5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 9.3

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Chapter 9.3 – Son Taught Me To Use Mobile Phone

Gu Yuan grinned: “Since there’s nothing to do in the car, you borrow me your phone to play for a while.”

[TN: Notice how she was not even asking for it? She was basically just said ‘Give me your phone’ XD]

Butler Sima who was sitting at the front had just wanted to take this opportunity to turn around and asked Ji Qisen his instructions following the problems for the purchase of vehicles in the villa. 

Before he even managed to open his mouth, he already heard the words spoken by Gu Yuan. He was so shocked that he almost fell down from his seat.

Young Master’s mobile phone, it’s Young Master’s mobile phone!

In this era where everyone had a mobile phone, mobile phone signified communication as well as privacy. For average people, they would not easily let other people look at their mobile phone, let alone when their Young Master was not even an average person!


Firstly, the Young Master was AK Group’s Presiden. His mobile phone might contain classified information on the company. 

Secondly, the Young Master also had a very serious case of mysophobia and territorialism. Don’t even mention about his mobile phone, even his villa also had very few friends that came to pay a visit.

However, with such a Young Master, Miss Gu unexpectedly asked for his mobile phone. Furthermore, from the way she spoke, it seemed like she had played with the mobile phone before.

Even though Butler Sima was just a butler, he also had a Ph.D in Household Management from a famous overseas Ivy School and a clean family background. He had already worked in Ji Family for many years and was very clear about Ji Qisen’s nobility.

In this life, it was impossible for Ji Qisen to borrow his personal mobile phone to others. Not even if that person was his own blood father!

However, Gu Yuan had managed to borrow it?

Butler Sima’s whole body was half stiff and his ears were raised to listen to his Young Master’s response.

Was he furious? Or disdain? Or was it……?

Right at this moment, Butler Sima heard his family’s Young Master say: “Okay.”

It was only a simple word.

But Butler Sima unexpectedly heard tolerance and helplessness from it.

Butler Sima: “!!!”

At this moment, he started to seriously think about Sun-shen’s conjectures.

Young Master had fallen in love?

It seemed like Young Master was no longer the original Young Master anymore.

At this moment, he heard Gu Yuan’s puzzlement.

“Huh, what is this?”

“How do you open this?”

“Wa, how do I watch this?”

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