5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12.2 – Going Back To The House

“Mom, do you still want back the house?” Towards the suspicions from his young mother, Ji Qisen responded in an unhurried manner.

As he expected, once Gu Yuan heard about the house, all her thoughts about ‘goose’ and ‘outdated’ were thrown out the window and disappeared without a trace. All her thoughts and attention were concentrated on the house alone.

“Goose(Son), we have to drive them out, throw out all their furniture and change all the locks. Oh, right! There’s my jade pendant as well! You have to help me to get it back!”

When Gu Yuan thought about her own things, her heart started to bleed. She really wished that she could give Gu Yue a slap in the face.

Ji Qisen did not express his opinion and continued to move forwards.

Gu Yuan secretly sighed with sorrow. She did not know why her son that she had known for two days, who in the beginning was very courteous had now started to disdain her.

With that small pain in her heart, she scampered to catch up with her family ‘goose’!

When Ji Qisen and his party appeared in the neighbourhood with Gu Yuan, they instantly aroused the attention of the neighbourhood passers-by. It couldn’t be helped since a few days back, a cold young man who emitted the aura of wealth and power had taken Gu Yuan away. He even called her ‘mom’. That scene had already left a deep imprint in everyone’s heart. Moreover, it had also become a legend in this neighbourhood.

And in the past few days, Gu Yue’s whole family had been restlessly running up and down to ask around. They were afraid that Gu Yuan would come back with her so-called son and create trouble for them.

In the end, this two young mother and son did indeed return. All the people in the neighbourhood all stretched their neck to have a better view of the drama. The neighbourhood aunties and uncles and the young people who coincidentally didn’t go to work today, all of them also leaned in and listened attentively with their ears propped up.

Gu Yuan didn’t care about all those people and went straight to the third floor with her son.

They reached the front of a security door that closely shut and was still stuck with the word 春 in front of it. Gu Yuan asked her family son: “What should we do?”

[TN:春 – spring – usually paste in the house or at the door during Chinese New Year.]

Ji Qisen: “Forcibly break open the door.”

Gu Yuan: “Ah? Is that okay to do?”

Ji Qisen did not reply to her and he pulled her out of the way.

Behind him, a few burly men in black suits stepped forward and directly used tools to smash open the door.

Gu Yue, who was in the house, naturally heard the sounds of the movement. At first, she was frightened but now she was afraid. She loudly yells: “Help! Someone wanted to rob me in broad daylight! Someone wanted to smash open my family door!” 

Peng Zihan even shouted: “This is our house, why are you smashing our door! Stop! You better stop or I’ll call 110!”

Gu Yue’s husband was hopping mad and he also scolded: “Pei! (Spit in contempt). Let me tell you, don’t think Laozi is easy to bully! Laozi here has someone above me that back me up! Laozi is not scared of bastards like you.”

The movement to smash open the door was not small. On top of it, there were a lot of neighbours who were paying attention to what was happening here and the sounds of their shouts and yells were not soft. All of these attracted a lot of people and the corridor soon became crowded.

“What is this? Are you directly robbing someone’s house? Smashing someone’s door?”

“Are there no laws? This is the capital city and he even dares to snatched house in broad daylight?”

There were some who also murmured: “This originally seems to be Gu Yuan’s house…..”

But soon there was a voice that filled with indignation: “Even if it was originally Gu Yuan’s, so what? In the title deed, the name in it was Gu Yue!”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she looked over. The person who said this was a middle-aged woman. She was wearing a big fat t-shirt and seemed to be around Gu Yue’s age. Maybe she was Gu Yue’s best friend.

When the middle-aged woman saw Gu Yuan looked at her, she curled her lips mockingly: “You are so young ah, the house had long not been yours. You still have face to come back?”

Gu Yuan immediately became angry: “The house used to be mine and it was transferred without my consent. How would I have no face to return? I’m young so I’m amazing. The wrinkles on your face can even sandwich a mosquito and kill it while I’m still as youthful as before. It’s better for you not to join in the crowds here and faster go home to look in the mirror. Your fake eyelashes have fallen down.”

Don’t look at how she usually spoke very softly, when she was angry, she would turn ferocious with both her hands on her waist and her limpid eyes wide open. In addition to that, she was young and had very good lung capacity. In the end, the last sentence that she said about ‘fake eyelashes had fallen down’, resounded throughout the corridor. 

A group of people looked at the middle-aged woman once after the other. The middle-aged woman flushed with anger and she touched her own eyes. Her fake eyelashes were really on the verge of coming off. She covered her eyes with her hands and ran away with a cry.

Gu Yuan looked at the other people angrily: “That house belonged to me in the past. I was hospitalized but was given a death certificate instead. Then I was robbed of my house. Why can’t I have my house back? When you were robbed of your house, would you submit to it and let the others have your house while you wandered around the street and slept under the bridge?”

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