Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 5

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 5 – I am Rakshasa*

Lian Xing couldn’t care less about the pain and ran out with her face covered. Humph, must teach them a lesson, best let that priest drench them entirely with dog blood. Was her master one that could also be provoked?

    Liu Xinmei looked at Lian Ying’er bemused. An exorcism sounds good. She wanted to see what kind of a great priest she could hire.

    A thin Taoist Priest followed Lian Xing in, holding a peach wood sword in his hand, indeed giving off somewhat of an immortal’s appearance.

    “Greetings Lian Fei Niang Niang.” The Taoist Priest bowed¹ and greeted, turns out they were acquaintances.

¹TN: This bow is one where both hands were held together in front of them as they bowed their waist.

    “Tao Priest Wang, please quickly come take a look. This Wang Fei sister of mine has been ensnared by some foreign evil demon. Ever since she woke up, she’s always going on about wanting to fight and kill.” Lian Ying’er helplessly frowned.

    Cold, clear eyes surveyed around Liu Xinmei’s face. That Taoist Priest raised the peach wood sword in his hand and said: “Everyone quickly retreat back. The princess has been possessed by a powerful ghost, her behavior no longer under her control. Wait until this humble self has performed an exorcism and driven out the ghosts.”

    Everyone retreated to the door in astonishment, she truly was possessed by ghosts. No wonder this Wang Fei dispersed weirdness everywhere.

    The priest murmured words in his mouth, the peach wood sword flew up and about. He then took out a talisman from his chest and stuck it onto Liu Xinmei’s forehead.

    Nima², you’re clearly treating me like a zombie. Liu Xinmei didn’t want to be at the mercy of his arrangements and hurriedly stepped away.

²TN: Your mom (has the same pinyin as 你妈(nima) which means your mom)

    That Taoist Priest became impatient as soon as he didn’t land the first hit, and shouted, “Vile creature, still not quietly submitting.”

    These few words amused Liu Xinmei to laugh out loud. It was too fucking funny, were you a reinforcement brought over by a monkey? Why aren’t you telling me to show my original form?

    You can go coax others with this trick. I’m not possessed by some powerful ghost. Me? I’m Rakshasa reincarnated.

    As Liu Xinmei thought this, she kicked out with her foot. That peach wood sword flew out and, with a “put”, landed in a corner of the courtyard.

    The Taoist Priest froze, raised his head, and carefully observed Liu Xinmei. He had never lost his hand before when it came to dealing with the woman kept deep behind high walls.

    “Tao Priest, you should just go back. You don’t know, but I have a Rakshasa in my body, and it especially loves to cause trouble for Taoist priests. If she becomes angry, even Lord Yama needs to yield a bit to her. Today, I’m in a good mood so I’ll just ask her for a favor and let you go. In a bit, if your little life was lost here, then that’d be no fun. “Liu Xinmei said to him with a smile, but her gaze shot out a murderous aura.

    That Tao Priest seemed as though he really saw Rakshasa. With a livid face, he picked up his peach wood sword and left in a fluster.

    A powerful evil ghost that even the Tao Priest couldn’t control. A few had cold sweat oozing out from the top of their heads. Everyone wanted to escape out of this courtyard right after. Today’s events were too ominous, even that Tao Priest performing the exorcism was afraid of her.

    “Hold it” Liu Xinmei bellowed out coldly.

    They really were obedient; those few people dared not move.

    Liu Xinmei walked in front of Lian Ying’er and raised her chin slightly: “Sister, I remember you just said earlier that the people in this garden are not allowed to move around at will. But you see, I am someone that can’t sit still. Say, how would this be any good?”

    “You…you” even Yinger’s words were not coming out smoothly. She couldn’t really be the reincarnated Rakshasa, right?

    “Wang Fei, let’s go back quickly, the Yin³ air is very heavy here.” Lian Xing pulled at Lian Ying’er’s sleeve.

