyes were filled with tenderness. Although Long Jia Village was very poor and behind the times, it was also the most simple. The villagers were all tied together with one heart.

“Yes it’s me, Grandfather Hua. Is the village doing well lately?”

His tone was joyful. Village Chief Long was so happy hearing it that his mouth couldn’t close.

“Of course, we are doing great! Everybody’s doing their work, eating well, and they’re all healthy! Don’t you worry!”

As Village Chief Long spoke, he wiggled his eyebrows at his wife. His wife understood and nodded before speaking softly: “I will go call Xiao zai‘s parents over…”

She hurriedly ran out after speaking, leaving Village Chief Long to stay on the phone.

“Then I’m relieved. Grandfather Hua, to be honest with you[formal], I’m calling to discuss something with you[formal].”

Thinking about the village’s current poverty-struck status, Long Xiao wanted to return the money. But the villagers wouldn’t know what to use it on even if he sent all this money back to them. So, he should just hold on to it for now.

“What is it? Just say it, as long as your Grandfather Hua can do it, your Grandfather Hua will make sure to do it for you!”

The Village Chief Long’s name was “Long Da Hua”. 3 Doesn’t it sound like a girl’s name? Some years ago, the village fortune teller had said that the Long Village Chief needed to have a girl’s name in order to be healthy. Thus, we have the “Grandfather Hua” that Long Xiao was calling.

“It’s not really a big deal.  Aren’t there a few children around my age in our village? It’s just that I’m alone in the city, and I was thinking that there are certain things that are a bit difficult to manage by myself. So, I was wondering whether Grandfather Hua would be able to send a few people over to help me do some things? And also arrange for a little girlie to cook for us. Just three or four people should be enough. This city out here is really huge. I should also be able to help them find some proper job and help you reduce your worries.”

These were Long Xiao’s honest thoughts. Now that he had hugged such a big golden thigh 4,organizing a few job appointments should be a trivial matter? Recalling from his inherited memories that Gu Ming Yu had helped the You Family for a few years before the annulment of her engagement, Long Xiao felt displeased.

Now that the person was already his, the big thigh also belonged to him, he couldn’t care less about when Gu Ming Yu’s White moonlight would return. If she wanted to take care of someone, it was only his family that should be taken care of!

As a pleasure-seeking dragon who protected his kin no matter the cost, Long Xiao did not have the so-called self-esteem and inferiority complexes possessed by human beings.

Since it was Gu Mingyu herself who had said that she was going to take care of him, she definitely needed to take responsibility for him, right?

“Of course, that’s alright! Don’t mention three or four people, even if you asked for ten people, your Grandfather Hua can still send them to you. It’s just that the cost for staying outside is a bit too high. If the people are sent over, would they bring any trouble to you, Xiao zai?

The Village Chief Long’s heart was moved. He knew that his Xiao zai was doing well outside, so he wanted to pull out the villagers. If they were able to send out three or four villagers this time, then once Xiao zai became even more excellent, wouldn’t the rest of children in the village also gain a chance?

Although he thought so, his face displayed a frown. Xiao zai had been living outside for two years now and the costs were quite high. What if the villagers going there will be burdening him, that would not be good. 

“How could they trouble me? Grandfather Hua, to tell you the truth, I’ve made a lot of money within the past two years, more than one million yuan. I actually wanted to return the money to the people in the village, but our village is so poor that there’s no place to spend money. So, I was thinking of bringing all the children out of the village and working on buying land in the big city. Then, we can build another Longjia village here, and everyone in our village can move here!”

As he held the mobile phone, the more he spoke, the more he felt that this was the correct direction. Long Xiao decided he had to please his gold master. Then, Gu Mingyu would be so enamored by him that she would definitely be willing to build a house of gold for him. This way, there would be no problems with building another Longjia village~

As for whether or not Gu Mingyu had this ability, well, Long Xiao was still a dragon. The function of the dragon is to pray for blessings. As long as he prayed for Gu Mingyu, Gu Mingyu would be able to make more money and build an even bigger golden house for him! 

“Good! Good! Xiao zai, Grandfather Hua is very happy that you have such thoughts. Don’t worry. Grandfather Hua will definitely do it for you and arrange for the best children in our village to come to you. Is that ok? ”

After confirming that they wouldn’t bring any trouble to Long Xiao, the Village Chief Long began to think about which children he should arrange to send over. They had to be good-looking, smart and obedient children.

“Thank you Grandfather Hua, I have already transferred twenty thousand yuan to your card. Please let those children take the money and come find me. Don’t let them bring too much luggage. I’m afraid that the journey might be unsafe.” 

As a person with experience, he instructed some matters to be careful about, and the Village Chief Long happily listened and he even forgot to say that he had called for Long Xiao’s parents. By the time Long Xiao’s parents and little sister arrived, the phone conversation had already ended.

In the chief’s house, Long Xiao’s parents’ faces were filled with disappointment. Their appearances were similar to Long Xiao, however, the most beautiful little girl had tears in her eyes and was on the verge of tears. They hadn’t seen Long Xiao for two years already.

