5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1 Going Back to The House Again 2

As soon as Ji Qisen said those words, Gu Yue immediately screamed: “You are talking nonsense! How could it be possible! I also have the title deed here! The one on your hand must be fake! You must have forged the title deed!”

Gu Yue’s husband also yelled.

“Police, faster arrest them! They have forged the title deed and wanted to occupy our house! They have smashed the door of our house also! They are bad guys who were involved in crime!”

When that pair of husband and wife were clamouring, Ji Qisen signalled to his assistant next to him. Soon, they saw a group of people pushing aside the people in the corridor to come up.

These people were, a well-known real estate lawyer, personnel from the Housing Management Office, a notary from the Notary Office, and the last one was——

Gu Yuan took a closer look and recognized him as one of the staff from the research institute where she had her illness treated. Why did he come as well?

Ji Qisen looked at the policemen who had been completely bewildered and explained.

“Officer, this house was originally owned by my mother. However, someone forged her death certificate twenty years ago and had it illegally transferred to their own name. I have invited a staff member from the hospital. He can prove that Gu Yuan did not die and have always been receiving treatment. 

I have also invited the personnel from the Real Estate Management Office. He can prove that I have asked them to cancel the illegal ownership transfer for that year. Finally, I have also invited a real estate lawyer and a notary from the Notary Office. If anyone has any objection, I could always keep my evidence and have my lawyer file an appeal anytime afterwards.”

The words that were spoken by Ji Qisen were sonorous, reasonable and powerful. Following his words, everyone looked at the hospital staff, the personnel from the Real Estate Management Office, the well-known real estate lawyer, the notary from the Notary Office and finally their eyes landed on Gu Yue. 

However, by now, Gu Yue’s face looked pale and tears were streaming down her face. She was trembling all over with despair in her eyes.

Gu Yue held the doorframe weakly and said falteringly, “No…..it’s impossible…..”

Peng Zihan was green with envy.

“Impossible! This house has been under my mom’s name for more than ten years already. How can it suddenly become invalid just because you said so? How is this possible!”

As soon as she said those words, Gu Yuan was very happy.

“Pei! (Spit in contempt) Just because you have illegally stayed in my house for more than ten years, you feel it should belong to you for a lifetime? Why don’t you just go lie down on the Great Wall? Go lie down for ten or more years, then the Great Wall will become yours too!”

Gu Yuan was still young and the way she spoke was clear and loud. She also had a glib mouth. Once she finished her words, the surrounding bystanders also smile. Among them, some had already felt somewhat sympathized with Gu Yuan since the beginning. Once they heard the words spoken by her, they also started to feel happy one after another.

“Gu Yue, since now the house is not yours, then don’t hold on to it anymore. Else the police officer will drive you out.” 

Some even laugh.

“After creating such a loud commotion, the door that they smash actually belongs to theirs!”

Gu Yue burst out and collapsed on the floor.

“No! No! This is my house, my house! How can you all just give it to Gu Yuan? Have you all ever asked for my permission?”

Looking at the way Gu Yue was now, Gu Yuan felt very angry.

“Have you ever asked for my permission when you took over my house?”

The staff from the Real Estate Management Office took out a document. He seriously explained in general about the legal process that took place to Gu Yue. The gist of what he said was because the death certificate was fake, the inheritance in that year was considered to be fraudulent. As a result, it was lawful for them to revoke the inheritance that took place, and Gu Yue’s title deed had been invalidated.

The staff finally said with a sullen face.

“According to procedures, the transfer of ownership requires you to go to the Real Estate Management Office for registration, and you need to personally confirm it also. However, since the title deed in your possession is illegal, we took the approach of force transfer and there was no need to notify you in advance. Please destroy the title deed in your hand as that has been invalidated.”

Immediately afterwards, the lawyer stepped forward.

“Ms Gu Yue, you are suspected of illegally occupying my client’s property. We will always reserve the right to file a lawsuit against you.”

Gu Yue’s eyes widened, and she did not know what to say in her despair. It was obviously her house and her blood. How did it become someone else in a flash? Where was the law? Where was justice?

However, each and every word that she heard made her flustered. Would she be imprisoned after she lost her share of the house?

Peng Zihan was hopping mad as she shouted.

“No, I’m not convinced! Why? Why should the house belong to you just because you said it is? I’m going to file a lawsuit! I’ll find reporters and expose you! All of you colluded together to seize our house!”

Ji Qisen looked back and politely said to the policemen.

“Officer, can you now drive out these people who illegally occupied our house and yelled at us?”

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