100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 87

Arc 2.62: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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(2nd story)

(Lin Xinxin – extra)


I know what I have lost.

After I have already lost it.

After everything settled down, I often wondered what I’ve gained and what I’ve lost.

I didn’t gain anything.

I thoiught Li Rong was stupid, couldn’t see anything, had been stupid, and was being used. I thought that even if I sold her, she’d still count the money for me. Not exaggerating, I thought was she really that stupid.

But after we had a big fight and she left, I stood in the dorm by myself.  The whole dorm quiet all of a sudden, especially after a heated argument we had just had.  This extreme silence was distressing.

Who knew what I was sad about.

But there was a sense of loneliness that overwhelmed one, and I left the dorm without looking back. I think I must have looked sad.  However, it was the only time in such a long time that I wasn’t pretending to be sad.  

In reality, even myself was not able to distinguish between my true and false intentions.  I was so used to living with a mask on.

The one difference was that the usual weeping would be mindful of its image, but on that occasion, it was tearing up, and I was in no mood to hide my ugly face.

I know, I’ve lost a friend.

There was someone who regarded me as a friend.

I began to miss her.

Also beginning to miss another person.

I didn’t know when Don Mo fell in love with me, but I thought he was no different than the rest , and only liked me for the way I look.

But I was not disfigured, and he didn’t  want me.

As if possessed, I began to remember everything about him. He was passionate and more caring than any other suitor. I started remembering hand warmers and breakfast in the winter.  In addition, I started thinking about the way he blushed every time he saw me.  His  numerous little thoughts that he was hiding.

I finally began to feel that he was sincere.

He was sincere.

At that time.

But I missed it after all.

Then, coincidentally, one day I met him in an alley.

He was holding cat food in his hand.

There was a cat in this alley and it set up its nest here. I know, I also fed it.

I looked at him. His expression was a little complicated.

He handed the kitten the cat food in his hand, and I saw the boy’s profile in the sun.

That moment of tenderness.

Not like he would remember.

I have fed this cat too, but I was sure that my mind was not as pure as his.

It was not like I wasn’t aware that I didn’t seem to look like a very nice girl. Therefore, I was always conscious of feeding stray kittens and puppies, and would readily give  money to homeless people on the street.

Now and then, I feel less serious.

Every one of these little acts of kindness seemed to prove to me that I was a kind girl.

But I was clear that I didn’t have the kindness to love stray animals or the compassion for beggars.

It was just an ego boost. That was all.

But Don Mo looked up and told me that this was where he first saw me.

He thought I was gentle when I fed the cat.

In that moment, I had another dark thought. I was desperate to tell him that I really was the good girl he thought I was. That I was just confused.

But there was another girl who came over. She crouched down to feed the cat too, with a look of total purity.

Don Mo introduced, “This is my girlfriend.”

So I laughed and said hello.

Finally, I know what I have lost.

After it was lost.

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