After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain 65 Part 2

Chapter 65: Confession (2)

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“What if I told you I already have someone I like?” Tang Li asked, “Is this reason good enough to convince you?”

There was a long silence after that.

He didn’t know how long it had been, the boy then chuckled, “Let me take a guess. The person that you like is the one who took care of you during your childhood, and that person is Shen Yu right?”

Shen Yu, “…”

What the f*ck!

The feeling of overhearing his name while eavesdropping was truly indescribable…

Child, food can be eaten indiscriminately but words can’t be spoken recklessly[1].

{TN: [1] It’s a metaphor means you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever’s on your mind because disaster comes from the mouth}

How could Tang Li like him without rhyme or reason? Moreover, he was like a father to Tang Li.

Shen Yu’s mind was in a mess. Outside the stall, Tang Li replied, “Yes, you didn’t guess it wrong.”

Shen Yu, “…”

Shen Yu wondered if what he just heard was an illusion or what Tang Li accidentally said was the opposite. Maybe Tang Li wanted to say that the boy guessed wrong. Tang Li doesn’t like him at all.

Thinking about it, Shen Yu’s brain was about to explode.

However, it turns out that he didn’t hear it wrong. He clearly heard Tang Li say, “The person that I like is Shen Yu. I’ve liked him for seven years and five months. Since I first saw him when I stepped into the Shen family, I have loved him.”

“No wonder…” The boy apparently tried to lift up his spirits. The tone of his voice sounded as if nothing had happened but the fact was that every word he said was in tremor. “I begged you so much, yet you are not willing to come and see me. As soon as you hear that Song Hui has brought Shen Yu, you rush over here. You are so obvious that even the blind can see what you think of him.”

“Is it?” Tang Li said mockingly to himself,  “It’s a pity that he can’t see it.”

Shen Yu, who was in the compartment, was still silent, “…”

He admitted that he was not only blind, but he was also a fool.

How could he not understand what Tang Li’s words meant…

Liking him for more than seven years? Fell in love with him when he first stepped into Shen family?

But at that time, Tang Li was only ten years old. What did a ten year old know? Even if he was precocious, it was unlikely for him to understand such problems so early…

Shen Yu felt that his three views[2] were about to be turned upside down.

{TN: [2] 三观 /sānguān is  three abbreviations of world view, values and life view. It’s the way you see this world or life and how you value things. This is for those who forgotten and don’t know}

The poor little boy’s three views on the outside also was about to be overthrown. He can no longer stand it as his composure was falling apart, he sobbed, “You are sick! He was kind enough to raise you as his own son, yet you want to f*ck him!”

Tang Li replied in a sinking voice, “Pay attention to your words.”

“You dare to admit it, but you are afraid of me talking about it?” The boy bawled his eyes out, “You’re sick. You’ve been stabbing him in the dark for so many years. No wonder Shen Yu had been single until now. It must be you who has been playing tricks behind him!”

“…Don’t say it. ” Tang Li muttered. 

“I need to say it.” The boy who has been humble for such a long time finally hardened himself and angrily said, “I think Shen Yu was truly a fool to foster an ingrate like you. If he knew you have such a filthy mind, he would certainly kick you out from the Shen family.”

Tang Li had endured for a long time and was in his last straw. He repressed his anger and said, “Sure enough, this kind of people have this kind of mind. I just simply like Shen Yu. I never thought about what to do to him. On the contrary, it’s you who keeps talking and is completely dirty.”

“Can you guarantee that you don’t think of him in that way?” the boy asked.

Tang Li started, “I…”

Only one word was uttered, and his words came to an abrupt end.

“Look, what did I tell you!” The boy was as excited as if he had just won a battle. He stopped crying at once. Then, he opened his mouth and retorted, “It’s obvious that your own mind is unclean. You have the nerve to say it’s me!”

Tang Li was exasperated, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

He then turned around to leave.

The boy anxiously stared at Tang Li who walked out of the restroom for a long time. He was startled for quite a while. Only then, he suddenly reacted——Oh right, he was the most bitter person. He was already having his heart break before he began to fall in love. What was his excitement just now…

Thinking so, the boy then realised and felt wrong. His eyes and nose started to grieve.

Shen Yu, who hid in the stall, kept his body in the same posture for a long time, had his limbs numb as a result.

He gritted his teeth and continued to hold on until the boy outside fixed out his sad mood and slowly walked out of the bathroom. Once the boy left, he then gradually relaxed.

Who knew how long it took for him to relax, there was a sound of the door being pushed in accompanied by the sounds of footsteps nearing close.


It was not over yet ah

Shen Yu inwardly cursed and unconsciously kept his original posture.

Afterwards, he heard the footsteps stop outside the stall where he was in. Then, the half-open door was pushed, and only to see Tang Li standing in front of him without any expression.

Shen Yu raised the corner of his mouth with difficulty, showing an extremely awkward smile.

“What a coincidence.”

“It’s not a coincidence.” Tang Li heaved helplessly, “I came here to find you.”

Shen Yu knew that his posture of hiding at the very corner of the wall was funny. He wanted to turn around and face Tang Li, but his limbs were already numb. With a little movement, it seemed that there were electric currents running through his body.

This felt truly terrible.

Shen Yu breathed out. He could only turn to Tang Li for help, “I can’t move.”

Tang Li was naturally aware of Shen Yu’s condition, but he thought that such a clumsy Shen Yu looked really cute. It made him want to see him several times, and how he wished that time would pause in this harmonious atmosphere.

He didn’t know what Shen Yu would say or do next.

After all, he had already taken the initiative to pierce through that wall and Shen Yu can no longer pretend that nothing has happened.

Tang Li was in turmoil. He quickly gathered his spirits and stepped forward. He placed his hand around Shen Yu’s waist, and easily carried him out.

“Your leg hasn’t completely healed yet. It’s not suitable to stand for a long time.” Tang Li knitted his brows in resent while talking. On the other hand, he crouched down, and gently pinched Shen Yu’s legs.

The embarrassed look on Shen Yu’s face never disappeared. He stammered, “I-I had no choice but to…”

There was a guilty feeling in that tone.

Awe Hidden Corner: Yeah. Exactly! what a ten years old know? But then again… Tsk, kids these days.

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