5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 13.2 Going Back to The House Again 2

Obviously, it was not good for the police to drive people out, so they could only persuade those people.

Soon after, all the staff that was invited by Ji Qisen started to withdraw one by one. The police painstakingly advised Gu Yue’s one family to move out. Gu Yue cried and cried, and Peng Zihan did not believe it. Only Gu Yue’s husband was still rational and said they would move out as soon as possible. He asked the policemen to rest assured.

The police only left after they gave another round of advice and tried to smooth things over.

With such a disturbance, the surrounding neighbours now knew the house already belonged to Gu Yuan.

On the other side of the security door, Gu Yue was fuming in anger.

“Yes, we will not move, we will not move!”

Peng Zihan: “Do you think that this house will be yours as long as you get your title deed? Let me tell you, we have lived in this house for more than 10 years. It’s more than 10 years! All the furniture inside here, the sofa and the refrigerator, all of it belong to us! You dare to throw things out? If you dare to touch any of our things, I’ll kill you!”

Gu Yue’s husband also shouted.

“Who dares to drive Louzi out? Louzi will just stay here. Louzi has heart disease. Don’t you guys come over. If you cause Louzi heart attack to flare up, Louzi will ask you to pay with your life!”

With that being said, he pretended as if it would happen anytime by using both his hands to cover his chest.

When the neighbours heard what he said, they all took a step back.

This whole family was unreasonable. He had heart disease and he was not scared of those in power. If something truly happened, he would definitely blame it on someone.

In an instant, everyone looked at Gu Yuan sympathetically. So what if the title deed was in your hands? People had already lived in your house, and even if the police came, they couldn’t force those people to move out. Their family had someone with heart disease. If their family suddenly had an 80 years old elder, you won’t even dare to touch them!

This was a debt dodger. Once the debt dodger comes out, you won’t be able to achieve anything even when you were lawfully right. Even if the police came, they could only try to smooth things over!

In this harmonious society, could you force someone with heart disease and an 80 years old elder out from the house?

Gu Yuan obviously was able to see through them. Looking at the arrogance and shamelessness displayed by Gu Yue’s one whole family, she clenched her fist in anger.

“Son, what else can we do? They definitely will not move out of the house!”

Everything was actually within Ji Qisen calculation.

“Mom, this house now officially and lawfully belongs to you. Your elder sister and brother-in-law seem to have acknowledged this point too.”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she almost wanted to cry.

Son oh son, you still young. Mother had consumed salt more than the road you had travelled. You don’t understand, you don’t understand.

[TN: She really thought she’s older than her son. Hahaha XD]

The policemen earlier just glossed over the things, and shamelessly bullied honest people. Those people don’t want to move away. They would definitely dragged the matter from today to tomorrow, from tomorrow to the day after. Now they couldn’t smash the door and couldn’t kick the people. Even when the policemen came, nothing changed.

Ji Qisen glanced at Gu Yuan’s face that seemed to cry but didn’t cry. She looked just like a child that had been bullied by someone, so pitiful.

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows slightly and whispered, “Break in.”

With only two words, the bodyguards directly charged into the house. They were unstoppable, and there was no need for reason. 

Gu Yue was anxious and she yelled, “Help! Help! There are robbers here!”

Peng Zihan stomped and shouted.

“This is my home! You cannot come in! You cannot come in!”

Gu Yue’s husband started to look weak and he staggered.

“No, no, I’m having a heart attack. Help, quick! I’m going to die!”

Gu Yuan never thought that her own son would directly use this step. When she saw Gu Yue’s husband act like that, she quickly asked.

“Son, can we really do this? If a mishap really happened……”

Before she finished speaking, Ji Qisen already started to say indifferently.

“Since there’s a patient here, then we need to ask a doctor to come over.”


Gu Yuan was dumbfounded. The surrounding onlookers were dumbfounded too.

She then heard the sound of an ambulance from below the building. Afterwards, a few people who looked like a doctor and nurses had rushed up.

“Where’s the heart patient?”

While on the other side of the security door, the ‘patient’ was stunned…..

The ‘patient’ family, Gu Yue and Peng Zihan, was even more dumbfounded….

What….what…what should they do now?

Ji Qisen gave a faint look, and then the bodyguards said, “This is the patient, he just had a heart attack!”

Thus after some commotion, the doctors and nurses came together, and with the bodyguards helping from the side, they managed to put Gu Yue’s husband onto the stretcher. Without any explanation, they lifted him up and carried him out.

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