100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 89

Arc 2.64: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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Second Story”

Everyday Life – Extra Edition


“Is God Su really coming today?”

“Uh-huh, will come, confirmed news.”

“Why ah?  I’m curious. I’ve heard that he wouldn’t even bother to invite him before.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of a Su God spoiling his wife? This time it was Senior Sister Yu Chu at school who said it!”

The girl had a helpless expression on her face, “Of course I’ve heard of it, Su God spoiling his wife has become a legend…”

During Mrs. Su’s school days, Su Yanbai accompanied her to class, to meals, even taking notes. After the wedding, she spread dog food even more severely, abusing the single dog to death……

Couldn’t  even muster the energy to envy.

It was said that it was Mr. Su who chased Mrs. Su first. It was even said that God Su could cook and was a very good cook….

There were many legends and many versions of each tale. But no matter which legend or version, the deeds and extent to which the Su God spoiled his wife were never exaggerated.

A black car parked behind the auditorium building, slender white hands pushed open the door. Su Yan Bai pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and walked to the other side of the car.

The girls who happened to be passing by couldn’t help but cover their mouths and get excited when they saw him.

Someone had already raised their phone to take a picture.

A few years had matured the young man, still young for his twenties, but the coolness in his demeanor was constant.

He was wearing a black shirt with delicate cufflinks. Under the sunglasses, his long, slender eyelashes were visible. His collar showed half of his beautifully shaped collarbone.

He lowered his eyes slightly to open the car door.  His icy gaze eased a little as he led out another person. 

The girls’ faces filled with envy.

Everyone knew it had to be Mrs. Su.

Su Yan Bai took off his sunglasses and casually hung them on his collar, revealing his pretty face. 

The sight of the surrounding girls was instantly like a tiger, but he calmly took the umbrella from his wife, held it open, and covered her head.

“Slow down.” He put a hand over her head, fair skin, dazzling in the sunlight.

The girls shouted with an unbearable ‘Ow’. 

“Oh my god … Oh my god, is Mrs. Su pregnant? Su God is so precious and thoughtful. Fuck!”

“Seriously, anytime he’s like this…”

“Not pregnant, certainly not. You didn’t know this. During the  Su Yanbai Computer Award interview that time, the reporter asked this, he said he will not have children……”

“Really, which interview, I want to go back to look it up!  Lick the screen, lick the screen, ow ow, really handsome … Ah……”

Suddenly a girl whispered, “Wondering what he looks like in bed…”

All the girls around her quieted down for a moment. They all stared at the girl who spoke with strange eyes.

However, after a while.

The girls looked at each other.

“Fuck me too…”


The two people in question were not aware of the passer-by’s gossip. Yu Chu sat in front of the stage and watched the man give a calm speech on stage. When it was over, the two left together under the envious gaze of the students.

They looked like they were just too happy.

Everyone though so.


And Yu Chu only felt that the cooking skills of the Self-God were really getting better and better….

She nestled contentedly on the couch and watched as the man cleaned up the dishes and went into the kitchen. Then he came over, took her into his arms and asked quietly, “Full?”


Su Yan Bai paused.

Immediately, the thin lips touched her forehead, and the cold voice was husky, “…I’m not full.”

A light scented breath fell on the back of her neck, a slender hand expertly reached into her dress. The man pursed his lips, gripped the softness on one side and turned  over to press her down.

Yu Chu opened his eyes wide, “Right here?”

“It’s all home anyway.”

The other party did not care at all, slender fingers gently unhook the clasps  behind her back, the fair cheeks blushed a little, biting the thin lip.

In the end…

Yu Chu could only whimper and cry, clinging  her body to man’s neck, looking at the flushed emotions on his delicate face. His dark eyes gazing at her, cold voice faintly hoarse, softly saying, “Chu Chu Chu…”

“… What?”

“I feel very happy.”

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