5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 10.1

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Chapter 10.1 – No Blood On Soldiers’ Swords

Gu Yuan continued to hold on to Ji QIsen’s mobile phone and discovered various surprises all the way until the flashy Maybach reached the villa. The mobile phone was too fun to play with. Back then during her era, they didn’t have such a convenient and fast way to play games. No…not just video games, this was a combination of video games + computer + television + phone. This device was way too perfect. You could go online to binge-watched any movie or TV series, anytime and anywhere you want.

Just right when she was extremely happy, Gu Yuan suddenly became very silent. Her finger kept pressing here and there but she no longer voiced out her admiration or surprises. 

Ji Qisen was originally handling his company documents through a tablet when he suddenly noticed this. Thus, he raised his head and looked towards his mother.

His mother who was several years younger than him was nestled on the sofa. Due to her nestling on the sofa, her long black hair was a little messy. There were even a few marks printed on her milky cheek. Her clear black and white eyes seemed as if it was proclaiming her innocence and her grievance. She continued to stare on the screen with disbelief as if she had discovered something great. 

Ji QIsen silently sat there without moving at all.

He was waiting for her to say it out.

As expected, after a moment, she stopped feeling wronged and began to feel indignation. She ground her perfectly neat white teeth and bulged her cheek: “As it turns out, Lu Zhiqian had so many fans on the internet. They actually defamed me. They said that the lucky-fan was so ugly that she gave Lu Zhiqian a scare! I’m ugly? Based on what could they say that about me?”

Ji QIsen didn’t say anything.

Gu Yuan clenched her fist and both her cheeks also turned pink due to anger: “These people’s mouths were too poisonous!”

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrow. He moved closer to her and took over the mobile phone.

Although Lu Zhiqian was already 45 years old and was no longer an idol like yesteryears, he had accumulated a substantial amount of ‘wife-fans’ and ‘girlfriend-fans’ base over the years. When they heard that Lu Zhiqian was frightened by a lucky-fan until fainted, each and every one of them suddenly turned into a hen that spread out their wings to protect their chick.

[TN: Self-proclaimed wife and girlfriend]

[TN: They took the “Qian” from Lu Zhiqian and turned it into Qianqian so that it sounds more cute and intimate.]

Qianqian’s Upright Wife: “Ugly and still dare to come out of the house and go up the stage to frighten our Qianqian! ”

Extremely Quiet Violent Girl: “Did this fan’s head and brain switch places?”

Qianqian’s Little Girl: “Being ugly is not a sin but to frightened my Qianqian-gege deserved to die!”

Kitty: “It hurts my heart to think that my Qianqian-gege got frightened until he fainted.”

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