5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1 – Ex-boyfriend Had Become a Film Emperor

Entering the auditorium, it was a full house. Many students who came late stood in the corridor, cocking their heads to look inside. Among them, the female students were especially excited. They screamed and cheered at the Film Emperor who stood on the podium. 

Gu Yuan managed to squeeze in with difficulty. She only looked towards the podium from the steps and as she expected, it was really Lu Zhiqian.

The Film Emperor, Lu Zhiqian, had a superb acting skill and had countless masterpieces. He had won several awards at the National Film Festival several times. He had millions of fans, even if he was 45 years already but his charms had not deteriorated at all. 

His fan base consisted of all the girls from 13 years old teenagers to more than forty years old middle age ladies. Among the female students in the Capital Firm Academy, a lot of them were also his fans. Not to mention that these students also view the Film Emperor as their ultimate goal in life. Now that they could finally see the Film Emperor Lu who had personally come to the Film Academy to give a lecture, each and every one of them were very excited as if injected with chicken blood.

It was not known how many people were cheering and screaming. After the school leader tried to calm down the students, with difficulty, the surrounding started to quiet down. Afterwards, the Film Emperor, Lu Zhiqian, took over the microphone and started his talk. His opening words were gentle and intimate, “Good day my fellow junior brothers and sisters”, it was only a short 8 words but the whole auditorium cheered up once again.

Film Emperor Lu was indeed a person who values feelings and righteousness. Even after he graduated for so many years and already became a world-renowned Film Emperor, he still referred to them as junior brothers and sisters when he returned to his alma mater.

The young female students were moved to tears. In their eyes, Lu Zhiqian was a God. A God that was far above them.

Gu Yuan, who stood in the sea of cheering and screaming admirers, looked at the man on the podium who was worshipped by tens of thousands of people. She was unable to take it anymore. She needed to find the Dean as soon as possible so that she could return to the Film Academy. 

Who would have imagined that right at this moment, the surrounding fans would suddenly scream and cheered. Gu Yuan who just took her first step to leave the auditorium suddenly noticed that everyone’s line of sight was focused on her.

Their eyes were wild with envy.

What’s wrong?

Gu Yuan was puzzled. She only saw the people there keep screaming: “She had received it! She had received it!”

Following everyone’s crazy gaze, she slowly looked down and to see what it was that had everyone so excited. To her surprise, she saw a ball was hanging on her clothes. 

Gu Yuan squeezed the ball in confusion. She did not understand how the ball ended up on her clothes. 

However, with her small movement, some of the people there were so emotional that they practically shed tears on the spot. 

Gu Yuan was stunned.

At this time, someone had already rushed over and asked her to go up the stage to hug and take a photo with the Film Emperor.

Hug and photo?

Who wants to take a photo with that jerk? Bah, that was disgusting!

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