5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 8.5

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Chapter 8.5 – Ex-boyfriend Had Become a Film Emperor

Gu Yuan was helpless: “I really was Lu Zhiqian’s ex-classmate in both high school and university. We dated for 3 years. Afterwards, I had a terminal disease and was put into deep-freeze until recently. Therefore, I still looked the same as I was 25 years ago.”

Thinking of it in this way, she suddenly remembered one thing: “Look at Lu Zhiqian’s personal introduction. It said that he never gave up on his terminally ill girlfriend. Afterwards, his girlfriend died despite receiving treatment and I am that girlfriend who had died!”

With these explanations, they should understand now.

Policeman A & B looked at each other and thought: ‘Did young girls nowadays chased stars chase until they lost their mind? She could even fantasize out a science fiction story?’

Gu Yuan looked at their obvious disbelief and became anxious: “Look at my ID card. I was born in 19xx and I am 45 years old this year!”

Policeman A coughed: “Girl, this is the thing that we wanted to talk to you. Please take out your own ID card.”

Gu Yuan: “That’s my ID card. I’ve already explained it to you. If you guys don’t believe me, you can call the institute. Or you can just directly go and ask Lu Zhiqian. Ask him if I am his girlfriend?”

However, no matter how she defended or gave the phone number that Dr. Chen provided her before she left, the policemen still did not believe her. They thought she was one of those young people who chased stars and chased until now that she could even create a fantasy story to link herself with her idol.  

Gu Yuan: “If you wanted to believe it or not is not my problem but I had nothing to do with what happened to Lu Zhiqian. I didn’t do anything, please let me go!”

Policeman A: “We need you to register first. Please show us your ID card.” 

Gu Yuan: “………………………”

Just when she felt extremely helpless, a man in police uniform came over. He was obviously the boss of the other 2 policemen.

Boss: “Let her go.”

Policeman A: “Chief, she …….”

Boss: “Let her go.”

Policeman B: “She concealed the truth from us and did not cooperate with our investigation.”

Boss: “Let her go!!”

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