5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 8.3

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Chapter 8.3 – Ex-boyfriend Had Become a Film Emperor

According to normal procedures, shouldn’t he give this lucky girl a charming smile, then embrace her affectionately while facing the camera and finally pose in a professional and handsome manner?

Why was the Film Emperor like this?

Lu Zhiqian certainly knew that his current performance was too abnormal. The assistant that was beside him had already coughed to remind him desperately. He stared at the girl that was standing in front of him. The girl who looked exactly the same as his ex-girlfriend. 

From 17 to 20, she was his girlfriend. Afterwards, she became terminally ill. At that time, he knew that she would not survive and he also felt very sad.

But no matter how sad he felt, she was going to die and he obviously still needed to move forward and find his own way.

Qiao Junyun was a classmate from the Film Academy and had always liked him. Her family was also from the entertainment circle and he obviously needed to think about his future.

Anyway, sooner or later she was going to die. His and Qiao Junyun’s matters were just the difference between earlier or later.

However, she(GY) was not happy about it. She did not empathize with him. When she saw he kissed Qiao Junyun, she scolded him angrily and broke up with him. 

    Lu Zhiqian took a deep breath. He still remembered how Gu Yuan scolded him all those years back.

Gu Yuan said that she was terminally ill and she was going to die soon. He had obviously betrayed her but he still hypocritically tried to stir his public image! She also said he sucked the blood of a dead person and even if she died and became a ghost, she would not let him go.

[TN: Since she was dying, she refer to herself as a dead person]

And now, Gu Yuan unexpectedly stood in front of him. Even the way she looked at him was the same as it was 25 years ago.

Was it his own hallucination or had she really become a ghost and now came to find him for revenge?

As it happened, at this time, Gu Yuan blinked and smiled. In a low voice she said: “Zhiqian, after so many years that I had not seen you, you have grown old.”

Once these words were spoken, Lu Zhiqian’s back felt cold, his whole body became weak and his complexion became deathly pale.

With a thud, his whole person fell flat onto the stage.

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