³TN: The Yin in Yin and Yang energy. Usually viewed as cold and negative energy.

    “Liu Ye Er.” Liu Xinmei shouted.

    “Wang Fei.” Liu Ye Er was completely stunned but still responded habitually.

    “Go help me fiercely slap her face. Yin air, this short-eyed servant, did you think that this Wang Fei was a dead person?” Liu Xinmei deliberately gave everyone a show of strength. The two slaps just earlier were still light hits.

    Liu Ye Er was still afraid and didn’t dare to step forward. She has always been the one that was beaten, when did the fortunes change?

    “How to teach a lesson to a servant, do you still need to have this Wang Fei personally undertake this over and over?” Liu Xinmei deliberately said coldly.

    Lian Xing raised her head up high and looked at Liu Ye Er with contempt. Just based on you, even if you were given more guts, you wouldn’t dare do anything to this girl.

    A series of humiliating pictures appeared in front of Liu Ye Er’s eyes. Just listen to the Wang Fei, enough of suffering through such days. At most, she would just end up dead. She wound up her elbow, and “PA”, smacked her with a slap.

    “Damn bitch, you dared to hit me, you’re really tired of living.” Lian Xing launched herself over to tear at Liu Ye Er. Was this madness a contagious disease?

    When the mother had not woken up, Liu Ye Er had been taking care of the little Shizi. This child saw that his mother and Liu Yi Er were all different from the past. His courage also became bigger. He quickly ran a few steps and slammed head first into Lian Xing’s leg. She was unguarded and “Pun Tong” fell to the ground. Just hearing that sound made you cringe.

    He smiled at his mother pleasingly. When he grew up, he could definitely protect them.

    “So good” Liu Xinmei smiled with satisfaction. The child could be taught, it shouldn’t take too long before this child would become her effective little helper.

    Lian Xing sat on the ground and burst into tears. She was beaten by such a lowly maid. What kind of face would she have to continue carrying on in this palace? She didn’t believe that her master wouldn’t come forward for her.

    “You are, you are, really bullying too much. This Wang Fei came to visit her sister out of the kindness of her heart yet you joined forces to bully my maid?” If Lian Ying’er was not afraid of being unable to beat them in a fight, she would have already raised her hand. It’s just that this time was different from the past, this Liu Xinmei was a little weird.

    “Lian Ying’er, do you mean that this Wang Fei was not even qualified to teach a maidservant? You have heard yourself that she was not respectful of this Wang Fei. If it wasn’t for being mindful of you, the master’s, face, this Wang Fei would’ve beaten her dead today.” Liu Xinmei said ruthlessly, a ferocious aura surrounding her brows.

    “Big Sister doesn’t have to put on a Wang Fei’s airs, you are just a…” Lian Yinger was also angry.

    “Just an unfavored Wang Fei, wasn’t it?” Liu Xinmei intercepted her words and smiled: “But, no matter how unfavored, he didn’t take my status as the proper Wang Fei. Remember it well, in the future, only I am the Wang Fei in this palace. You are nothing more than a concubine, Don’t forget your place.”

    Lian Ying’er was stunned and almost planted on the ground. It’s been two years, everyone called her “Lian Fei Niang Niang”. She almost forgot that she was a concubine.

    “Big Sister Wang Fei, Ying’er was only following the lord’s orders to help Big Sister Wen take charge of some housework. If Big Sister is dissatisfied with something, you can just go find the lord or Sister Wen for a resolution. Why do you make things difficult for those under me?” The people that were taught a lesson today were all from the Lian Family. Where was her face?

    “If they don’t make things difficult for me, I would not be difficult for them. What should be given to me, not a thing can go missing. By the way, little sister, I will be having chicken here tonight, do you want to stay and have a meal together?” Liu Xinmei kindly invited her.

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TN: Rakshasa is the Man-eating demon in Buddhism (also found in Hindu Mythology). Some people might know the term Asura better. Please see link for more details:


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