5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 13.3

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Chapter 13.3 Going Back to The House Again 2

Gu Yue’s husband shouted anxiously: “Louzi is just a penniless peasant! Louzi doesn’t want to go to the hospital! Louzi can’t afford it!”

Ji Qisen looked at him and sneered. 

“I’ll help you pay for your medical expenses.”

Gu Yue’s husband was taken aback, and at this moment, the several young and strong bodyguards had already carried the stretcher out from the house.

Gu Yue stomped her feet in anger.

“Let him go, let him go! He does not have heart disease, he is not sick!”

After her bellowed, the onlookers were stunned. After a moment, they started to laugh one after another. 

When Gu Yue saw everyone was laughing, she blushed with anger.

“You cannot snatch him away!”

Ji Qisen: “He had a heart attack.”

Gu Yue: “He is not sick, he is just pretending to be sick! He is still in good health. So you cannot do this to him!”

Gu Yue’s husband was frightened as well. He looked at those people who said that they were a doctor and nurses, but ghosts knew what they really were! And they wanted to take him away in broad daylight. Of course, he would not go with them. If by any chance they actually wanted to beat him up……. 

His face suddenly turned pale with fright. He frantically got up from the stretcher and shouted, “Louzi is not sick! Louzi is very healthy! Louzi doesn’t want to treat any illness! Louzi doesn’t want to spend any money and treat any illness! ”

The surrounding neighbours were scared until they were out of breath. Some others even ridiculed loudly.

“Didn’t you just said you were experiencing heart attack?”

Gu Yue’s husband was so anxious that his temple was bulging.

“I’m okay already. Can’t I be better now? Whether I’m sick or not is none of your business!”

Gu Yuan never expected that her son would use this method. Looking at Gu Yue who was filled with anxiety and frustration as she stomped her feet, she laughed until her tears almost came out. Laugh until now, she suddenly remembers her actual business. She said angrily with her hands on her hips.

 “Since he is not sick, then move out from my house!”

Ji Qisen said in a softer tone, “Yes, since he is not sick, just move out.”

Peng Zihan couldn’t stand it anymore. So she rushed over to scold Ji Qisen. 

“For what reason should we move out? How dare of you drive us away when even the police also didn’t tell us to move?!”

Ji Qisen’s eyes turned cold.

“Because the house belongs to us.”

Peng Zihan: “Then you need to give us time to move out as well. All of our things are in this house. If you damage any of our belongings, I want you to pay for it!”

Gu Yue rushed over and shouted.

“I will fight with you, I will fight with you! This old lady* does not want her life anymore! If you make me move, I will die for you to see!”

[TN: she’s referring to herself in third person view]

The surrounding people were discussing it. They realized that this family had failed in feigning illness. So, they started to act shamelessly. 

Ji Qisen sneered and he raised his hand.

Then, the bodyguards started to enter the house. They first carried Gu Yue, her husband and her daughter out of the house to control them and prevent them from moving around. After that, they(bodyguards) began to move their(Gu Yue’s family) things out from the house.

All kinds of big and small items with various scraps were methodically arranged.

They even started dismantling the wall wardrobe and sent them out through the window.

Someone was stupefied. He ran over to watch the happenings. When he looked down, he cried out in excitement. As it turned out, a crane had been placed outside and was waiting to provide support.

As a result, some other people started to take pictures. There were also some that exclaimed in admiration while others shouted loudly. There were all kinds of reactions from the crowds when they saw the excitement.

Gu Yue’s whole family could only stare with their eyes wide opened. They already have no idea how to stop it.

The efficiency of the bodyguards was extremely high and their actions were very professional. After half an hour, the room was empty. All the big and small items including doors and windows were stacked on the open space by professional and efficient means.

What is even more surprising was that the stacking location is exactly the same as in the house, and several windows even seem to hang at the location of the original “window”, as if there is a virtual room there.

The onlookers were amazed, and Gu Yuan also had an eye-opening experience.

Gu Yue’s family of three were incessantly despaired. They wanted to hang on to the place, never to let go. But now it seemed there was no other way left for them. Even making an unreasonable scene and acting shamelessly also had failed them.

The other person knew how to call for a doctor, hired bodyguards, and they even knew how to move house!

Gu Yue was so angry that she squatted on the ground and burst into tears. Peng Zihan jumped and yelled in despair. While Gu Yue’s husband squatted at the side and sighed.

Looking at them, Gu Yuan was extremely delighted. When dealing with a debt dodger, they have to be ruthless!

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