“Come on, don’t cry. Your brother is a promising man now! He’s making money outside and thinking about ways to help the villagers, and this time, he called back to ask me to arrange for a few people to go to see him in Shangjing city. Girl, since you cling to your older brother the most, you can go over to see your brother.”

Seeing the little girl’s tears was one of the things that Village Chief Long was unable to bear seeing the most. He was already feeling embarrassed, and so, he simply told them about how he was planning on arranging people to go to the city. As a result, the little girlie’s eyes widened suddenly as she stopped crying instantly. The tears that hadn’t fallen still swam within her eyes, appearing as if they wished to drop, but remained in place as her eyes sparkled as though they were shining lights. 

“Grandfather Hua! I can go to the city to find my older brother? Really?”

The little girlie’s name was Long Qin Yun. She was Long Xiao’s sister. There was no need to say anything about her appearance. Her face was the fairy-like look that was most popular nowadays. It was the purest look, making people feel soft at first glance. Now, that face had tears in her eyes, making others want to cherish her.

“As long as your parents agree, of course you can. We also need to discuss this with the other villagers. Call the rest of the villagers to gather for a meeting. ”

They all belonged to the same clan and shared the same ancestors. This distribution of spots had to be done fairly. When he recalled how Xiao zai had said that he wanted to bring the whole village to the big city, a fire was lit in Long Village Chief’s heart. He thought to himself that he absolutely could not let these kids pull Xiao zai‘s rear leg! He must find the most outstanding children in the village to help Xiao zai!

Long Xiao did not realize that his asking for a few people had directly affected the fate of the villagers. In all honesty, he had actually asked for them because he wasn’t used to not having anybody serving him. 

Even if he had become a human being, Long Xiao still liked being served by others. There needed to be someone who could help drive him places, right? Someone had to cook his meals, right? Someone had to buy clothes for him, right? Someone also needed to arrange other matters as well, so Long Xiao had thought of the children in the village, thinking that he could arrange them well once the time arrived.

After explaining the arrangement to Village Chief Long, he found the fancy perfume box in his own rented room and picked out this year’s fashionable perfume which had an orange fragrance before going out happily.

That’s right. For his own big plan, Long Xiao would not allow his own investor to be snatched away by others!

Regardless that he didn’t underestimate his own charms since he believed that with him in her possession, Gu Ming Yu would definitely not take a glance at another man!

At 5:35 p.m., a handsome young man came over to the first floor of the office building of Yating corporation. The young man was slender and about 1.9 meters tall. He was dressed in sporty attire, and didn’t appear as though he was there to talk about business. With a clean and white face loved by God, his Obsidian eyes gave people an indescribable charm as he walked, carrying a luxury bag with him.

After walking into the fancy building, he headed straight towards the front desk.

“Sir, may I ask who you are looking for? Do you have an appointment?”

The girlie from reception saw the handsome guy and blushed immediately. However, her heart sank when she caught sight of a few red marks on the guy’s neck.

As expected, the cute guy already had a girlfriend~

It was the first time that Long Xiao had come to Gu Ming Yu’s company. Without any hesitation, he immediately said: 

“I’m looking for your chairman, Gu Ming Yu. I’m her….”

After that, what he said was not exactly clear, but the receptionist’s eyes widened immediately, and she shakingly reached out to call the Chairman’s Secretary office. Secretary Fang answered the phone.

“Secretary Fang, there’s a man downstairs asking to see the chairman.”

The receptionist’s tone sounded like she was trying hard to suppress her excitement. Secretary Fang furrowed her eyebrows and replied coldly:

“No one is allowed to see the Chairman without an appointment, do I really have to personally teach you these rules?”

While holding onto the phone, the receptionist’s body trembled. Muttering that she was aware of these regulations to herself…however, this man wasn’t a regular person…She clenched her teeth and continued awkwardly:

“But…But this Mr. Long Xiao said that he’s the Chairman’s ..the chairman’s boy toy…..”


Translator’s note (Tl/n) :

Kame:  “As long as your Grandfather Hua can do it, your Grandfather Hua will make sure to do it for you!” AHHHHH PRECIOUS GRANDFATHER HUAAAAAAAA Q.Q I miss my grandfather…He would also do everything he can to make us happy…

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  1. 老头子Lǎotóuzi: Certain Chinese ladies like to refer to their husband as ‘old man’
  2. 霄崽 Xiāo zǎi is a mixture of the Xiao from his name, and 崽zǎi from 崽崽 Zǎi zǎi (”Zai Zai” / Cub. This is a Chinese internet slang/term of endearment for cub/baby.) So, I will just italicize and lowercase zai as it is not his name.
  3. His name is 龙大花 Lóng dà huā: Literal translation is Dragon Big Flower…It sounds weird, so I’m just keeping it as pinyin.
  4. 金大腿Jīn dàtuǐ: To refer to a person who will be able to spend money on him like a sugar mummy/daddy, or an investor.

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