5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 8.2

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Chapter 8.2 – Ex-boyfriend Had Become a Film Emperor

Every cell in Gu Yuan’s body also refused to go up the stage!

The person in charge looked at Gu Yuan’s refusal and was dumbfounded: “That is Lu Zhiqian!”

That’s right. Precisely because he was Lu Zhiqian, looking at him already made my blood boil!

However, everyone seemed to have ignored Gu Yuan’s refusal. She desperately said ‘I don’t want’ but the surrounding people believed that she was just too emotional, too shy, and too excited. In a very short period, she was pushed by the people until she reached the stage.

There, Lu Zhiqian looked at the lucky girl with a charming smile. As he stretched out his arms to hug her and prepared to listen to the screams of his fans from below the stage.

It was only when he stretched out his arms that he was frozen on the spot.

The girl opposite him suddenly caused him to feel like he had returned to more than 20 years ago. The time when he was still in his youth.

He stared at her in a daze, as if in a trance. His whole person just felt like he was in a dream.

While Gu Yuan stood on the stage that had attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people who looked at Lu Zhiqian closely.

The full-length portrait placard of Lu Zhiqian had obviously been processed and his view from below the stage was affected by the lighting and distance. Therefore, instead of looking old, Lu Zhiqian actually looked matured and does not look his age.

However, when she stood in front of him at such a short distance, she could clearly see how old this man had become. He had become way too old. In the end, there were still differences between a 45 years old man and a 20 years old young man. You could say that he was calm, mature and charming. But an old man was still an old man. He could never return to his youth even though the skin on his face was not flabby, it was strangely tight and tense. His skin was lightly red as if someone had tightly pulled his skin. 

Gu Yuan did not understand what had happened to his face but she felt it was unnatural and ugly.

Gu Yuan felt a sense of comfort bubbled up in her heart as if she had drunk a glass of ice cola in the middle of summer heat. Every cell in her body was shouting, happy, happy!

There was nothing great for being a Film Emperor. When you are old, you are old. I’m younger than you by 25 years and this is my capital. My future is filled with infinite possibilities! While you already have 1 foot in the grave!

The small villain in Gu Yuan’s heart wanted to burst out in laughter and pride at herself.

Lu Zhiqian stared at Gu Yuan: “You, who are you?”

Gu Yuan gave out a radiant smile, revealing a row of cute and orderly teeth that belong to an 18 years old: “Why, Film Emperor, ‘a man of your eminence is apt to be forgetful’, do you not know me?”

Lu Zhiqian was shocked. His face paled and he almost fell on the stage

The people under the stage and the people from the school that was in charge of this were stunned. What happened to the Film Emperor? There seemed to be something wrong with the Film Emperor?

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