5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 12.3

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Chapter 12.3 – Going Back To The House

Everyone was left dumbstruck and unable to reply by what she said. After a moment, a middle-aged man suddenly said: “What you said was right but there was no need for you all to smash the door also. If you want to get your house back, you should also go through the legal channel. What you are doing now was wrong.”

Originally everyone was stunned by what Gu Yuan said but at the same time they also felt that there was something wrong. When they heard what the middle-aged man said, they nodded their heads one after the other in agreement: “Right, this is a society governed by law. Everything that we wanted to do also needs to go through the legal channel.”

As he was talking, they heard the sounds of footsteps. Soon a few police officers came over and the neighbours that came just to watch the drama over here unfold quickly moved to the side to allow the police officers to walk all the way to the front, “What happened? Someone smashing the door?”

When everyone saw that the police officers had come, a lot of them quickly retreated. Some even started to take pictures and enjoy the drama.

Finally, the security door was smash opened and Gu Yue stood on the other side of the door. Her voice was very sharp when she said: “Gu Yuan, I’ve called the police to come and catch you all! You are all involved in a crime and you also took people to come here and smashed my security door! Police, faster catch them! They are all bad people! That is their leader! He is the worst of them all!”

The person she was pointing at was Ji Qisen.

Everyone also looked at Ji Qisen, this rich, powerful, mighty and domineering person. You had broken open someone’s security door, are you scared now?

Currently, Ji Qisen was expressionless but he looked very cold.

Gu Yuan looked at the current situation and was slightly worried. She looked at Ji Qisen carefully and asked him in a soft voice: “Son, what should we do now?”

Ji Qisen’s eyes twitched as he looked at those few police officers: “Police officer, there was something that I need you to help me with.”

The police knew that this was the main culprit who smashed open the door, so he straightforwardly lectured him: “This is someone else’s private house. For you to bring people here to smash their door is illegal. Do you know this?”

Ji Qisen: “Then, police officer, I would like to ask. If someone was forcefully occupying other people’s private house, is it illegal?”

The police nodded: “Of course it is illegal.”

Ji Qisen: “Then, that’s good. Police officer, please help us to drive out the  people who were forcefully occupying other people’s private house here.”

Gu Yue: Is this person stupid???

Onlookers: Is he confused???

Gu Yuan was helpless, My son oh my son, how could you let others drive you out!!!

The police officer coughed: “This comrade, since you knew that forcefully occupying someone else’s private house is illegal, then please follow us. We wanted to investigate——”

Halfway through, Ji Qisen said indifferently: “Police officer, you may have misunderstood what I said. What I mean was, please kick them out.”

Suddenly, it became quiet for a while. After a short period of time, Gu Yue and her husband together with Peng Zihan burst into laughter. They laugh until their stomach hurts.

Gu Yue: “Aiyo, do you know that this is my house? I have the title deed here. You still think now was 20 years ago? Do you think this house will belong to you as long as you said it is yours? This is really too funny!”

[TN: Aiyo – have a similar meaning to “Oh! My dear!”]

With her laughing, all the other neighbours also started to laugh together with her. There were some who also felt sympathy while feeling that this was very funny.

“If you really want the house, you better think of another way. You can’t just forcefully grab this house. Do you understand?”

In the end, this was because the young people did not know anything. House is not something you can get just because you said you want it.

Gu Yuan also felt ashamed and helpless. Holding the corner of her son’s shirt, she said: “Qisen, you also said that this is a society governed by the law and you said that we have to go through the law.”

Ji Qisen glanced at his own mother, her face had already turned red due to shame.

Raising his eyebrows, he softly said: “I did say we have to go through the legal channel.”

In between his words, he took out a red title deed: “Mom, this is the title deed that we have only acquired today. Your name is on the title deed.”

Gu Yuan was immediately stunned. She quickly took the title deed and opened it. On top of the deed, it had clearly written her name as the owner of the house. At the bottom of it was the house address and the layout of the house was at the back of the title deed!

After the confusion, she slowly reacted back and burst into ecstasy: “Is this real? The house is mine already?”

Ji Qisen raised his eyes to glanced at the bewildered police officers and onlookers who were surprised and unable to comprehend the situation. Finally, his eyes fell on Gu Yue’s whole family who seemed as if they didn’t hear anything.

Ji Qisen slowly said: “This title deed is the real deal. This house is already returned to Gu Yuan according to law.”

The reason why he didn’t say it out from the beginning was because he wanted the surrounding neighbours and Gu Yue’s whole family to remember this deeply. There was a price to pay for forcefully occupying someone else’s house.

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